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  • Disaster Recovery as a Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    FirstServ’s DRaaS is a fully managed, Disaster Recovery (DR) service which leverages the power of our enterprise Cloud platform. An entire replica of your FirstServ server estate is hosted in, and real-time replicated to, our like-for-like enterprise DRaaS environment in our Birmingham Datacentre facility.

  • Monitoring as a Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    When there is a problem with your website or server, whatever time of day or night, it needs to be fixed as fast as possible. FirstServ offer a range of monitoring and fault resolution services, so that any problems can be identified and resolved quickly.

  • Backups as a Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    FirstServ's fully managed backup solution provides a fast, agent-less, transparent backup and recovery for your cloud dedicated servers. We can instantly restore exactly what you need, whether that’s the entire server, a particular file, a specific application or user data, providing effective disaster recovery and business continuity.

  • Dedicated Cloud Hosting

    FirstServ Ltd

    FirstServ provides new ways to give customers everything they need to manage and control their online space. Innovation drives everything we do, ensuring we offer the latest internet technology across our range of services including domain names, managed cloud servers, secure online storage, online backup, disaster recovery, monitoring, etc.

  • Adobe ColdFusion Support Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    Firstserv has been hosting ColdFusion since Allaire ColdFusion 4 in 1999 so were confident in our ability to enable you to develop applications quickly. With over 20 years of experience in providing ColdFusion you can rely on us for all the knowledge and support that you need from your host.

  • Managed Firewall as a Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    FirstServ's Managed Firewall as a Service provides a secure solution to the complex and time-consuming subject of managing customer firewall(s). Datacenta validates configurations, reports vendor alerts/updates, manages and implements customer Requests for Change, monitors device availability/performance 24 x 7 and provides Incident management 24 x7. Service Reports are provided.

  • Cloud Support Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    We manage and support cloud apps, infrastructure, and architecture so your business can get the most of your cloud-based tools. We Can Support: Cloud-Based applications, Cloud Infrastructure, Core Business Apps, Cloud Integrations and Security Tools