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  • C2 and SA Applications and Interoperability Standards Cloud Services

    Carbon60 Limited

    Supporting Defence with military C2 Applications/Interoperability Standards Management/Cloud services. Joint/Maritime/Land/Air and International multi-domain expertise in Information systems and services. Agile development and CMMI level-5 delivery for Cloud/Application/Integration/Information Management services and solutions. Using open API’s enabling greater integration of capabilities. Supported remotely or using embedded software development, training and Technical Guidance.

  • Specialist Infrastructure Engineer

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Infrastructure Engineers and Architects ensure your cloud enabled network is designed, built, implemented, configured, upgraded, maintained and / or supported as required with security, performance and availability at the forefront of all planning and activities.

  • Governance

    SA Group Ltd

    At SA Group we believe that effective and pertinent governance better enables successful P3M delivery for business outcomes. From initial assessment through to your business as usual processes we provide functional assurance on the likelihood of delivery, project risks and issues.

  • Security Architecture

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Security Architecture Service helps build and design architectures that identify and manage threats and risks using industry standard security controls. We work with your existing security teams to ensure your cloud journey is built with security at its core.

  • Project, Programme & Portfolio Management (P3M)

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group provides Project, Programme and Portfolio Management (P3M) services tailored to the client’s P3M needs. We have a proven P3M track record in successfully delivering projects and programmes of various sizes, technologies, domains & platforms including cloud-based projects and migration of classified systems.

  • Business Change and Modernisation

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Business Change and Modernisation services are delivered by highly experienced Change Management practitioners, assisting clients to achieve successful cloud-based strategic P3M outcomes. Our service allows smooth transition to new ways of working by helping stakeholders to accept new processes, technologies and systems.

  • Technical Architecture

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Technical Architecture services establish a technology strategy and roadmap aligned to a client's defined business goals. We evaluate and mitigate risk to develop robust, resilient and scalable solutions. We are a trusted partner with the experience to assist you completing your cloud journey and goals.

  • Integration Support

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group will provide support during the design and implementation of integrated systems & cloud migrations. Our team assists the customer with complex application integration as well as COTS systems. Our Integration service helps customers seamlessly integrate their new cloud solution into their existing infrastructure and support structure.

  • Requirements Management Service

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s structured requirements management service approach offers an effective process to capture, validate, track and manage requirements through life to meet the business needs and support the delivery of an effective solution. Our team is able to integrate within Waterfall and Agile IT project lifecycles approaches. .

  • Change and Release Management

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s change and release managers lead the change advisory board, ensuring adequate risk assessment and scheduling of technical changes and releases. Our change and release management service provides support for the management of the configuration management database and the access, security, configuration of change activities and release procedures.

  • Agile Project Delivery Service

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group offers a team of experienced delivery professionals to support the delivery of cloud-based projects and programmes using an Agile project delivery approach. We support our clients through Discovery, Design, Alpha, Beta and Live Services phases to realise the benefits of Agile project management service delivery.

  • Capability Assessments

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Capability Assessments provide vital assurance that a project’s requirements are met and supporting evidence is presented using assessment tools. Our Capability Model Service includes testing, supporting all aspects of project delivery, including provision of testing strategies and test cases to assure that agreed KPIs & SLAs are met.

  • Benefits Analysis

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group provide benefits management in line with MSP best practice to support a programme’s business case and track, as well as managing the benefits delivered. We identify, quantify and support the realisation of a benefits analysis from ICT transformation including migration to and the use of Cloud services.

  • IT Strategy and Integration

    SA Group Ltd

    At SA Group we pride ourselves on delivering end to end customer satisfaction and ensuring value for money. Our IT integration & strategy teams work with you to align business need to technical delivery, we want to be a trusted partner giving customers the confidence in their decisions & metrics.

  • Concept Design and Development

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Concept Design and Development service provides architectural expertise, governance and experience to guide our customers through the design process. We produce and ratify high and low-level designs, supporting the end to end delivery of cloud solutions. We also provide technical assurance to customers to ensure value for money.

  • Enterprise Architecture

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Enterprise Architecture and Enterprise Architect services establish a technology strategy and roadmap aligned to a client's defined business goals. We evaluate and mitigate risk to develop robust, resilient and scalable solutions. We are a trusted partner with the experience to assist you completing your cloud journey and goals.

