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  • ESB HWRC Booking and Permit System

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Booking and Permit System brings together our HWRC Booking and Waste Permit products to create one incredibly priced one stop shop for managing both these processes. HWRC bookings and waste permit requests are all catered for in one place.

  • ESB HWRC Booking System

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Household Waste Recycling Centre (HWRC) Booking is a cloud software service that allows your organisation to manage access to your HWRC sites. The service allows for an unlimited number of sites to be included and the ability to manage waste streams and vehicle types at the point of booking.

  • ESB Resource Booking System

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Resource Booking system is a cloud software service that allows your organisation to effectively manage access to a resource or a service that you provide. With strong emphasis on customer self-service, the system streamlines the application process to keep staff involvement to a minimum at point of application.

  • Registrar Service Management System


    A complete solution for local registration services. It includes a public-facing appointment booking and copy certificates ordering system, a registrars back office function for managing appointments, ceremonies and venues and a service centre application. Full integration with payments, case management and finance systems and reporting for financial and business analysis.

  • ESB Meeting Rooms

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Meeting Rooms is a cloud software service that provides the capability to manage room bookings, related resources and hot desking. This intuitive system provides facilities managers with a unified approach to the organisation of their facilities and provides the ability to book rooms through a public-facing website.

  • Impact Plus Facilities, Sports, Appointments, Courses and Events Bookings

    Zipporah Ltd

    Zipporah's Impact Plus brings functionality from Room, Sport, Hotdesk and Appointment systems and adds our Course & Events solution. Meeting rooms/desks, 5-a-side pitches any type of appointment, training courses and holiday clubs - this solution is our flagship product, bringing everything you need into a single, comprehensive solution.

  • Computacenter - Room and Desk Booking SaaS

    Computacenter (UK) Ltd

    A Room and desk booking system, that powers some of the largest cross-government organisations and hub systems in the UK. Rich functionality across web, mobile & Outlook enables flexible working and public sector collaboration by sharing systems and estates. Microsoft - App Space, Condeco - Go Bright

  • Appointment booking system

    Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

    An intelligent platform to automate appointment management using our patented threading technology for 2-way messaging. We make it easy to manage appointments and integrate with your booking system / schedule. SMS, EMAIL AND IVR used to set, remind and cancel appointments. ISO-27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

  • Enterprise Candidate Management System & Digital Credential Solution


    Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise platform with secure verified immutable data at its core. Specialists in compliance, membership services, candidate management, safeguarding, CPD, course bookings, digital badging, qualifications, skills, e-learning, certification, auditing and streamlining systems.

  • Access Gamma

    The Access Group

    Developed by UK visitor attraction experts, Access Gamma is designed to solve operational inefficiencies and give you greater insight to help you reduce costs, drive sales and deliver a better customer experience. The all-in-one system means you can manage all your commercial operations in one place with easy-to-use features.

  • Uma Book

    ISDM Solutions Ltd

    UMA Book is a cloud based room booking system, that allows individuals to book meeting rooms using the companion application. It also monitors & feeds-back occupancy and availability of these rooms and spaces.

  • Schoolcomms

    ParentPay Limited

    Schoolcomms, leading provider of school business solutions improving parental engagement and administrative efficiencies whilst reducing costs. Communication via email/SMS /App messaging, collect online payments trips,events, booking clubs, meal management, attainment, attendance reporting and paperless forms into central system. Comprehensive range of services for educational establishments to build a consolidated solution.

  • Dashboard Technology

    Dashboard Technology

    Dashboard Technology’s Casual Worker Management & Compliance System is a cloud based platform which provides organisations with an end-to-end solution to organise and manage casual workers. All aspects from on-boarding, worker management, timetabling, booking management, compliance, working hour restrictions including Student Route Visas, timesheets, payroll. Reporting with visualisations and analytics.

  • Accommodation Bookings and property management

    Zipporah Ltd

    Accommodations booking is an all-in-one property and accommodation management system, designed and built for hotels, conference centres, and just-about anything else. Browser based and hardware-independent, the solution manages guests from booking to checkout, providing staff with optimal handling of customer traffic through a well-designed and stylish interface.

  • Infreemation - Volunteer/staff training and skill management system

    Digital Interactive Ltd

    Infreemation is an advanced online cloud based application for processing staff and volunteer training requirements. The system will keep track of all training requirements and training courses. Send out automatic reminders and allow bookings to be made against courses.

