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  • Finance Operations Management Solution


    BlackLine helps organisations improve their core financial reporting processes (Record to Report). These processes are often managed manually using a combination of excel, word, email and other tools such as SharePoint. BlackLine provides a cloud application to manage and optimise these processes to improve control, compliance, speed and reduce costs.

  • Zoho Books


    Zoho Books is online cloud based accounting software that manages your finances, gets you VAT ready, automates business workflows, and helps you work collectively across departments. It features contact management, invoices, expenses, sales and purchase orders, project time tracking and inventory management.

  • SMART Website

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    SMART Website is a public facing and web-based conversational AI Assistant for your organisation. Pre-trained with one of our language models it gets deployed with human parity capabilities to answer questions and direct users from day one with integrations into your back-end systems.

  • Ortom8 Workload Automation Platform Subscription Service

    MDB Service Consulting Ltd

    Ortom8 Workload Automation Platform Subscription Service delivers scalable, elastic capabilities to run your Automation Workflow, Application Workflow, Managed File Transfers, AWS and Azure cloud services, and Batch Processing Products, on-demand. Replaces products from ASCI ActiveBatch, Broadcom Autosys, Dollar Universe, AppWorx, Automic, CA, IBM Tivoli, RunMyJobs, Redwood, Tidal, etc.

  • Odoo Finance and Income Management suite

    Synergistic Resources Ltd

    Odoo Finance and Income Management system is an amazing open-source and cloud-based eCommerce solution made up of a suite of Apps. As a Finance and Income Management solution it includes Apps for Accounting, Invoicing, Inventory, Purchases, Sales, subscriptions, expenses, Payroll, POS, Field Services, projects, Documents, E-commerce.

  • Govtech Revenue & Benefits Automation by Granicus


    Our hosted digital process automation services automate the capture, validation, loading and automatic processing of new Benefit claims, ATLAS files received from the DWP and day-to-day online Council Tax and Business Rates transactions and service requests. We fully integrate with leading R&B application vendors such as Capita and Northgate.

  • Civica CostMaster

    Civica UK Limited

    PLICS - Patient Level Information Costing System. Our fully CTP Compliant, PLICS and SLR System is offered on premise or on a fully managed Microsoft Azure cloud platform. The system benefits from ProAuto, our automation tool, as well as comprehensive Microsoft Power BI reporting and analytics capability.

  • IBM Planning Analytics with Watson & IBM Cognos Analytics

    Budgeting Solutions Ltd

    IBM Planning Analytics is a collaborative, enterprise-scalable budgeting, planning, analytics, forecasting, modelling and reporting solution helping organisations move away from Excel. IBM Cognos Analytics offers business intelligence self-service reporting capabilities sourcing data directly from Planning Analytics or other data sources.

  • HUB

    Destin Solutions Limited

    HUB is a business ratepayer data pooling solution helping identify Small Business Rates Relief fraud by consolidating all ratepayer data published individually by each Authority, in one place. HUB identifies all English Commercial properties and related information, storing it centrally with easy access through a securely hosted business intelligence portal.

  • Rplus Analytics Demand Sense


    Rplus Analytics offers an quick, simple and powerful cloud based Solution, DemandSense to accurately predict demand for your product / services in all your markets.

  • Occupax


    Occupax is an AI-powered product that helps UK councils make sense of missed council tax payments among residents. It focuses on identifying those missed payment cases in which the resident has moved – the so-called “gone-away” group, thereby saving councils the time and money associated with an escalated recovery process.

  • Yardi Voyager

    Yardi Systems Ltd

    Yardi Voyager is Software as a Service (SaaS) offering property and lease management and accounting. It supports the entire real estate lifecycle and automates processes with dashboards, workflows, critical date notifications, and analytics. CommercialCafe is an online portal for external users to enter work orders; submit requests; and view documents.

  • Direct Debit service


    The Direct Debit Service from PayPoint is a feature rich platform for managing all Direct Debit capabilities, including mandate set up through 8 different channels. Rich reporting gives you insight into customer behaviour, and full customer communications are included.

  • MRI Income Analytics

    MRI Software Limited

    Income Analytics is a cloud-based arrears management solution designed to increase income collection, sustain tenancies, focus your efforts on cases most in need of help. Using analytical techniques, IA predicts which accounts in arrears will pay without intervention and prioritises those that require action, enabling you to work more effectively.

  • AI Led Digital Debt Collection Platform


    The proprietary AI-based algorithms predict & pre-empt delinquencies, recommend corrective actions in real-time, & execute personalized communications through customers’ preferred channels.

