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  • GovBook | Central Government Booking Service


    From consular appointments and passport services to land registry and citizenship appointments — JRNI’s off-the-shelf appointment, event and course booking system has helped large government departments increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve the user experience. How? By making it easy to schedule/manage a high volume of bookings for multiple sites/services.

  • GovBook | HAF Booking Service


    We've worked with our local government community to create an all-in-one HAF Booking System that is proven to automate & fairly manage approval workflows, streamline admin processes, deliver end-to-end self-service & reduce the cost to serve.

  • ServisBOT - AI Booking Bot for Government


    We’ve teamed up with ServisBOT to create an AI-powered, conversational booking bot that automates and shortens the resident booking journey. In short, this booking bot is designed to help councils like yours improve (and speed up) the user experience, automate processes, cut costs, and increase self-service resolution rates.

  • GovBook | Local Government Booking Service


    We've worked with 50+ councils to create an off-the-shelf appointment & event booking system that is proven to increase efficiency, cut costs & improve the resident experience. Powered by JRNI, the system provides a robust solution to manage a high volume of bookings for any appointment, event or course-based service.

  • GovBook | Phlebotomy Booking Service


    We've worked with 50+ healthcare clinics to create an off-the-shelf phlebotomy booking service that is proven to help healthcare providers increase operational efficiency, cut costs & improve the patient experience. This system offers a quick & easy way to manage high booking volumes across multiple locations.

  • GovBook | Household Waste Recycling Centre Booking Service


    We’ve worked with site managers from 70 HWRCs to develop a HWRC booking system that increases site efficiency, cuts costs, and eliminates queuing. With this system, you’ll be able to manage an unlimited number of sites, waste streams, vehicle types, and more — all with just a few clicks.