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  • Software AG - Smart Equipment IoT

    Software AG (UK) Limited

    Smart Equipment use cases can be fulfilled by Cumulocity IoT Platform ecosystem as Software AG solutions have a Digital Software suite including comprehensive Device Management, Application Enablement Management, Integration and Analytics platform. Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables ALL SMART EQUIPMENT Use Cases.

  • VDT: Clinic Booking Platform


    VDT from Tango3 is a cloud based platform for appointment booking and clinic management. User focused, it enables self booking of appointments, as well as rescheduling, and cancellation. With simple management of: Multi-stage vaccinations, eg. Coronavirus, Booster vaccinations, Staff vaccination, Home visits, Multi-site.

  • Smart Mobility Platform and App for Multi-modal Public Transport


    UrbanThings is an innovative, UK-based technology company specialising in modular integrated mobility. The company provides a range of smart ticketing, multi-modal travel information & journey planning and MaaS solutions worldwide, with our products powering more than 130 million passenger journeys each year.

  • Icarus

    Idox Software Limited

    Icarus is a Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system that enables passenger information and fleet management. Users can view the real time location of all vehicles within the fleet and generate reports showing statistics on vehicle operation, timeliness and movements.

  • 365 Response Ltd - Meals 2 People


    Meals2People is a browser-based solution for managing your Meals-on-Wheels service. Working together with Meal Providers, we have used over twenty years of experience developing software services to provide an end-to-end solution for managing meal choices, resources, route optimisation and dynamic data management, to bring to market a fully customisable solution.

  • Access Weighsoft

    The Access Group

    Weighsoft 5 is a browser based Waste Management package. It is modular and the customer selects modules they require. It has modules for Skips, Materials, Trade Waste, Weighbridge, Ready Mixed Concrete and Hazardous. All the modules link with each other and allow the package to fit customers large and small.

  • ZBS Zero Touch Lost & Found Property Management Service

    Zero Burden Services

    You take 30 seconds to register the item, leave it in our box, we take care of the rest to identify the owner, repatriate it, or recycle it ethically, and we share any revenue with you.

  • Address Verification

    Melissa Data Ltd

    20% of addresses entered online contain errors: spelling mistakes; wrong house numbers; incorrect postal codes; formatting errors that don’t conform to postal regulations. Melissa Global Address verifies addresses for UK and 240+ countries in real-time, at point of entry or in batch, to ensure only valid addresses are captured

  • Fujitsu Cloud Remote POST Services

    Fujitsu Services Limited

    Fujitsu will provide a highly resilient Remote POST Service platform for ITSO Part 11 services, certified to UK Department for Transport ITSO standards (v2.1.4). The service enables public/private transport authorities and device/application suppliers to introduce the purchase, collection and activation of ITSO-based tickets into their smart ticketing schemes easily.


    Motorola Solutions UK Limited

    WAVE PTX push-to-talk is a group communication service that connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices. Easily share voice, text, photos, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button, all from one PTT application.

  • Military Base Management


    Secure cloud service providing Realtime GIS based mapping services for data visualisation of key business assets. Delivering graphical walk through of buildings and estates monitoring for army, navy, air force bases to track high and low value assets in real time utilising our Orion Network.

  • CIRRUSmaps™ Web Mapping Platform


    CIRRUSmaps™ is a flexible web mapping platform, built using industry leading Open Source software. It provides a scalable and configurable solution, for customers wishing to turn location-based data into valuable business information. Using the best open source software, CIRRUSmaps™ lowers the cost of ownership for a web-based GIS.



    WAVE PTX push-to-talk is a group communication service that connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices. Easily share voice, text, photos, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button, all from one PTT application.

  • Addresscloud Match & Geocoding API

    Addresscloud Ltd

    Addresscloud Match is a leading cloud-hosted address matching and geocoding API. It has been designed to work with OS AddressBase & OSNI Pointer data to return a UPRN and coordinates and works especially well for poor quality addresses.

  • Via

    Via Technologies Europe

    Via is the world’s leading provider of public mobility solutions, including demand responsive transport (DRT) software. We partner with cities, councils, local authorities, and transport authorities, harnessing the power of data to optimise networks of buses, shuttles, wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs), school buses, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles, and more.

