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  • ESB Commercial Waste

    Pentagull Ltd

    A comprehensive trade/commercial/business waste management system that offers full functionality from customer sign up through to in-cab technology. An innovative system with a customer online portal for self-service account management at various levels with a fully functional back office system that offers staff full flexibility in schedule management.

  • ESB Housing Management

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Housing Management is a comprehensive cloud-based application that enables authorities to record complaints, inspections and HHSRS scoring results. It allows authorities to create notices and enforcement actions within the system quickly and efficiently both in the office and out in the field that can be tracked through their lifecycle.

  • ESB Waste Management

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Waste Management combines our residential waste, commercial waste and bulky waste systems into a single package. All three systems are built upon our ESB platform which gives single platform access to all three services making it easier for staff and for your residents and customers.

  • ESB Housing Licensing/Management

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Housing Licensing Management is a bundled offering of our ESB Housing Licensing product and ESB Housing Management product. It offers the ability to do housing enforcement and inspections as well as HHSRS scoring and enforcement notice production along with selective, mandatory, additional, voluntary and short lets licensing.