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  • Dynamics 365 Finance

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance monitors the performance of your global financial operations in real-tie, predict future outcomes and make data driven decsions

  • D&B Connect - Business data connectors supporting record onboarding and maintenance

    Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

    D&B Connect streamlines data management, matching and validating data. Create a single source of truth for all business data within your applications such as suppliers and internal records across CRM, MDM, ERP and AP platforms, by leveraging the Master Data capabilities utilising the D&B D-U-N-S® Number, via D&B Data Cloud.

  • Bruhati offering of Software AG Cumulocity IoT Platform


    Software AG Cumulocity IoT Platform gives fast visibility and control over your IoT assets. Cumulocity On-Premise or Cloud based service with library of APIs supports devices and software libraries to connect remote assets into the cloud. Device management, data visualization and remote control functionality allows rapid customisation with business rules.

  • River Isis Portfolio Management, Analysis and Reporting

    Bancstreet Capital Partners Ltd

    River Isis Portfolio Management, Analysis and Reporting allows you to bring together all your asset/investment portfolio data in location for seamless analysis and reporting. Automated data acquisition of portfolio, market and other data and automated analysis pipelines allow you in-depth insight in realtime. Deploy your solution with all enterprise capabilities.

  • ABACO Agri


    ABACO Agri's Integrated Administration and Monitoring System, used by Government Agencies/Public Bodies to monitor/manage agriculture, woodland, animal production, rural land-based activities, sustainability, water quality, supply-chain integrity, environmental factors, applications and grant management. Agri delpoys algorithms, artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques, automating and supporting informed decision making, supporting Agricultural Policies.

  • Resource and Schedule Optimisation


    tpgroup's Resource and Schedule Optimisation tool (Optimiser) is a dynamic decision support tool for organisations that need to plan capacity and optimise the availability of critical resources within their enterprise. Optimiser enables the optimised scheduling and allocation of critical resources (e.g. operators, equipment, etc.) based upon environmental circumstances in real-time.

  • AssetTracker Pro


    Asset management and tracking is a multiplatform, multi-device driven system for information control for tomorrow. We listen and drive off the shelf or bespoke requirements to record, track, audit and report of your data. Providing you with a blended approach to giving you the needed information at hand.

  • Rplus Analytics Demand Sense


    Rplus Analytics offers an quick, simple and powerful cloud based Solution, DemandSense to accurately predict demand for your product / services in all your markets.

  • Savant Stock Control (SSC) Service

    Savant Limited

    The Savant Stock Control system (SSC) is a secure, cloud-based stock management service for clinical laboratories. The software suite covers all aspects of stock management including deliveries, issues, movements, quarantines, discards, reconciliation and reporting and ordering.

  • F2 Climate Cloud


    F2 Climate Cloud aims to reduce the time gap from political decision to execution for initiatives to support environmental objectives such as CO2 reduction, biodiversity, or mitigation of effects of climate change. It offers configurable case management templates that allows governments to rapidly implement climate initiatives.

  • Pegasystems Cloud Software - Grants Management

    Pegasystems Limited

    Pega crushes complexity so you can work smarter, unify experiences, and adapt instantly. Our low-code platform for AI-powered decisioning and workflow automation lets you: personalise engagement, accelerate client registration and intake, automate customer service, streamline operations and resolve exceptions. Streamlined Grants Management is a central use case of the platform.

  • AssetTracker Pro Logistics


    Asset management and tracking is a multiplatform, multi-device driven system for information control for tomorrow. We listen and drive off the shelf or bespoke requirements to record, track, audit and report of your data. Providing you with a blended approach to giving you the needed information at hand.

  • Ezytreev - Tree, TPO and Asset management systems

    ra Information Systems

    Ezytreev is designed/built to support local authorities, public and private sector organisations to fulfill their commitment to manage and maintain their tree, woodland and landscape resources on streets, in public parks and green spaces, urban and rural estates, along highways, public roads, railway networks and coastlines.

  • D&B Data Cloud - for Environmental, Social and Governance ESG

    Dun & Bradstreet Ltd

    For supply chain and investment requirements there is demand for due diligence around Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) data. On this basis D&B has developed an ESG ranking, with the aim to rank all global businesses. The ranking is provided via an API, or a batch method with additional variables.

  • On-boarding, i-apply, i-license and Enrolment Platform

    apto solutions limited

    The On-Boarding, iapply and Enrolment Platform is a digital SaaS platform. It allows individuals, organisations and businesses to engage digitally with Government for all types of services grants, accreditations, schemes, permits and licences. It will allow easy bespoke end to end processing and correspondence to deliver crucial Government services.

  • Aqilla Cloud Accounting for Public Sector

    Aqilla Limited

    Aqilla is a flexible and scalable cloud based accounting solution providing a high level of functionality and delivering true value for money to the public sector. Utilising an SQL database, it is designed to be accessible from any modern web browser and mobile device without the need for additional software.

  • ABACO GeoPhoto (Geotagging)


    Mobile application providing one of the most advanced certified geotagged photo systems, tracking and supporting multiple types of checks and requests to collect and manage certified images, evidencing activity, capturing objects in the field. Highly configurable, localised “look and feel”, business process integration, comprehensive back-office management of communications and tasks.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services including Dynamics 365


    The Application Development Teams work in squads to develop next generation cloud-based applications. Specialising in integration with PaaS services, the team develop responsive and feature rich applications that utilise the best technologies the cloud has to offer. Including PowerApps, PowerPlatform supporting the common data platform Dynamics 365