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  • CitySwift Evolve


    CitySwift Evolve blends GPS, scheduling and ticketing data to deliver AI-powered runtimes that drive the punctuality and reliability of every bus journey. Plan for different scenarios and simulate how they may impact your journeys, so that you can make every decision with confidence and justify network planning choices.

  • CitySwift Discover


    Discover offers a range of dashboards tailored to specific problem areas in your network. Each dashboard is tailored to different stakeholder’s needs and offers only the most relevant data to each person in the business and supports efforts to build a data-first organization.

  • CitySwift Explore


    Explore blends GPS, scheduling and ticketing data so you can surface the daily network insights you need to drive bus services that support economic, social and environmental goals. This means brand new, constantly updated intelligence at your fingertips to make better decisions that dramatically improve the performance of your network.