  • MTC Transport Planning System


    Comprehensive home to school and social care transport planning system.

  • Swiftly Transitime: Real Time Passenger Predictions and Rider Alerts

    Swiftly, Inc.

    Swiftly Transitime gives riders the very best in vehicle tracking, precise and accurate arrival predictions, providing timely and accurate real-time rider alerts. Api integration with pre-existing transit tools and hardware. Travel service updates communicate service changes to riders through nearly any communication channel, including mobile app, SMS and electronic signs.

  • Google Maps Platform

    Ancoris Limited

    The Google Maps Platform gives you access to 3 mapping products, Maps, Routes and Places, allowing you to integrate Google Maps into your applications. The Google Maps Platform is available for multiple platforms and web services. Google Maps empowers you to create beautiful maps for your sites and apps.

  • Street, Town, City, Postcode Lookup

    Melissa Data Ltd

    The service provides address suggestions (UK & Global), matched to the characters the user types. Once an address is selected from lookup, the fully verified address auto completes into web forms, documents, or checkouts. Saving 80% in data entry time, simplifying the process, and increasing the quality of data capture.

  • kstop – Smart Transport Operating Platform

    Kinsetsu Limited

    kstop provides enhanced fleet and/or passenger management and safety by recording the presence of passengers as they enter/exit transport, creating a real-time digital footprint of their whole journey. It uses historical data to optimise fleet, seat and fuel utilisation for transport providers and provides real-time information and alerts for parents/guardians/carers.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IoT ORION network delivering secure real-time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, fever, safe-place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IoT ORION network delivering secure real-time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, fever, safe-place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway.

  • Civica Tranman

    Civica UK Limited

    Civica delivers fleet management (Tranman) software and services that enable improved fleet management and operational efficiency; through whole life cost management, workshops/stores management and third-party maintenance providers. We possess a highly experienced and capable team of solution architects and implementation consultants that undertake our projects and deliver within tight timescales.

  • B2M and PagerSMS

    Saadian Technologies UK Limited

    B2M is a reliable and secure web-based SMS communication and messaging platform. B2M can integrate with external systems and be used for mass notifications and 2-way communications. B2M supports the PagerSMS emergency alerting service. This turns a mobile phone into a pager that alarms continuously until acknowledged by the recipient.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services including Dynamics 365


    The Application Development Teams work in squads to develop next generation cloud-based applications. Specialising in integration with PaaS services, the team develop responsive and feature rich applications that utilise the best technologies the cloud has to offer. Including PowerApps, PowerPlatform supporting the common data platform Dynamics 365

  • Civica TranSend Route Planning

    Civica UK Limited

    TranSend Route Planning and Optimisation integrates with TranSend ePOD. It allows organisations to manage complex route planning that maximises the use of vehicles/drivers, based on orders, weight/volume/location, vehicle capacity/time-window. System led, route building helps to reduce fuel cost, increase delivery capacity and customer satisfaction by delivering efficiently and on-time.

  • Voyagerr Schools

    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    The CIRCLE home to school transport management system ensures efficiency in planning and management of schools transport for mainstream and SEN students. It covers application to contract assignment, bus passes, and route optimisation. CIRCLE supports client, driver and operator communication; and streamlines transport operator interactions, contracts and financial management.

  • Trapeze Demand Response (DR)

    Trapeze Group UK Ltd

    Transport Operators and public sector modern web-driven platform to plan /manage /schedule bookings for on-demand / demand response transport / accessible, flexible transport services/home to school journeys. Real-time journey dispatching and updates. Driver App. Mapping and Street management. Reporting functionality. SEN school transport. Dial-a-ride, Self-service Online Passenger Portal.

  • kcare

    Kinsetsu Limited

    kcare transforms delivery of community care equipment to client homes with digital checklists/digital mapping and IoT sensors, providing automated visibility and traceability. Equipment is picked from established COVID-19 safe locations and a digital footprint is created for all personnel/vehicles/equipment to ensure immediate reaction and containment in the event of infection.

  • Voyager

    Idox Software Limited

    Voyager delivers a holistic view of the transport network to the public via mobile and desktop, SMS, kiosks, broadcast screens, social media, mobile web phone apps and on and off street displays. All outputs provide accessibility information and meet the required standards for the blind and partially sighted.