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  • Totara TXP - Learn - Learning Management System LMS

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Totara Learn is used by more than 10 million learners worldwide and is a simple to use learning management system (LMS) utilising embedded resources, SCORM/AICC e-learning packages, webcasts, chat, wikis, forums, question banks alongside classroom training delivering blended learning. ​ The responsive interface operates on all devices, with localised branding.

  • Totara TXP - Engage - Integrated Learning Experience Platform (LXP)

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Totara Engage is an integrated learning experience platform (LXP) Enable your employees to connect, collaborate, share knowledge and expertise with each other. Learning management systems (LMS) deliver and manage skills development, communicate essential information and provide robust reporting, the LXP, however, radically transforms the learner experience.

  • Totara TXP - Talent Experience Platform and Learning Management System

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper. ​ The three parts of Totara's Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they Learn, Engage and Perform to deliver where it counts. Totara is GDPR compliant with competitive pricing, contact us to arrange a demo.

  • Totara TXP - Perform - Integrated Learning and Performance Management System

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Totara Perform brings together the most progressive peer-to-peer feedback, continuous and traditional performance management practices and is hugely flexible so you can tailor your performance management processes to match business needs. As those needs evolve, changes can be implemented quickly, keeping you firmly on the path to continuous business improvement.