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Marvell Consulting Limited

Cloud application support and operations

We build, deploy and support cloud platforms and applications through their entire lifecycle including: architecture, research, service design, deployment, live and into retirement. Support for application migration and replatforming. We apply the DevOps approach to plan, develop, release and monitor ensuring high quality services remain relevant to users' needs.


  • UK-based team 24/7 callout 365 days a year
  • User research, interaction design, content design and service design capability
  • Full stack development, business analysis, delivery and product management capability
  • ITIL 1st/2nd/3rd line support and monitoring, alerting and incident management
  • Supports ServiceNow, Jira, Office365, Confluence and more
  • Data, Infrastructure, Architecture and Application Migration
  • Delivery using agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban and SAFE
  • Continuous integration, deployment and delivery for frequent software releases
  • DevOps and DevSecOps principles
  • Cyber Essentials Plus trusted partner


  • Upskilling and training to support in house service delivery
  • Client owned solution to avoid vendor lock-in
  • Compliant with IT Health Check and Technology Code of Practice
  • 12 factor app principles
  • Security by design, enforced through build and deployment pipelines
  • Dashboarding, alerting, reporting and metrics
  • DevOps-based best-practice processes ensuring repeatable, scalable operations
  • Improving the experience for users and providers of the service
  • Delivery of over 10 live, managed, GDS-assessed services
  • 15 years’ experience delivering government digital transformation projects


£450 to £1,250 a unit

Service documents

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G-Cloud 13

Service ID

5 8 7 8 1 3 0 5 6 2 2 8 8 6 9


Marvell Consulting Limited Ben Marvell
Telephone: 02038860115


Planning service
How the planning service works
We work with clients to understand any existing systems and software they have as well as their needs and constraints. This could be through research or discussion, or it may require a technical discovery where our software architects conduct a deeper exploration of the legacy architecture. We then use this insight to explore solutions for implementing or transitioning to a cloud-based environment in a way that meets the client’s needs.

We have experience of migrating large, sensitive datasets to cloud-based environments within narrow timeframes, and of synchronising the end of one contract with the rollout of another. We’re careful to factor in additional time for security checks and other quality assurance processes that are required for implementations of this nature.
Planning service works with specific services


Training service provided
How the training service works
Our aim is to build simple, intuitive services that can be used first time without the need for extensive documentation or training. However we recognise there are some circumstances in which training may be required. In these cases we’re happy to work with clients to design an appropriate training plan. For previous clients we have provided in-person and remote interactive training sessions, job shadowing and coaching sessions.
Training is tied to specific services

Setup and migration

Setup or migration service available
How the setup or migration service works
Our support for clients migrating to the cloud or between cloud services is shaped by an understanding of the organisation, stakeholders, existing software, risks, dependencies and needs.

We have a track record of helping clients migrate from on-premises providers to the cloud, or from one cloud-based service to another. We’ve migrated a number of services from proprietary systems into vendor-agnostic data stores, in line with government standards for cloud hosting ensuring data integrity throughout this process. We agree protocols for secure data transfer in advance with departmental security consultants and then implement transfers as agreed.

We work with clients who hold data classified as official, secret and top secret and can support secure migrations for all classifications.
If needed we can work directly with your existing vendors to ensure a smooth and effective migration.
Setup or migration service is for specific cloud services

Quality assurance and performance testing

Quality assurance and performance testing service
How the quality assurance and performance testing works
We use government assured patterns and standards (such as the GOV.UK design system) and ways of working to ensure content and designs are of a consistently high quality. We carry out usability testing on all new software and iterate based on the findings.

For software and data we use a blend of automated and manual testing to quality assess releases. This includes automation testing, non-functional testing, performance testing, exploratory testing and functional testing. We integrate performance testing as part of our continuous integration (CI), deployment (CD) and delivery approach so it’s built into everyday development practices. We also engage our clients in quality assurance by making early versions of software available for review as soon as possible.

Security testing

Security services

Ongoing support

Ongoing support service
Types of service supported
  • Buyer hosting or software
  • Hosting or software provided by your organisation
  • Hosting or software provided by a third-party organisation
How the support service works
We provide live support to numerous government services. Our typical support channels include email, telephone, live chat and custom support models depending on the client’s needs.

We can provide support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year - if necessary. We also work with ticketing platforms including ServiceNow and Jira Service Desk and can integrate as needed with your existing processes including playbooks.

In line with DevOps principles, maintenance and optimisation of the software we produce is a key part of our ethos, which is why we’re proactive about alerting clients to issues and making recommendations for improvements.

We have a defined/tested process for incident management that follows IT Ops best practices.

Service scope

Service constraints
Standard service hours are 09:00-17:00, Monday to Friday excluding UK bank holidays. Extra support can be provided outside of these hours however would need to be specially arranged.

Support is typically available remotely however we can offer dedicated on-site support under special arrangement.