  • ESB Waste Permit System

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Waste Permit System is a cloud software service that allows organisations to effectively manage access to HWRC sites to permitted vehicles. With a strong emphasis on self-service the application process is streamlined and reduces the need for staff involvement.

  • Smart Workspaces

    Kinsetsu Limited

    Kinsetsu designs/deploys digital solutions to seamlessly connect teams, workspaces and partners. We optimise workplace resources using biometric access control with time and attendance functionality (facial/fingerprint recognition), interactive meeting room booking panels, hot-desk booking systems, intelligent CCTV (facial, demographic and ANPR), wireless presentation, digital signage and touchscreen room control systems.

  • Email appointment system

    Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

    An intelligent platform to automate appointment management using our patented threading technology for 2-way messaging. We make it easy to manage appointments and integrate with your booking system / schedule. SMS, EMAIL AND IVR used to set, remind and cancel appointments. ISO-27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

  • MIS C3 fully hosted 999, IUC, 111 and PTS System


    Intuitive ambulance command and control system; from call handling through triage to dispatch. Integrated Urgent Care and 111, NHS Digital and national system interfaces enhanced care pathway management for patients. Fully functional non-emergency patient transport system.

  • Luna Workplace Experience App

    SPICA Technologies Ltd

    Spica provides a single holistic mobile app, tailored and branded for organisations, that allows employees to interact in real-time with the services and facilities in the building remotely or on site. These can include wayfinding, resource booking, digital access, service requests, catering, social hub, and colleague collaboration.

  • Pathpoint® Acute Surgery

    Open Medical Ltd

    Developed by surgeons, Pathpoint® Acute Surgery is a versatile clinical workflow platform for centralised coordination of surgical patients. Supports multiple distributed teams, customisable local workflows, digitisation of end-to-end pathways including digital CEPOD booking system, anaesthetic assessments, ambulatory lists, general, vascular, urology, ENT. Automatic coding for superior analytics. Hosted on HSCN.

  • Ensemble Event Management System (EMS)


    Ensemble EMS is a fully-featured events platform. Create and manage unlimited, multi-day/multi-track events within the online app. Create custom event pages to advertise to your audience. Automated tools and workflows are designed to remove any administrative burden. Customizable to your unique requirements.

  • Aptvision Vaccination Management System with Citizens Engagement Features

    Aptvision Ltd

    With Covid-19 vaccinations a way to fight back the virus to get back to normal, Aptvision has created and introduced a Vaccination Management Solution as a complete and comprehensive solution to schedule and manage vaccination appointments with proactive citizens engagement features.

  • Compass Management Information System


    Compass is a statutory compliant and integrated Management Information System (MIS), providing web access to information for schools and trusts. With a wide range of cleverly designed modules, Compass saves you time in areas such as daily administration, parental engagement and student wellbeing. Uniquely, it also includes hardware options.

  • Aptvision Unified Healthcare Information System with Patient Engagement

    Aptvision Ltd

    APTVISION created a unified Healthcare Information System which effectively and efficiently manages the Patient end-to-end through the entire 'ology process, from a GP referral, communication and scheduling, management and preparation, study delivery, reporting and results, all while integrating tightly with other 'ology systems and drastically increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

  • Holiday Activities (HAF Platform)


    The Holiday Activities (HAF) platform has been co-designed in collaboration with local authorities and key stakeholders to provide an intuitive and easy way to manage HAF provision within a local area through a centralised platform. Further information can be found on our website

  • Online Video Interview & Recruitment Management solution


    Our Recruitment solution is currently utilised by the NHS and enables clients to identify, screen and interview prospective employees from any where in the world, much quicker, more accurately and for less money. Clients using this service experience up to a 50% reduction in their recruitment costs.

  • Social Care Access Service System


    A complete solution for managing social care referrals and appointments. It includes a public-facing self referral system, an administrative back office system for managing referrals and appointments and a customer service centre application. Integration with social care systems, email, calendars can be included as well as reporting for business analysis.

  • Visa processing Video Interview Platform


    Our Online Video Interview platform is currently used by the UK Home Office to enable them to remotely interview UK Visa applicants from all over the world. Our service has been rolled out, by the UK Home Office, to over 100 countries.

  • Townbase Accommodation Guide Websites


    Townbase Accommodation Guide is an 'all-in-one' local guide to different accommodation options regardless of which booking systems, tools and services individual accommodation providers have chosen to use. It is agnostic to where purchase is made or where the content comes from.