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  • Account Management Intelligence - AMI

    Jarmany Ltd

    Bring all of your account management data into one consolidated, accurate and beautifully presented platform.

  • Seller Dynamics

    Objective Associates Limited

    Marketplace management software service allowing sellers to manage sales across multiple platforms including Amazon, eBay, Fnac, Cdiscount, Magento, BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce. Automatically manage price, listings, stock levels and fulfillment.

  • Whisper

    Jaywing Plc

    Discovers the unseen social communities that live around your brand and helps you understand the true impact of engaging with them.

  • Oxygen CRM for Office 365

    ISAAC Intelligence Limited

    Oxygen CRM for Office 365 is a rapidly deploy-able and customisable CRM solution, specifically designed to appeal to and engage users of all generations. Structured around one single data source, and providing options for users to interact in multiple ways (via Outlook, mobile app or browser) Oxygen creates 100% engagement

  • Salesforce - Sales Cloud

    Softcat Limited

    Sales Cloud supports Government’s drive for revenue generation and comprehensive stakeholder management. Powerful CRM capability allows tracking of relationships, manage activities and assign tasks to other team members. From internal stakeholder management to grant and opportunity management, our extensive reporting provides the transparency and metrics to enable success. SFDCS2022GC13

  • e-shot™ marketing automation platform

    Forfront Limited

    e-shot can help you modernise your email and SMS strategy and embrace more efficient and targeted ways of communicating, whilst delivering the highest data protection and security standards that are essential to public sector organisations. e-shot’s user-friendly interface gives you extensive campaign and contact management, analytics capabilities, and Open API.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Housing

    Blacklight Software

    Blacklight work with Microsoft Dynamics 365 to allow social housing providers to improve customer service and operational efficiency by better managing housing related processes and asset and tenant information.

  • Yeti Real-Time Anomaly Detection


    Yeti is a cloud data platform for clients to analyse time series data in real time and flag anomalies. It's a series of Open Source software libraries we have developed to rapidly prototype Machine Learning solutions.

  • Puzzel Digital Engagement

    Puzzel Ltd

    Puzzel Digital Engagement is a digital-first customer service solution. Segment web visitors based on behaviour, journey or value, and offer each the most efficient resolution to their problem. This includes guiding them to web pages, fetching information, documents, or connecting them with an agent over chat, voice or video.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

    Synergi Software Limited

    For organisations wishing to implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 for sales, marketing, service, finance, commerce and supply-chain.

  • Mercur Business Control

    Mercur Solutions (UK) Limited

    Mercur is a leading provider of unified Enterprise Performance Management solutions. Founded in 1976 Mercur delivers; Budgeting, Planning, Forecasting, Reporting, Dashboarding and Analysis applications within a single cloud solution designed for; Large Enterprise, Central & Local Govt, SME and NHS. Mercur Business Control creates greater effectiveness and efficiencies for organisations.

  • Web Portals

    Mercato Solutions

    Mercato's configurable web portals allow organisations to configure and manage function rich web portals to provide information and guidance for internal and external customers. Ideal for signposting and support guided experiences to navigate users to the right solution or information they need and digitally deliver outcomes efficiently

  • Insights Powered Analytics


    Akeso&Co provides analytics solutions that can: - identify the best predictive model from a range of algorithms; - match strings of data using a novel NLP solution; - enable the identification of most similar partner, utilising client's data combined with population medical and socioeconomic data, for a view across CCGs/STPs/ICS.

  • GeoInsights - geographic spend data and geographic spend insights


    The Mastercard GeoInsights platform delivers spend insights and data trends. This helps policy makers understand and assess customer journey and support. Provided across macro and micro-geographies over extensive periods of time up to the present and across various industries, it supplies a view into the micro-economics of an area

  • Microsoft Power BI

    Synergi Software Limited

    Microsoft PowerBI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables organisations to connect to, visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding. Power BI connects users to a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualisations that bring data to life.

  • Dynamics 365 and Click Dimensions Marketing Automation


    Brightwire helps organisations plan and deliver ClickDimensions based on Microsoft Dynamics365 - a fully customisable platform that is easy to use and manage, and which enables marketing automation through a single interface. ClickDimensions includes email marketing, campaign automation, surveys, web forms and insights on data to improve engagement with clients.

  • Case Management and Customer Service with Dynamics365


    Brightwire delivers Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics365 solutions - a fully configurable software platform that is easy to use and manage. Business solutions range from contact, activity and stakeholder management, complaints handling, legal case management, patient (clinical and veterinary) management, marketing and customer service in call centres and service departments.

