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  • Pest Control Booking Platform

    Rocktime Ltd

    Rocktime's verso™ Pest Control Booking Software can be used as a stand alone system or fully integrated to support citizens booking appointments and paying for pest control, tailored to mirror and improve local authority internal processes with intelligent workflows.

  • NECS Appointment Booking System

    NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (Hosted by NHS England)

    This is a flexible web based system allows patients to book an appointment for any relevant test that is being commissioned. This could be anything from Covid antigen/antibody test, flu vaccinations to any public health related vaccination programme.

  • Groupcall Parents Evening Booking System


    Netmedia's Parents' Evening Booking System ( helps 1700+ schools in the UK take appointment booking online. This cloud-based software helps schools improve parental engagement, increase attendance and allows parents to make appointments at times that suit them. Customers can 'bolt-on' separate Event and/or School Club Booking modules for a surcharge.

  • Smartway2 - Room and Desk Booking Software

    Smartway2 Limited

    Smartway2 is a cloud-based resource management tool for booking meeting rooms, desks and other space types built on AWS. The system integrates with Outlook, 365, OWA, Teams and Zoom. Apps are available on iOS and Android for tablets and smartphones to book Room and Desks on integrated floor-plans.

  • GovBook | Local Government Booking Service


    We've worked with 50+ councils to create an off-the-shelf appointment & event booking system that is proven to increase efficiency, cut costs & improve the resident experience. Powered by JRNI, the system provides a robust solution to manage a high volume of bookings for any appointment, event or course-based service.

  • Cloud Booking, Desk, Room and Visitor Management

    Clear Visual Communications Ltd

    Intuitive booking for Rooms (multiple layouts and divider doors), Desks, Resources, Hospitality and Visitors. Full brand customisation. Single sign on. Drag and drop for bookings & edits. The system will also intelligently manage resources/hospitality that you have added to your meeting. Make a booking in 2 clicks using Quick Book.

  • Generic: Online Bookings and Appointments

    Zipporah Ltd

    An advanced, powerful booking and appointment solution that can be used for many different types of booking. Allowing you to create your own diaries/calendars and booking processes. Incorporate all your rules and processes, provide a flexible browser-based online booking and appointment solution that evolves alongside your services, delivering digital transformation.

  • Impact Facilities, Sports, Appointments and Bookings

    Zipporah Ltd

    Zipporah's Impact solution brings together all your core booking needs into a single system combining functionality from the Room, Sport and Generic Appointment systems. From meeting rooms to 5-a-side pitches to benefit or MOT appointments everything you need to book on a one-to-one basis is in a single solution.

  • Training Management System


    Automated Course Booking and Administration is a software as a service solution for universities and public sector organisations globally. The solution focuses on course/development event publication, booking, management, administration and reporting. The solution massively automates all processes related to this.

  • GovBook | Central Government Booking Service


    From consular appointments and passport services to land registry and citizenship appointments — JRNI’s off-the-shelf appointment, event and course booking system has helped large government departments increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve the user experience. How? By making it easy to schedule/manage a high volume of bookings for multiple sites/services.

  • Parks, Sports and Volunteer Booking System for Local Government

    Rocktime Ltd

    Rocktime's Parks & Countryside, Sports, Activities and Volunteer booking software will allow local government partners to fully manage their facilities, classes and room bookings through a cloud-based solution that combines full bookings automation with eCRM, payments and user management.

  • Registrar Service Management System


    A complete solution for local registration services. It includes a public-facing appointment booking and copy certificates ordering system, a registrars back office function for managing appointments, ceremonies and venues and a service centre application. Full integration with payments, case management and finance systems and reporting for financial and business analysis.

  • Matrix Booking - Workplace Occupancy Sensor Solutions


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for meeting rooms, desk, and other resources. Our innovative workplace sensor system allows real-time measurement and historical reporting of utilisation and occupancy using IoT devices from market-leading providers. Use it to optimise provision of workspaces to minimise expenditure on your office space.

  • AireBook - Scheduling & Appointment Management

    Aire Logic Limited

    AireBook is a flexible booking engine, helping you to manage appointment bookings against available slots or a schedule. The nature of these appointments is generic, and the responsibility of the engine is largely around the coordination of scheduling and availability.

  • Elite Leisure Management System

    ESP Leisure Ltd

    Elite Leisure Management System is a powerful solution that meets the diverse requirements of many Leisure establishments. Provides online bookings for racquet sport, exercise classes, swimming and other leisure activities, with the option to enhance your membership packages by offering advanced booking rights to members.

