Structured Software Systems Ltd

3SL Cradle Training and Consultancy

Provision of:
- Cradle software, RM and SE training and
- ConOps, database configuration, data load project start-up, project execution and CM consultancy services
to allow the rapid and successful deployment of the Cradle software into a project in a way that maximises the benefit Cradle provides for that project.


  • For business analysis, software development, requirements management and systems engineering
  • Applicable to agile and phase-based processes
  • Create user stories, requirements, architectures, functions, sprints, features, releases
  • Analysis, process, architecture modelling SysML, UML, SASD, IDEF, ADARTS BPMN
  • Usable at any stage in the project lifecycle
  • Support the entire application lifecycle management activity
  • Ensure team collaboration and cooperative development
  • Implement governance, acceptance, verification, validation and test management
  • Implement issue, risk, configuration management and defect tracking
  • Tailored implementation, knowledge sharing between all stakeholder groups


  • Reduced project start-up times
  • Eliminates wasted time from false-starts or blind-ends
  • Quickly and effectively build schema for process and/or ConOps
  • Evaluate benefits of applying SysML, UML, SASD, ADARTS, IDEF, BPMN
  • Create rules for quality and integrity checks throughout the schema
  • Ensures you can operate Cradle smoothly and effectively
  • Explains how to customise Cradle to peoples’ preferences
  • Creates views optimised to your agile and application lifecycle processes
  • Rapidly build quality documentation
  • Easily produce management information, KPIs, and dashboards


£125.00 to £970 an instance a day

  • Education pricing available

Service documents

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G-Cloud 13

Service ID

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Structured Software Systems Ltd Mark Walker
Telephone: 01229 838867


Planning service
How the planning service works
Develop ConOps for use of Cradle software in projects and thereby derive applicable operations and their input and output item types. Define attributes and lifecycles and CM and workflows for item types. Define user groups and their access methods and locations. Define SaaS architecture using VDI, custom web UIs and/or WSI / API. Build IA case, potentially including RMADS and/or DART accreditation and authenticated / unauthenticated penetration tests. Define on-boarding plan. Build environment and secure accreditation as appropriate. Execute on-boarding plan which includes data loads, schema build and implementation, lead user training, and UATs. Define end user training scope, materials and conduct end user training. Define governance and assist project to deploy governance and on-going assurance policies, plans and procedures.
Planning service works with specific services
Hosting or software services the planning service works with
  • FCDO Services
  • UK Cloud
  • UK Fast
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • OVH
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Cradle
  • Requirements Management
  • Agile Lifecycle Management
  • Enterprise Architecture


Training service provided
How the training service works
"Training in the definition of schemas and processes for agile, business analysis, operational and engineering projects, and their deployment into the Cradle software. This is in the form of a set of 1, 2 and 3-day courses taught either on-site or remotely by webinar. Each course includes course materials, hands-on exercises and a course completion certificate.
Typically a Cradle deployment includes a project-specific Cradle configuration, including ConOps, schema, user environment and documentation. The user environment is designed to be the primary means for users to perform the tasks in the project's process. Hence user training is training how to complete the project process using the customised environment. Specialist training courses are written and 3SL either trains end users or 'trains the trainer' who train the end users."
Training is tied to specific services
Services the training service works with
3SL Cradle

Setup and migration

Setup or migration service available
How the setup or migration service works
Define mapping between originating data model and Cradle data model, both data attribute-by-attribute and between lifecycles.
Define mechanisms to extract source data, to transform into new schema, to validate the translation, to load into the new environment, and to validate that data load.
Model the data ownership and data access of the original data and the mapping to original roles and responsibilities. Translate this mapping into the new schema and confirm data access rights of each role once the data is migrated.
Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services

Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing service

Security testing

Security services

Ongoing support

Ongoing support service
Types of service supported
  • Buyer hosting or software
  • Hosting or software provided by your organisation
  • Hosting or software provided by a third-party organisation
How the support service works
3SL can define a Cradle deployment that meets the ConOps that the user needs and is compatible with the user's preferred cloud hosting strategy - either to mandate a hosting provider, or to use any of a set of approved / accredited hosting providers, or to use 3SL's hosting services (unlikely for HMG). In all cases, 3SL can define an appropriate deployment architecture including firewalls, DMZs, VPCs and so on as appropriate. 3SL can assist with the IA and InfoSec analysis and the preparation of RMADS and similar documentation. Finally 3SL can build the environment or provide guidance to others as they build the environment. 3SL will then manage the resulting Cradle deployment in this environment as part of our 3SL Cradle software service, or we will divide this work with the PaaS / hosting provider - such as the hosting provider manages the servers, O/S updates, overall security and link to PSN, and 3SL manages users, backups, the Cradle software and all third party software.

Service scope

Service constraints

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Email or online ticketing
Support response times
Technical support is available between 9am and 5pm UK time weekdays excluding UK national and public holidays. We acknowledge questions within 1 hour, respond within 2 hours and aim to resolve within 4 hours. All questions are categorised and prioritised. An escalation mechanism is available.
User can manage status and priority of support tickets
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support
Support levels
We provide one level of support for all users. A technical account manager will be provided at the start of on-boarding. All 3SL support engineers are equally able to support Cradle systems deployed as SaaS or in-house. Cloud support is included in the per user per month SaaS charges. On site support is charged at the rates in our SFIA labour categories.


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Other security clearance
Government security clearance
Up to Security Clearance (SC)

Standards and certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 certification
ISO 28000:2007 certification
CSA STAR certification
PCI certification
Who accredited the PCI DSS certification
PCI DSS accreditation date
What the PCI DSS doesn’t cover
We are assured by Trustwave that they cover ALL our PCI DSS needs. Everything that needs to be covered, is. Anything that is not covered falls into the category of not relevant
Cyber essentials
Cyber essentials plus
Other security certifications
Any other security certifications

Social Value

Fighting climate change

Fighting climate change

We deliver services remotely wherever possible, use electronic documents wherever possible, and provide software from green-offset data centres wherever possible.
Covid-19 recovery

Covid-19 recovery

We are a SME. We are the UK's only developer of these types of software tools. We recruit locally and support local schools and colleges. We do not outsource any software or data processing work and resist continual opportunities to send work outside the UK.
Tackling economic inequality

Tackling economic inequality

We recruit locally and support local schools and colleges. We do not outsource any software or data processing work and resist continual opportunities to send work outside the UK. Our area - Barrow-in-Furness - is a coastal area and in the most 10% of deprived areas in the UK.
Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity

Obviously. To be anything other than an equal opporunity employer is illegal. Why is this question even asked?


We offer flexible working patterns and hours, including home working. We offer paid health services. Most of our staff have been with us for 10+ years. We are like a family.


£125.00 to £970 an instance a day
Discount for educational organisations

Service documents

Request an accessible format
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need versions of these documents in a more accessible format, email the supplier at Tell them what format you need. It will help if you say what assistive technology you use.