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Machine Learning and AI

We use Machine learning AI tools to extract insights, stories, and value from data.

While maintaining rigorous data ethics, we generate machine learning and AI products providing you with trusted insights.

We bring expertise in ML (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning), NLP, Agent based modeling, decision automation, and AI tools.


  • ML/AI discovery service to identify key data insights and value
  • Advanced scalable machine learning, AI, and data science products
  • Data selection; identification of data that can provide required insights
  • User-stories development for ethical and trusted data science/ AI products
  • Expertise in ML; supervised learning, unsupervised learning, and reinforcement learning
  • ML for classification/ predicative classification into clusters/groups based of features
  • Harnessing free text data via Natural Language Processing (NLP)
  • Data engineering and data architecture for big data analytics
  • Access powerful and easy-to-use dashboards, apps, and data visualisations
  • Capability development in teams so they can maintain products/models provided


  • Better informed decisions provided by trusted, transparent, ethical data products
  • Drive new data insights to improve business outcomes
  • Accessible, trusted insights that are easily communicated to decision makers
  • Utilisation of organisations data to solve business challenges
  • Reduced organisational risk via data science facilitated GDPR /DPIA compliance


£350 to £1,500 a unit a day

  • Education pricing available

Service documents

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G-Cloud 13

Service ID

3 6 2 3 4 7 3 9 9 9 0 9 0 6 6


Telephone: 07795420575


Planning service
How the planning service works
The London Data Company specialise in designing bespoke data solutions to fit your business needs. Our aim is to make data and insights from data accessible to all. To achieve this we work closely with the users of the data throughout our engagement.

Our flexible delivery approach builds on the CRISP-DM method. We undertake a rapid discovery to ensure that we have a solid appreciation of the user needs, the business need, the available data, the data quality, the business capability and the business readiness to support the solution once built and deployed.

We then Prepare the data, undertaking any data cleansing, remediation & enhancement necessary. We also prepare the skills transfer/capability development plans for the Data capability that we will leave behind.

Once Data is prepared we start Development, utilising appropriate tooling. We develop using an agile approach, ensuing to evaluate/test the solution with the users throughout, routinely reviewing against the business objectives and gathering user-feedback.

Once developed and confirmed as meeting the user and business needs we Deploy to an agreed location. At this stage we ensure that the Data capability to maintain our model/solution has been firmly embedded within the organisation and that knowledge has been transitioned.
Planning service works with specific services


Training service provided
How the training service works
Growing the Data capability in organisations we work with is the second of the three pillars The London Data Company is built around and we see this as a significant output of every project we deliver.

We focus on training from the very start of our engagement, delivering a Data capability maturity assessment as part of our early Discovery work. At the end of discovery we will produce a report that shows the data maturity of your organization, identifies the quick wins and the longer-term strategy with a pathway to improving capability and quality.

Upskilling and knowledge transfer of data products we are developing takes place through frequent engagement, workshops and working collaboratively throughout.

We are also able to support organisations by preparing and delivering tailored training and mentorship, which our team have experience of having delivered bespoke training to Academia and lower and middle-income countries around: Data Strategy development, Ethical use of data, Model Selection, Implementation via Data Wrangling, Data cleaning, Data visualisation, Machine Learning and Story-telling to decision makers.
Training is tied to specific services

Setup and migration

Setup or migration service available
How the setup or migration service works
The London Data Company help organisations transition to cloud-based data solutions (Public Cloud or Private Cloud), from on-prem, hybrid or other cloud-based solutions.

Migration Discovery and Data Strategy - We work with our customers to review their existing systems, data models/required data set/s to be migrated, tools requirements, the users needs and the data capability within the organisation. We develop a robust migration plan, addressing any risks such as data security. Our Migration Strategy includes cost optimisation options for your data, based on understanding how frequently data is required/data models need to run. We make recommendations for archiving rarely-utilized data to enable carbon footprint reduction and cost optimisation. We provide a plan for internal team capability development.

Data Engineering - We have experience of developing many data engineering solutions, data pipelines, ETL operations, migration factories, which includes the data cleaning and data validation. Where we can we use cloud-native tools and automation for cleaning and validation. We use powerful tools and robust processes that adhere to open data standards.

When moving to cloud from on-prem, we focus on capability enablement and cloud-native modernisation where appropriate.
Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services

Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing service
How the quality assurance and performance testing works
Ethical Data is the first of our three LDCo Pillars that The London Data Company is built around, as such we have a robust QA process which we engage on all our deliveries. We believe quality assurance, when working with data, is critical as data quality and data governance are imperative for successful Data Science outcomes. Our QA processes ensure we are generating trusted insights from data and avoiding the risk of misinformation.

Our quality assurance for data assets includes agreeing robust quality standards with the users and organisations in advance, which we ensure meet our own ethical standards. We then monitor data quality against these standards and report routinely throughout so there is complete transparency on the state of the data and what needs to happen. Where required, we have methods to enhance data quality to required standards, automating where possible.

To ensure data insights being generated by the data models or data outcomes we develop remain ethical, with current and appropriate data and routinely updated, part of our QA process includes formally assessing the data capability and knowledge transfer activities within clients teams.

We have processes in place to address sensitive / secure data considerations within our QA.

Security testing

Security services

Ongoing support

Ongoing support service
Types of service supported
  • Buyer hosting or software
  • Hosting or software provided by your organisation
How the support service works
The London Data Company has a security cleared team that is able to offer a range of support arrangements varying from a full service through to consultancy-based engagement.

Our team strive for complete customer satisfaction so start looking at Support arrangements in the early stages of a project. We work with our clients to develop and agree the right Support solution for them and the service/product being implemented. We deliver a plan to ensure the transition to Support happens smoothly and effectively throughout the project.

In all our engagements we prioritise working with internal teams to build and develop their Data capability, both enabling them to support and maintain data products we produce, whilst also developing the capability to build their own Data solutions. Where this isnt an option we are happy to offer dedicated support from our team.

Service scope

Service constraints
To get the most benefit from our services, we will request access to relevant data, relevant stakeholders and frequent collaboration with the team that will be working with our outputs.
We are happy to work remote, on-site or in a hybrid model.

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Yes, at extra cost
Support response times
We align support times to match customer needs.
User can manage status and priority of support tickets
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support
Support levels
You will have a dedicated lead data consultant for the engagement who will be your primary point of contact and ensure all support requirements are met.


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Conforms to BS7858:2019
Government security clearance
Up to Developed Vetting (DV)

Standards and certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 certification
ISO 28000:2007 certification
CSA STAR certification
PCI certification
Cyber essentials
Cyber essentials plus
Other security certifications

Social Value

Fighting climate change

Fighting climate change

We work with organisations to reduce their carbon emissions through the optimisation of storage and processing power for Data.


£350 to £1,500 a unit a day
Discount for educational organisations

Service documents

Request an accessible format
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need versions of these documents in a more accessible format, email the supplier at Tell them what format you need. It will help if you say what assistive technology you use.