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  • Net Zero Cloud Consultancy

    FarrPoint Limited

    FarrPoint’s Net Zero Cloud Consultancy allows organisations to determine current levels of greenhouse gas emissions (GHGe) from their existing equipment and services and creates a migration path to achieve net-zero. FarrPoint also work with clients to create GHGe accounting methodologies for the deployment of cloud services.

  • Cloud Consultancy

    FarrPoint Limited

    FarrPoint's Cloud Consultancy Services assist organisations establish if, and how, they should deploy cloud services. Our services also assist organisations with the process of preparing their technology infrastructure for the deployment of cloud services.

  • Cloud Economic Consultancy

    FarrPoint Limited

    FarrPoint’s Cloud Economic Consultancy Services allow organisations to understand the impact that deploying cloud services could have for them. Our services also assist organisations to establish what the best option for this deployment might be, as well as ensuring that they maximise the return on their technology investment.