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  • ESB Information Requests

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Information Requests is designed to take away as much of the manual work from responding to requests as possible. From emailing customers on receipt of their requests to producing response letters ESB saves you time and money while helping you comply with your legislative requirements.

  • ESB Housing Licensing

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Housing Licensing system provides your authority with an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your applications online from start to finish including statutory returns for short-term lets. Designed in conjunction directly with local authorities, our software supports mandatory, selective, additional, voluntary and short-term holiday lets licensing schemes.

  • ESB Customer Engagement

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Customer Engagement module combines our Elected Members Enquiries, Information Requests and Customer Feedback products to create one incredibly priced one stop shop for managing all your customer enquiries.

  • ESB Gifts and Interests

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Gifts and Interests system has been designed to efficiently capture initial input and subsequent reporting of gifts and hospitality received by employees as well as personal interest’s employees may have in relation to their post.