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  • SmartTools Geospatial Visualisation in Maps and Dashboards

    Metricell Limited

    The software provides powerful GIS mapping and dashboard visualisation capabilities. Data is ingested, stored, processed and correlated from a range of sources and made available for analysis and interrogation via an easy-to-use, secure web-based interface. Data inputs can be from a customers own systems or Metricell's applications and tools.

  • SmartTools Digital Asset Marketplace

    Metricell Limited

    This software service has been designed to connect available assets and prospective buyers in a centralised platform to facilitate asset purchases/leases. Available assets are uploaded and potential buyers can register their interest in acquiring the asset for use cases such as mobile network deployments or EV Charging point installations.

  • SmartTools Digital Complaint Handling

    Metricell Limited

    The software's designed specifically to empower non-technical contact centre staff and the end customer. By integrating a range of data from across the business, time needed to fulfil inter-departmental information requests is cut dramatically. Breaking down complex data into easy-to-digest information improves First Contact Resolution and allows customers to self-serve.

  • SmartTools Area Improvement and Workflow Manager

    Metricell Limited

    This software service is designed to automatically identify and manage areas of poor mobile/private network connectivity. Evaluating a vast range of datasets, Area Improvement and Workflow Manager ("AIM") uses machine learning and proprietary algorithms to create geographic clusters for improvement. Users can be assigned responsibility, make comments and track trends.