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  • Caseflow Clinical Case and Referral Management Software


    Blue Zinc's Caseflow solution is a healthcare-specific digital platform that enables the efficient management of referrals, authorisations, billing, clinical records, reporting, SLAs and networks of third-party treatment providers. Caseflow integrates with Blue Zinc’s Pronto solution to enable secure and innovative referral, reporting and billing with third parties.

  • Okta Licences - Identity and Access Management Platform (IDP)

    Innovate IT Ltd

    OKTA connects any person with any application on any device. It's the market leader for cloud identity management, providing a secure way to store your credentials. Okta’s architecture means that users just sign-on with one password, one time to access all their applications. Take advantage of this SSO service.

  • TM3 Electronic Patient Records and Clinic Management Software


    Blue Zinc's TM3 solution is a cutting-edge electronic patient record and clinic management system for the MSK and Mental Health rehabilitation sector. TM3 transforms clinic operations and scales for any size of clinic. Extensive functionality includes diary management, electronic billing, reporting, clinical records and governance, digital registration and class management.

  • ServiceNow Licensing Partner

    Unifii Ltd

    ServiceNow licence reseller service and ongoing support to ensure customers drive maximum value from their investment. The ServiceNow platform is a ready‑built foundation that transforms how your business operates and delivers world leading workflow experiences to transform how work gets done across ITSM, CSM, HRSD, ITOM, ITAM, ITBM, WSD, Apps

  • Mimecast Web Security

    Innovate Ltd

    Mimecast helps companies protect their employees, intellectual property, customer data, and brand reputations by providing comprehensive, cloud-based security and compliance solutions that mitigate risk and reduce the cost and complexity of creating a cyber-resilient organization

  • Glu Platform

    Capricorn Ventis Ltd.

    Glu Platform is a suite of solutions enabling data and process management across a range of business areas, including customer, communications, marketing, opportunity and service management. It extends to asset, event, product and contracts management. Data can be shared with specific B2B collaborators, and/or published to a B2C marketplace.

  • Pronto Network Referral Management with Third Party Service Providers


    The Pronto Network delivers a truly digital patient journey via secure integration between the funders of treatment and networks of third-party treatment providers. Pronto enables digital referrals, appointment booking, the management of treatment authorisation, tailored electronic clinical reporting and invoicing. Pronto transforms referral management operational processes and drives efficiency.

  • NICE Nexidia by SVL

    SVL Business Solutions Ltd

    NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics is AI-powered omnichannel analytics that identify trends and root causes across 100% of interactions. Whether it’s voice, text, or digital conversation, NICE Nexidia Interaction Analytics is designed to analyse, measure, and uncover insights to drive improvements to CX. Make next-gen insights easy with analytics everywhere.

  • Lanternn by Valerann Transport and Logistics

    Valerann UK Ltd

    Valerann serves Road Operators as an innovative cutting-edge Intelligent Transportation Systems SaaS company, specialising in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Data Fusion technology. Powered by our proprietary Real-Time Fusion Engine, our smart road Traffic Management platform leverages existing ITS infrastructure enriched with modern, connected data sources enabling rapid, informed decision-making.

  • Caura Vehicle Management

    Caura Ltd

    Caura Vehicle Management is a suite of software applications for owners of vehicle fleets. Caura helps manage administration for MoTs, Road Tax, vehicle insurance and insurance claims. It also provides a platform for document management. It combines an application for vehicle drivers with a central Master Dashboard.

  • Computacenter - CheckPoint Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM)

    Computacenter (UK) Ltd

    CloudGuard Dome9 is an innovative service that allows enterprises to easily manage the security and compliance of their public cloud environments at any scale across Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

  • RingCentral Phone System in the Cloud

    Softworx Ltd

    RingCentral Office is a fully-integrated communication platform offering a complete business phone system alongside advanced UC features. It is a fully-featured, compelling replacement for hardware-based PBXs, also featuring innovations only possible via the cloud-first architecture, like integrations with leading SaaS providers like Google, Salesforce, and others to improve business productivity.

