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  • AWS Cloud Hosting

    Indus Services Limited

    The main components of this service are: Implementation of Compute, Database, Network and Application services; Support and Maintenance of Compute, Database, Network and Application services; Data Migration; Technical architecture and Design; Security; Risk Assessment;

  • IRIS UK Cloud Hosting


    The Eviden IRIS UK Cloud Hosting platform will provide you with a secure, UK Sovereign, OFFICIAL cloud hosting service, delivered from ISO-27001 certified data centres. It is available on a monthly, pay as you use subscription basis.

  • Virtual Server Hosting


    Addooco’s Clear Skies platform is built across an array of self-owned infrastructure, incorporating multiple layers of redundancy with automated failover. This model ensures there is no supply chain. Engineered for performance and delivered by an accessible team our platform can be readily tailored to meet even the most demanding needs.

  • Cloud Armor


    Cloud Armor delivers defense at scale against infrastructure and application Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks using Google’s global infrastructure and security systems.

  • Enterprise Bare Metal


    NextGen UX have partnered with Cyxtera Technology to offer Enterprise Bare Metal services providing custom or preconfigured customer dedicated physical servers or co-location services in Cyxtera Global data centres.

  • PSN Connected Backup Service

    Six Degrees Technology Group Limited

    The Six Degrees PSN Backup as a Service solution is a secure cloud service that helps protect your data, including physical and virtual servers and storage devices. The service is built using industry-leading technology for both agentless snapshot and agent based offerings. 24/7 management and support services available.

  • Azure Firewall

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Managed Wi-Fi Service

    InTechnology Plc

    The solution delivers a fully featured wireless estate with on-going management, provision and support to customers. The service utilises a range of wireless technologies, integrated within a Cloud infrastructure. The wireless service can be further enhanced with additional services such as mobility integration/on-boarding and Active Directory integration.

  • Managed Azure Services - Interhost Cloud Hosting


    Interhost provide a Cloud Service including build/migration, configuration and support for this environment. This hosted IT solution helps increase customer productivity, availability and overall communication. You can concentrate on your business, safe in the knowledge that when you engage with Interhost, we deliver on our promises.

  • Hybrid, AWS and Microsoft Azure Platform Migration Services

    ZiAAS Ltd

    ZiAAS has certified engineers in both AWS and Microsoft Azure to ensure migration between platforms and hybrid systems work at optimal performance. ZiAAS covers automation, capacity planning, data management, change management and general cloud lifecycles to administer control over public, private and hybrid clouds.

  • Cloud Data Platform Consultancy

    dsp managed services

    Data platform support and consultancy across Public Cloud Providers (Azure, Oracle, GCP and AWS). - ETL / ELT - Online Data Warehouse - Visualisation layer - AI & ML

  • Load Balancer

    Flat Rock Technology

    We cover all phases of cloud application development – from research, through design, development, implementation, maintenance and support. As part of our services package we provide Load Balancer setup, support and maintenance.

  • Azure Network Function Manager


    Extend Azure management for deploying 5G and SD-WAN network functions on edge devices

  • Insight Elastic Load Balancing


    Elastic Load Balancing automatically distributes incoming application traffic across multiple targets, such as Amazon EC2 instances, containers, IP addresses, and AWS Lambda functions. It can handle the varying load of your application traffic in a single Availability Zone or across multiple Availability Zones.

  • Azure Event Hubs

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Fully Managed WiFi, Engagement and Entertainment Services


    SPARK® is a guest WiFi and multimedia entertainment service, providing filtered internet for staff and visitors. Services are free and include games, TV, magazines and more. Engagement opportunities are surveys, intelligent analytics, branding, app integration. It's buyer branded and fully customisable, with multiple authentication options and monitored and supported 24/7/365.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Design, Integration and Support.


    Delivering rapid & modern business process improvement (BPI) and workflow automation with Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI. Simplifies complex enterprise applications such as Dynamics, enabling business stakeholders to participate directly in complex solutions. Delivered using configuration over code (low code), securely integrating multiple external data sources.

  • Insight Azure Network Function Manager


    Extend Azure management for deploying 5G and SD-WAN network functions on edge devices

  • Insight VMware Cloud on AWS


    VMware Cloud on AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering,leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation (vSphere, NSX and vSAN) todeliver software-defined data centres (SDDCs) as a cloud service onAmazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Azure Resource Mover

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Cloud Managed Infrastructure (Cisco)

    Cisilion Limited

    Cisilion offer a cloud based management and monitoring solution for on-premise infrastructure delivered as a service priced on a monthly model. The solution is based on the primarily on Cisco solutions but other vendors are available.

  • 5G Network as a Service


    aql’s 5G Network as a Service offering has been created to support organisations to underpin digital transformation. The offering is a full 3G/4G/5G core operated by aql group mobile network operator (MNO), connected via BICS and others to the MNO community.

  • VMware SASE

    Softcat Limited

    Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) provides Cloud Web Security (CWS) functionality to protect users while accessing Web-based services and applications. Access to CWS is achieved via SD-WAN and Secure Access (VPN) to provide a consistent secure Internet experience determined by user location and device posture.

  • Microsoft Azure Design, Build, Hosting, Service Transition and Support

    A4S Cloud Solutions Limited

    We specialise in providing CSP Cloud Hosting and support, we provide optimisation, billing and complete setup. We also provide partially and fully managed support services that cover the tenant and all contained infrastructure solutions. We provide incident, request, change, capacity and problem management.

  • PND Restricted (PND-R) - Secure Government Gateway - PND Service - Platform FLEX


    FLEX- A fully managed Nine23 UK-owned enterprise infrastructure(PASF), PNN-PND Confidential-Restricted gateway service accredited (NCSC/GPG) to OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE providing secure connection to PSN government networks from any device or service. PSN Mobile-tablet-laptop devices, hosted applications and services, can connect securely with government services-networks, such as PSN/FN4G/RLI/PNN/PND/HSCN/ESN/LEDS/LECN over standard internet/SD WAN/corporate/PSN-Police connections.

  • Google Cloud platform

    The Server Labs Ltd.

    Google's best-in-class infrastructure is engineered to handle the most data-intensive work on the planet, giving you the flexibility to scale quickly, while still maintaining admin control. GCP frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers, and configuring networks

  • Managed SD-LAN & WLAN from Virgin Media O2 Business

    Telefonica UK Limited

    SD-LAN & Wireless LAN Management is the collection of latest Software defined wired and wireless technologies designed to keep your network secure and running to its design specs. The service can be designed and delivered, or provided separately or in combination are as follows: • Maintenance • Monitoring • Management

  • Azure Monitor

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Azure Stack HCI

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Indoor mobile signal as a service


    Boldyn cloud hosted platform solves poor 4G 5G indoor mobile signal experience for mobile users in indoor settings. Instead of requiring expensive Mobile Network Operator (MNO) infrastructure, our cloud-controlled software, located off premise, delivers a virtualised service with minimal on site infrastructure.