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  • Sharepoint

    Clarity Tech Ltd

    Our expertise includes SharePoint and Office365 SharePoint Online. Our service include: Website, EDRMS and ECMS implementation, Web portal, SharePoint strategy, development, training, mentoring, migration and support. One of our large scale Sharepoint product is developed for NHS Foundation Trust Hospital. This product provides critical information to over 4000 users.

  • Application Security Services


    Gathering independent assurance of cloud service provision and operation against legal, Government, and Industry standards

  • Galaxkey Secure Workspace


    Galaxkey Secure Workspace for secure file transfer, sharing and collaboration. Features include: secure collaboration, file sharing, encryption, unlimited file size. All with central management and complete white labelling capabilities. Encryption is CPA Certified by the NCSC.

  • Frama Rsign for Local Government


    Frama Rsign is a secure encrypted service designed to accelerate workflows for contract and document signing for GDPR compliance.

  • Asset Utilisation


    Real time asset monitoring to monitor utilisation of capacity, usage, throughput and availability.

  • Sophos Central Device Encryption


    Sophos Central Device Encryption lets you centrally manage Windows BitLocker and macOS FileVault native device encryption. With Sophos Central’s web-based management, there is no server to deploy and no need to configure back-end key servers.

  • CheckPoint CloudGuard Network AWS

    Bytes Software Services

    CloudGuard Network provides advanced threat prevention and automated cloud network security through a virtual security gateway, with unified security management across all your public cloud and private cloud environments. Includes Advance threat preventions – IPS, Identity Awareness, App Control, Anti-Virus, Anti-Bot, URL Filtering, VPN, threat emulation, and threat extraction bss13

  • Amiqus

    Amiqus Resolution Limited

    Amiqus are the UK's most trusted compliance and onboarding platform supporting the public sector at scale. Conduct pre-employment vetting and enable staff passporting. Amiqus delivers UK Government accredited ID verification and a centralised end to end candidate and user experience, converting hours of paper-based admin into minutes of online compliance.

  • DEMS


    We supply a cloud service for our DEMS software which will work with our body worn cameras.

  • Clarity IVR – Secure Payment Telephony

    Clarity Information Solutions

    Clarity IVR is a Level 1 PCI-DSS Compliant v3.2 secure telephone payment platform. It is used by public authorities to allow call centre staff to take telephone payments from members of the public without needing to record any cardholder data. This approach improves security and facilitates PCI compliance.

  • Galaxkey Secure Electronic Signature


    Galaxkey Secure Electronic Signature (Cloud) provides pure end-to-end digital document signing encryption. All centrally managed with complete white labelling capabilities. Based on CPA Certified encryption by the NCSC.

  • Cisco Cyber Security by ITGL

    ITGL Limited

    Services to cover all Cisco Security Products including Firewalls, IPS, Endpoint, Identity Services Engine (ISE), Anyconnect / Secure Client, Umbrella SIG, Duo, Secure Access, Secure Connect, Stealthwatch / Network & Cloud Analytics, Email, Kenna. Centralised management through Cisco XDR. MDR services. Assistance towards achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation.


    Trustmarque Solutions Limited

    Workspace ONE Access delivers multifactor-authentication, conditional access and single sign-on for applications delivered-by Workspace ONE. By acting as-a broker to other identity stores and providers, Workspace ONE Access enables-organizations to quickly and more-securely implement application-and device strategies that deliver consistent, enterprise-wide access to applications and data from any-device in any-location.

  • Accenture Email Security Services

    Accenture (UK) Limited

    A managed email security service to protect your email services from spam, malware and phishing attacks. The ability to perform advanced email routing, encryption and data loss prevention for your outbound email.

  • Rubrik - Backup as a Service

    HCL Technologies UK LImited

    Rubrik providces a zero trust data protection platform across all data and applications whether it be located on premises or in the public, private or hybrid cloud. Rubrik provides Ransomware detection and remediation, Sensitive Data Discovery , Incident containment and Orchestrated Application Recovery all within a single management plane

  • MIS C3 fully hosted 999, IUC, 111 and PTS System


    Intuitive ambulance command and control system; from call handling through triage to dispatch. Integrated Urgent Care and 111, NHS Digital and national system interfaces enhanced care pathway management for patients. Fully functional non-emergency patient transport system.