  • Cygnum Workforce Management and Resource Planning

    CACI UK Ltd

    Cygnum is an innovative, intelligent digital solution that adapts to your changing needs. Delivering workforce management, case management and financial management in a single joined up solution, Cygnum helps to maximise efficiency and minimise costs. Empower your organisation to work smarter, improve services, reduce risk and be ready for change.

  • Cloud Software - Web and Mobile Development

    Medical Data Solutions and Services LTD

    MDSAS are world renowned for the delivery of national and international cloud-based software solutions. MDSAS have particular experience working with the NHS to deliver national registries to support the management of clinical services. In addition MDSAS develop innovative referral, triage and advice and guidance systems incorporating app-based image submission support.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Managed Services (CRM)

    CloudSource Ltd

    CloudSource offer end-to-end managed services, from helpdesk support, technical upgrades, prototyping, and change requests for Microsoft Dynamics 365. CloudSource’s managed service enables public sector organisations to guarantee business continuity and availability of digital services for citizens and/or public servants.

  • Advanced Inspection Management (AIM) Cloud Software Service

    GoPro Consulting Ltd

    AIM is a low-code, high configuration, advanced inspection case management solution. AIM is focused on delivering transformational efficiency improvements to the entire inspection process. It provides online engagement portal, advanced scoring of inspection cases, automatic AI based inspection scheduling and innovative data and rules driven case process automation.

  • Purple LMS Learning management system

    Made Purple Ltd

    Made Purple LMS is a purpose built iso27001 certified secure learning management system it's a scalable, robust, and innovative platform with purpose built media server's, booking system's and a lesson planning features. All lessons and tutor communications can be monitored and recorded with data centres strictly within the UK.

  • CRM, ERP, Marketing, Events, Campaign Management Software


    Dynamics 365 is Microsoft's ERP and CRM solution. It includes Finance (erstwhile FO), Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Field Service and Project Service Automation. We can help deliver maximum benefit from standard tool-sets, and have experience in using the entire Dynamics product suite to develop innovative solutions.

  • Advanced Grant Management (AGM) Cloud Software Service

    GoPro Consulting Ltd

    AGM is a '5th generation' low-code, high configuration, advanced grant management solution. AGM is focused on delivering transformational efficiency improvements to the entire grant application and disbursement process. It provides online application portal, advanced grant case management, and makes innovative use of data and rules driven case process automation.

  • Off the Shelf Public Sector/Government Libraries: Creativity and Entrepreunership Collection

    Learning Pool Ltd

    What does it mean to be entrepreneurial? Ever heard of 'intrapreneurship'? Can your team balance risk and opportunity and bring a new product successfully to market? Not sure where you stand on creativity? This Collection uses mixed media, to provide your organisation with the tools to develop your team

  • StrategicPlanner

    Edge Health Ltd

    StrategicPlanner is a comprehensive system planning tool that brings together activity, operational performance, cost and income information It helps systems, and their hospitals trust to base planning and contracting discussions on a firm evidence base that translates proposals into key metrics, such the impact on activity, cost, and income.

  • HelloParks: Platform for Parks and Open Spaces

    Cyber Media Solutions Ltd.

    HelloParks delivers engaging online promotion of parks and open spaces. It empowers teams to easily create inspiring park profiles and has innovative mapping tools enabling park areas, walking routes and POIs to be plotted in minutes. HelloParks is for individual parks, country parks or for city and county-wide park offers.

  • Active-Class Learning Management System (LMS)

    0 & 1 LTD

    Active-Class is the only integrated platform containing both a learning management system (LMS) and an exam monitoring system (EMS), closing the gap between learning and examination. Using personalised analyses presented through uncomplicated visuals, Active-Class’ LMS supercharges online learning and teaching providing feedback, as well as insights on individual students’ performance.