  • HeyCentric Income Manager Operational support service

    Blue Planet Software Ltd

    We provide operational support and reporting on the following elements of your IM solution ETL - File Imports ETL - File Exports Automation Receipting eReturns Business Transaction Processing (Allocations, Reallocations & Reversals) Take on Data **Unit4 Upgrade sites only** Enquiries & Reporting Fixed Registers

  • Income Manager Consultancy

    Blue Planet Software Ltd

    The Blue Planet IM team are the experts in delivering successful IM solutions to the public sector. The Blue Planet consulting team has a well-defined implementation process. Steps *Consultation, scope and design of solution matching the organisation's needs. * Implementation of solution * Project management of implementation * Change management

  • Amplify

    Connexion Systems Pty Ltd

    Amplify is a software platform for benefits-led Portfolio Management, aligning investments with strategy, and realising the maximum value on your investments.

  • Microsoft Dynamics Finance / IBM Planning Analytics / CCH Tagetik


    MHR provides best of breed finance solutions. Operating standalone or fully integrated with our own payroll and HR solutions. Working with 3 best of breed vendors, Microsoft, IBM & CCH Tagetik. Providing end to end finance including core financials, procurement, supply chain, operations, budgeting/forecasting, group consolidation, disclosures and compliance reporting/analytics.

  • IRIS Financials (Charity & Commercial)


    IRIS Financials advanced accounting software provides detailed analysis and powerful reporting, integration with other systems. A software suite at the heart of your organisation, driving real-time financial consolidation and streamlining processes. IRIS Financials revolutionises your back office: accounting, assets, purchasing, workflow, document management, budgeting and BI solutions.

  • Delta eSales

    BiP Solutions Ltd

    Delta eSales allows public authorities to sell such things as surplus goods; licences and permits, seized property, etc. in a simple and transparent way. Integrating with eCommerce paywalls, e-Sales provides fixed prices, online auctions, sealed bids and a shopping cart approach. Keywords: E-Sourcing, E-Tendering, Electronic Sourcing, eProcurement, E-Procurement, Electronic Procurement

  • Advanced Grant Management (GoPro AGM)


    The GoPro AGM enables organisations to effectively manage Grants and applications from disbursements, through availability announcement, assessment, award, activation and monitoring throughout the Grant lifecycle. Applications and projects are easy to set up and manage, with secure sign-on via a Stakeholder Portal wherever a user has access to the Internet.

  • Auto ML(Machine Learning) Based Revenue Shaping


    Auto ML Based Revenue Shaping helps predicting the revenue of the organisation quarterly or annually in advance. Provides inferences and interventions to shape the revenue

  • SMART AI Student Services Assistant (Colleges)


    The SMART AI Student Assistant for Colleges (chatbot) uses AI technology and self-service to improve student recruitment and retention 24/7 while reducing service delivery costs. Allows the college to engage with the student from enrolment, during their experience at college and once they have left. SMARTMesh supervised learning included.

  • Zoho Finance Plus


    From invoicing to order management to accounting, Zoho Finance Plus has all the tools you need to streamline all of your back office operations. Zoho Finance Plus offers an end-to-end integrated platform, giving businesses visibility into their order and fulfilment process, zero accounting errors and a hassle-free tax period.

  • IDIS Data Hub

    INTEC for Business Ltd

    IDIS Data Hub is a cloud-based solution that allows public sector organisations to perform data matching using both internal and external datasets. Allowing users to review datasets including blue badges, school admissions, homelessness, temporary accommodation, business rates and many more. Users can also cleanse address data using PAF validation.

  • Civica Financials LIVE for Housing

    Civica UK Limited

    Modernise financial software & business processes; Multi company enterprise solution Design specifically for Housing. Reduce costs, improve efficiencies with configurable work flow: Digital by design, AI through intelligent scanning automation, remote access via mobile devices; full real time Ledger integration self-service. Integrated ledgers with Budgeting, Forecasting, Asset Management, & Purchase2Pay.

  • Evalu8 Valuation Software

    Democracy Counts Limited

    eValu8 provides support for the valuation, notification and billing of non-domestic subject and Council tax management

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

    SAGlobal (Europe) Ltd

    Microsoft D365 Business Central (BC) is cloud-based business management ERP software which connects operations across the entire spectrum of business functions, from accounting and financial management; sales, marketing, and service; project management to supply chain and operations. Ideally suited for small to medium businesses.

  • FinancialForce - Subscription Billing & Revenue Management


    FinancialForce Subscription Billing and Revenue Management handles multiple billing and revenue streams and structures in a single location allowing your business to scale and adopt new pricing and billing methodologies.