User support

Email or online ticketing support
Email or online ticketing
Support response times
Response times can be tailored to meet the client’s needs. Our existing response model is based around 4 priority levels.
Priority 1 (system production is down) - response in under 4 hours. Priority 2 (system production is impaired) - response in under 8 hours. Priority 3 (system is impaired) - response in under 24 hours.
Priority 4 (general enquiry or request) - response in under 48 hours.
User can manage status and priority of support tickets
Online ticketing support accessibility
WCAG 2.1 AA or EN 301 549
Phone support
Phone support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support
Web chat
Web chat support availability
9 to 5 (UK time), Monday to Friday
Web chat support accessibility standard
WCAG 2.1 AA or EN 301 549
Web chat accessibility testing
For our web chat solution we use third party tools that have been tested for accessibility and usability and are widely used across government.
Support levels
We offer tailored support depending on the client’s needs and budget. We can provide a technical account manager or a cloud support engineer on request.

A typical 4 level support models is as follows:
Priority 1 (system production is down) - response in under 4 hours.
Priority 2 (system production is impaired) - response in under 8 hours. Priority 3 (system is impaired) - response in under 24 hours.
Priority 4 (general enquiry or request) - response in under 48 hours.


Supplier type
Not a reseller

Staff security

Staff security clearance
Conforms to BS7858:2019
Government security clearance
Up to Security Clearance (SC)

Standards and certifications

ISO/IEC 27001 certification
ISO 28000:2007 certification
CSA STAR certification
PCI certification
Cyber essentials
Cyber essentials plus
Other security certifications

Social Value

Fighting climate change

Fighting climate change

We are always considering new ways to reduce energy consumption and minimise our impact on the environment. We’re currently:

1. Reusing or recycling everything we’re able to and disposing any remaining waste responsibly.
2. Using energy responsibly, by ensuring unused appliances are turned off.
3. Encouraging remote meetings wherever possible to cut down on travelling.
4. Encouraging the use of public transport wherever face-to-face meetings are required.
5. Favouring environmentally responsible goods and services.
6. Creating digital services for our clients that minimise the need to use printed materials.
7. Working with sustainable and ethical suppliers.
Covid-19 recovery

Covid-19 recovery

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on society. To help support the management and recovery from this we:

1. Hold regular check-ins with teams and individuals to ensure any mental health issues can be addressed and supported as soon as possible.
2. Supported staff in remote working by providing any additional technical support required for working from home.
3. Our office is Covid-secure, having been reorganised to enable social distancing.
4. Providing hand sanitizer.
5. Enabling flexible working to allow colleagues to avoid travelling at peak times (where travel is unavoidable).
Tackling economic inequality

Tackling economic inequality

To help tackle economic recovery aim to create new, jobs and skills as well as increasing supply chain resilience and capacity by:

1. Partnering with a range of micro to medium sized organisations to support growth across the industry.
2. Advertising new roles broadly and anonymise applications to create a level playing field, avoiding any bias towards education or background regularly expanding our workforce to help support the high growth digital sector.
3. Constantly monitoring upcoming and innovative technologies that we can utilise and apply to provide higher quality goods and services ensuring our products and services are future proofed so they can continue to increase value for clients beyond the end of our engagement.
4. Regularly reviewing contracts with our suppliers to ensure both parties are satisfied with the agreements in place.
5. Partnering with a number of different suppliers and establishing an easy and fit-for-purpose onboarding process.
6. Having fair/transparent pricing model.
Equal opportunity

Equal opportunity

We are committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce. We promote a supportive culture by:

1. Maintaining a flat hierarchy - everyone’s perspective is equally valued.
2. Adopting fair recruitment practices by anonymising CVs and having diverse recruitment panels.
3. Conducting workplace assessments to ensure everyone’s needs are met by their workstation.
4. Inviting open and honest sharing of feedback in retrospectives.
5. Adapting our ways of working following staff feedback.
6. Offering flexible working hours and locations to everyone.
7. Supporting the use of different tools that meet staff preferences including accessibility needs.

We are continuing to explore how we can make further improvements.


We understand that employee wellbeing is good for both our people and our organisation as a whole – we aim to promote wellbeing and create a positive working environment by:

1. Allowing flexible working in regards to location and time to allow staff to manage their work/life balance more easily.
2. Encouraging people to take regular breaks away from their desks to improve their physical and mental health.
3. Having a trained mental health first aider on the team
4. Having changing and showering facilities for staff who exercise during the day.
5. Holding social events to enable staff to engage in a non-work related environment.
6. Sharing general feedback provided by service users to service owners to support the improvement of their services and relationships.


£450 to £1,250 a unit
Discount for educational organisations

Service documents

Request an accessible format
If you use assistive technology (such as a screen reader) and need versions of these documents in a more accessible format, email the supplier at Tell them what format you need. It will help if you say what assistive technology you use.