  • GovBook | Sports Pitch Booking Service


    Working with our local government community, we've developed a purpose-built sports pitch and leisure facility booking system that helps councils generate more revenue, increase efficiency, and cut costs. What’s more, with the system's APIs – you’ll be able to connect to third-party systems and deliver a seamless end-to-end customer experience.

  • GovBook | HAF Booking Service


    We've worked with our local government community to create an all-in-one HAF Booking System that is proven to automate & fairly manage approval workflows, streamline admin processes, deliver end-to-end self-service & reduce the cost to serve.

  • Matrix Booking - Application programming interface Service (API)


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for booking rooms, desks, and other resources. Our API provides customers with access to features and functionality of the Matrix Booking platform. It enables organisations to integrate the booking system with 3rd party platforms for access control, visitor management and business intelligence.

  • Recycling Centre Appoinment Booking

    Web Labs Ltd

    Online booking system for recycle centre management. Includes standard features such as branding and firendly URL's, RCC configuration, booking form, booking restrictions, catogorised items and reports with customer email notification and RCC reports. Additional functionality such as enhanced restrictions, GIS integration, Chargeable items, payment engine integrations and QR code register

  • AppointMentor Online Booking


    AppointMentor Online Appointments Booking service allows businesses, professionals, or public sector organisations to enable customers to book and manage appointments online, easily, and conveniently, any time of day or night. We specialise in and have extensive experience with the NHS and healthcare industry. AppointMentor provides integrations, (optional) e-Payments and Feedback.

  • GovBook | Household Waste Recycling Centre Booking Service


    We’ve worked with site managers from 70 HWRCs to develop a HWRC booking system that increases site efficiency, cuts costs, and eliminates queuing. With this system, you’ll be able to manage an unlimited number of sites, waste streams, vehicle types, and more — all with just a few clicks.

  • GovBook | Desk and Room Booking Service


    Working with our local government community, we've developed a purpose-built desk & room booking system that helps councils optimise office space, cut costs, and ensure fair access. What’s more, with the system's open APIs – you’ll be able to connect your workflows and deliver a seamless hybrid working experience.

  • ESB Meeting Rooms

    Pentagull Ltd

    ESB Meeting Rooms is a cloud software service that provides the capability to manage room bookings, related resources and hot desking. This intuitive system provides facilities managers with a unified approach to the organisation of their facilities and provides the ability to book rooms through a public-facing website.

  • Panacea Translation & Interpreting Management

    Panacea Applications Limited

    Languages services booking management. Simple, automated options. Client portal. Single /multiple-language translation. One-off /series bookings: online, face-to-face, telephone interpreting. Languages, braille, BSL . DBS qualification checks. In-house, freelance or agency suppliers. Timesheets, expenses. Instant pricing and RFQs. Reminders, approvals, attendance confirmation, supplier payment, client charging. Interface options with finance system.

  • Stopford, agenda - MOT Appointment Booking System

    Stopford Information Systems

    Stopford's online appointment booking and diary management system allows councils to offer online appointment booking for council services, including MOT appointments. As a bespoke solution, the system can be configured to the requirements of the organisation, enabling custom admin features, diaries, calendars, and online fields.

  • EQUINITI Toplevel - eAppointment


    Using our low-code Outreach platform, the eAppointment service helps government to meet the Service Standard and pass GDS assessments. Used globally to offer self-service appointment booking, we improve customer service and save staff time organising diaries. Secure web-based diaries supports both staff-mediated and self-service bookings, and prevents double booking.

  • GOSS Bookings

    GOSS Interactive Ltd

    GOSS Bookings enables users to define, create, build and manage an extensive range of bookable services. Delivered as a cloud-based enterprise platform removing manual processes and streamlining the online customer experience. GOSS Bookings supports services such as Room bookings, local government recycling centre visits, registrars, pitch bookings, events, and more.

  • Event Booking and Scheduling System for face to face / virtual training (Instructor Led)

    Me Learning

    The Event Booking System manages all your resources; venues, timings, availability of trainers / other stakeholders, monitors RoI. It removes all complexity from creating events, sessions, handling invitations bookings wait-lists and liaising with learners, even if they’re in different organisations. Helps run a consistent, professional operation with enhanced budget control.

  • AnyCal - Intelligent Booking App


    AnyCAL is an intelligent appointment booking application that allows you to link locations, human resources and clients to a highly functional and flexible calendar system. Capable of managing complex booking and scheduling requirements; AnyCAL will turn your diary into a powerful resource management solution.

  • Juggl Desks

    SORCE Limited

    Juggl Desks is an online system for managing the desk booking challenge. Juggl Desks enables employees to quickly and easily book desks before attending an office, whist enabling employers to safely and effectively manage their workspaces. Juggl Desks is the complete desk booking solution for your hybrid workplace.