  • Overledger SaaS - The world’s first DLT API Gateway for enterprise

    Quant Network

    The world’s first true universal DLT Interoperability platform oriented for enterprise, designed to seamlessly interconnect private and public systems, networks and DLTs. Overledger APIs are easy to implement and eliminate the complexity of multi-DLT challenges at an enterprise level.

  • Microsoft Viva Insight

    Bytes Software Services

    A Microsoft Viva module that provides insights and recommendations designed to improve productivity and wellbeing. Premium add-on sku unlocks insights for managers, leaders and people analytics plus allows to build effective meetings culture bss13

  • Barrier Networks Email Protection for Exchange and Hosted Environments (Fortinet FortiMail)

    Barrier Networks

    VM or SaaS based, the FortiMail platform offers an security solution for on-premise and hosted email such as Office 365 and G-Suite. The standard solution offers Anti-Spam/Virus, Virus Outbreak Protection, DLP, Identity Based Encryption, and Archiving. The Advanced includes Sandbox, CDR, URL Click Protection and Business Email Compromise protection.

  • Automated Telephone Payments (ATP)

    Blue Planet Software Ltd

    ATP is an automated self-service phone payments solution that integrates with HeyCentric and Unit4 Business World ERP solution. and your IVR solution. It is available to your customers 24 X 7 and does not require an agent to be present. It's fully PCI compliant.

  • Insight Workspace ONE Access and Hub Services


    Workspace ONE Access delivers multifactor-authentication, conditional-access and single sign-on for applications delivered-by Workspace ONE. Byacting as -a broker to other identity stores and providers, Workspace ONEAccess enables-organizations to quickly and more-securely implementapplication-and device strategies that deliver consistent, enterprise-wideaccess to applications and data from any-device in any-location

  • T-Pro eClinic Manager - Video/Virtual Consultation, and Telemedicine solution


    T-Pro eClinic Manager enables healthcare organisations conduct video and telephone consultations, and manage face-to-face appointments from a single consolidated platform, which seamlessly integrates with PAS/EPR. By connecting clinicians with their patients virtually, T-Pro simplifies healthcare delivery so hospitals can provide care when and where it’s needed.

  • Ellucian Quercus


    Quercus is a comprehensive SaaS Student Information System, specifically designed for Higher Education providers that delivers a full range of functions to manage the student lifecycle from admissions to graduation.

  • Microsoft M365 for Frontline workers - F1

    Bytes Software Services

    Microsoft 365 F1 is a complete, intelligent solution that combines Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security to extend the Microsoft 365 service value across entire customer organizations. It empowers frontline Workers to be creative and work together, securely. bss13

  • Druva Cloud Ranger

    Bytes Software Services

    Enhanced backup, recovery, and DR for core AWS services like EC2, RDS and more. Reliable protection of migrated Oracle, and SQL databases on AWS. Streamline backups of containerized AWS apps running on Kubernetes. VPC level protection, and simplified policy-based management at scale. bss13

  • Check Point CloudGuard AppSec Workload


    Check Point CloudGuard AppSec provides Web Application and API protection. With deep application contextual analysis, it eliminates the tradeoff between the level of security and the complexity of managing application security.

  • HelpSystems GoAnywhere MFTaaS

    Pro2col Ltd

    GoAnywhere is a secure managed file transfer solution that automates, encrypts and streamlines data transfers using a centralised enterprise-level approach. Whether files reside in the cloud or a hybrid environment, GoAnywhere delivers the security and control you need to move data safely between systems, locations, users and trading partners.

  • Sentinel Data Integration Platform / Master Data Management Platform

    Sentinel Partners Limited

    Sentinel’s Data Integration / Master Data Management (MDM) Platform creates a unified dataset from any data sources, automatically matched, validated, cleansed. We enhance this data further through multidimension matching into families and other groups, plus fully flexible data profiling. We provide an inbuilt Portal Application layer for controlled data sharing.

  • Galaxkey Secure Email


    Galaxkey Secure Email provides pure end-to-end Email Encryption. Features include: email revocation, classification, notifications and geofencing. All centrally managed with complete white labelling capabilities. Encryption is CPA Certified by the NCSC.

  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

    Khipu Networks Limited

    Proofpoint Security Awareness Training helps you deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. It turns your end users into a strong last line of defense in identifying cyber attacks and protecting your organisation.