  • Calabrio Quality Management

    Business Systems (UK) Ltd

    Changed to: Calabrio's Quality Management Solution from Business Systems allows you to understand the complete agent and customer experience and provide targeted coaching, no matter where your employees are working – all while helping ensure compliance and improving overall contact centre performance.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 / D365 Business Central

    cloudThing Limited

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a platform from which you can run your entire business. Accelerate your growth by leveraging rich features for financial, supply chain, sales and project. We support discovery activities, business architecture, governance set-up, DevOps/SecOps tooling, service design, experience research/design, technical architecture and all related services.

  • Sheetloom

    Millersoft Ltd

    Sheetloom seamlessly integrates Excel with underlying source data via almost any connection method. It is now possible to populate pivot tables and spreadsheet cells directly from source without any copy/paste or open database connections. Sheetloom runs on AWS and supports 1000s of users at a fraction of PowerBI´s cost.

  • Conversational AI Chatbot Solutions


    DataPillar design and build a conversational experience between bots and humans. We build AI-Powered cloud based speech-based assistants and chatbots supporting 24+ languages to automate communication and create personalised customer experiences / Journey using NLP for all B2B and B2C customers.

  • DS Voice


    Available for multi-language and dialects; DS Voice aligns to digital transformation/management of data. Compared to time consuming, inaccurate & expensive traditional transcription, DS Voice transcribes/analyses audio automatically. AI - Keywords & phrases are used to improve accuracy & integrate with I2 and others. Audits and logs meet requirements of MOPI

  • Insight Tableau Platform Add-ons


    Tableau Platform is your self-service visual analytics solution. Keywords: Hanrahan, Stolte, Chabot, .TDE, BI, Dashboard, VizQL, Hyper, In-Memory, Hybrid, Live, Bridge, Desktop, Prep, Creator, Explorer, Viewer, Viz, .TWB, .TWBX, Chart, Graph, Table, Database, File, Big, Data, Secure, Governed, Audited, Intuitive, Ease-of-use, People, Everyone, TCO. SFDCTB2022GC13

  • D365 Sales Professional

    Razorblue Group Ltd

    With D365 Sales Professional you can manage your business’ sales opportunities, planning and performance with ease .

  • Salesforce - Hyperforce Lightning Sales Cloud

    Softcat Limited

    Sales Cloud supports Government’s drive for intelligent revenue generation and comprehensive stakeholder management. Our complete citizen 360 allows tracking of relationships, activities and tasks and easy process automation. From stakeholder to grant and opportunity management, our platform empowers your teams to collaborate and succeed whilst comprehensive reporting provides transparency. SFDCHS2022GC13

  • Easy & Secure Pledgometer Service

    Panlogic Limited - Digital Engineering

    Pledgeometer: dynamic pledge ‘thermometer’ (defining £ raised) Customisation/variables definition Multiple pledgeometers per category (with category definition) Dynamic pledgeometer animation Reverse countdown ‘£XXX needed’ Pledge recording & management Public & private/anonymous pledges Pledge payment integration Multi-currency handling Repeating pledges Integration of offline & online pledges Email integration Non-financial pledges possible

  • Magento ecommerce SaaS development

    The Other Media Limited

    The Other Media provide full UK based Magento SaaS capabilities for rapid cloud deployment of World Class ecommerce solutions within a totally flexible development environment. Highly secure transaction processing, seamless integration with existing back office software, and fully responsive design make this a compelling ecommerce offering.

  • e-shot™ for local government

    Forfront Limited

    e-shot™ is the simple, secure communication platform trusted by the public sector to deliver highly effective email and SMS campaigns. Whether it's newsletters to millions or notifications to individuals, e-shot is the service provider that gives you the solution and support to deliver highly personalised, accessible messaging to your audience.

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales (CRM)

    CloudSource Ltd

    Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales module underpins a digital selling & customer retention journey through data driven insights. CloudSource tailor the Sales module for public sector organisations, to deliver digital citizen acquisition, on-boarding and insight processes. CloudSource offer an end-to-end service, from design thinking workshop, prototyping, implementation and managed services.

  • Click Dimensions for Marketing Automation, Nurture Marketing, Engagement and Surveys


    Brightwire helps organisations plan and deliver ClickDimensions based on Microsoft Dynamics365 - a fully customisable platform that is easy to use and manage, and which enables marketing automation through a single interface. ClickDimensions includes email marketing, campaign automation, surveys, web forms and insights on data to improve engagement with clients.