  • Secure Technical Services for Digital Projects and Programmes

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group provides Suitably Qualified and Experienced Personnel to enable digital transformation from legacy on-premises, physical systems and services to secure, modular and automated cloud services in both public and private cloud environments. Our demonstrable record of innovative quality solutions with Defence, Public Sector and Enterprise clients uses proven approaches.

  • Digital Strategy & Roadmap

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group will work with senior stakeholders across the business to identify current initiatives and develop a comprehensive digital strategy and visual roadmap using cloud based/ hybrid technologies and platforms. Our service will align current plans with future direction, developing deeper insights and increase customer participation in your digital services.

  • Technical Design Authority and Delivery Assurance

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Technical Design Authority (TDA) services provide assurance that the end-to-end solution is the right fit for your business. We provide governance to your project to ensure that it will deliver transformational business changes, using industry standards and best practices, and ensure an operational solution is delivered adding value.

  • Network Architecture

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group’s Network Architecture service designs the network architecture for multi-vendor, multi-protocol environments, offering experienced resources capable of completing planning and system-level integration activities. Security is at the heart of what we do; our clients rely on our expertise to provide both physical and logical security to their networks.

  • Smart City Cyber Security

    SA Group Ltd

    SA Group provide Smart City Cyber Security services across the full life cycle of your smart programme or project. We are certified by the IOT Security Institute (Smart Cities and Critical Infrastructure Professional) and work using a Triple Helix and P3M/Cyber/Data/Culture/Technology model to ensure your project’s success end to end.

  • Atamis SA Spend Analysis & End-to-End Strategic Sourcing

    Atamis Limited

    Atamis SA provides a secure web-based interface to improve visibility of direct and indirect third-party expenditure and manage your end-to-end strategic sourcing. It automatically generates dynamic dashboards summarising procurement performance including spend analysis, contract usage, compliance, supplier performance, savings, other KPIs along with managing your complete strategic sourcing process.

  • Cloud Hosting Application Support Services

    CI Peole Ltd

    CI People provides comprehensive governance, project, and enduring engineering lifecycle support for MOD/NATO C4ISR Applications (Chat/LOG/Targeting/Geo/Tracks). We deliver a range of integration support services to enable organisations to transition, transform and deliver highly user-centric, cost-effective digital cloud/hybrid services, for the Air/Land/Maritime environments delivered using the compliant process JSP 604. Chat

  • Risk Management

    SA Group Ltd

    We will deliver Risk Management with qualified, experienced professionals using tailored, best practice risk methodologies and Risk Management Tools to identify, evaluate, and prioritise risk profile. This is consolidated by the co-ordinated and economical application of resources to minimise, monitor, and control the impact of risks or to maximize opportunities.

  • Defence PKI (DPKI)

    SA Group Ltd

    We supply a full range of PKI (Public Key Infrastructure) and DPKI consulting services to environments requiring the highest security levels. Our technical review, design & implementation methodologies enable client organisations to safely and securely communicate to internal, customer, supplier & partner stakeholders as well as Certificate Authorities.

  • Digital Transformation and Strategy

    SA Group Ltd

    A digital transformation strategy is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business, fundamentally changing how you operate and delivering value to your customers by enhancing their experience whilst mitigating disruptive threats to the enterprise.

  • Cyber Security Training

    SA Group Ltd

    We offer cyber security training designed and delivered physically or virtually with full compliance in the regulatory standards. This is best undertaken as part of an existing service provision which can be integrated and aligned to the assessment, compliance or implement and manage phases, providing organisations resilience against cyber attacks.

  • Security Assurance Coordination and Management

    SA Group Ltd

    Our Security Assurance Coordinator (SAC) will take responsibility for overseeing all security aspects of our customers’ projects. We manage all aspects of the roadmap, from strategy, stakeholder engagement, coordination, planning and approvals. We ensure that the project is run efficiently, on schedule, meeting Information Assurance (IA) requirements.

  • Cyber Security Assessment

    SA Group Ltd

    The Cyber Assessment service defines your security baseline allowing you to understand your present risk level. A Cyber Security Risk Assessment identifies the information assets that could come under Cyber attack and the risks that affect those assets. This allows the creation and maintenance of an effective cyber security plan.

  • Business Analysis

    SA Group Ltd

    We implement business transformation and cloud solutions, including delivering requirements, user stories and business analysis justification for change. Using best practice methodologies with proven success in delivering organisational and business change. Our analysts document the current state, the future/target state and a route for transition of a business solution.