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  • CDW AWS Security Hub

    CDW Limited

    AWS Security Hub is a cloud security posture management service that performs automated, continuous security best practice checks against your AWS resources.

  • Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Storage Services

    Oracle Corporation UK Limited

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure provides customers with high-performance computing and low-cost cloud storage options. Through on-demand local, object, file, block, and archive storage, Oracle Cloud addresses storage workload requirements and use cases. Customers can use the storage gateway and data transfer service to safely and securely move data to the cloud.

  • TCN Azure Virtual Machine - Scale Sets


    Cloud compute services. Auto scaling virtual machines for high availability. Available in UK Datcentre region.

  • Azure Network Watcher

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Managed Secure Access Server Edge


    Secure access service edge (SASE) is a network architecture that combines VPN and SD-WAN capabilities with cloud-native security functions. WhiteSpider's service gives organisations access to benefits of SASE, delivering transformational impact by turning IT departments into agile, responsive service delivery organisations.

  • Azure Database for MariaDB


    Managed MariaDB database service for app developers. Enterprise-ready, fully managed community MariaDB.

  • Insight AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS)


    AWS Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS easily and securely. The source database remains fully operational during the migration, minimizing downtime to reliant applications. The service can migrate data between most widely used databases, such as Oracle to Amazon Aurora or Microsoft SQL Server to MySQL.

  • AWS Lambda

    Ubertas Consulting Limited

    AWS Lambda is a serverless compute service that runs your code in response to events and automatically manages the underlying compute resources for you. These events may include changes in state or an update, such as a user placing an item in a shopping cart on an ecommerce website.

  • FourNet (4net) Fortinet Zero-Trust Network Access Control (NAC) and IoT Security

    4net Technologies Ltd

    FourNet's Service Offer leverages Network Access Control (NAC) which is a critical modern-day network component; NAC offers the ability to deploy Zero Trust Network Solutions, Secure SD Branch deployments and ensures IoT, BYOD and user devices are profiled, only allowing access to approved resources with period reviews for compliance.

  • Monitoring as a Service

    FirstServ Ltd

    When there is a problem with your website or server, whatever time of day or night, it needs to be fixed as fast as possible. FirstServ offer a range of monitoring and fault resolution services, so that any problems can be identified and resolved quickly.

  • Alscient Amazon AppStream 2.0

    Alscient Limited

    Amazon AppStream 2.0 lets you move your desktop applications to AWS, without rewriting them. It’s easy to install your applications on AppStream 2.0, set launch configurations, and make your applications available to users.

  • Insight AWS Service Catalog


    AWS Service Catalog allows organizations to create and manage catalogues of IT services that are approved for use on AWS. These IT services can include everything from virtual machine images, servers, software, and databases to complete multi-tier application architectures.

  • AWS Lambda


    AWS Lambda lets you run code without provisioning or managing servers. You pay only for the compute time you consume - there is no charge when your code is not running. With Lambda, you can run code for virtually any type of application or backend service, with zero administration.

  • Akamai Prolexic - Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

    Akamai Technologies Ltd

    Prolexic Routed offers broad and rapid protection against both network- and application-layer DDoS attacks with the scale to handle the largest attacks seen today. Organisations benefit from Akamai's global 24/7 SOC which includes 200 staff in five locations around the world dedicated to responding to DDoS attacks against Akamai customers.

  • LocalGov Drupal on AWS

    Code Enigma Limited

    A fully managed AWS hosting service for LocalGov Drupal sites. We can provision and configure a highly available, high performance server layout. Alternatively we can take over the running of your existing AWS services. We'll manage your environments, manage your backups, manage your users, audit your security, manage incidents, etc.

  • Cloud hosted web applications

    Method4 Limited

    Method4 provides specialised cloud hosting services for web applications. Using Agile methodologies we provide hosting, discovery, analysis, design, development, support and maintenance of cloud and web based solutions. Microsoft Gold partner: Microsoft .NET Core (MVC, C#), web services, XML, XSLT, HTML5, React, Angular, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, SQL, SharePoint, Umbraco, Azure.

  • GCP BigQuery and Looker Consultancy

    dsp managed services

    Data platform support and consultancy for the Google Cloud Data platform stack. - ETL / ELT, using GCP services - Online Data warehouse, using BigQuery - Visualisation layer, using Looker

  • Insight Amazon Elastic MapReduce (EMR)


    Amazon EMR is a cloud big data platform for running large-scale distributed data processing jobs, interactive SQL queries, and machine learning (ML) applications using open-source analytics frameworks such as Apache Spark, Apache Hive, and Presto.

  • Insight AWS IoT Greengrass


    AWS IoT Greengrass is an open-source edge runtime and cloud service for building, deploying, and managing device software.

  • Fortinet - Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust Platform

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    SASE extends networking and security capabilities beyond where they have typically been available, allowing users, regardless of location, to take advantage of firewall as a service (FWaaS), secure web gateway (SWG), zero-trust network access (ZTNA), and a medley of other threat detection functions.

  • Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

    virtualDCS Ltd

    Veeam Cloud Connect offers simple, straight forward incremental backup and disaster recovery (DR) with minimal fuss. Without the need for expensive infrastructure, it provides a cost effective way to protect your data.

  • Amazon AWS Backup

    Bytes Software Services

    AWS Backup enables you to centralize and automate data protection across AWS services and hybrid workloads. AWS Backup offers a cost-effective, fully managed, policy-based service that further simplifies data protection at scale. bss13

  • Cisilion Cloud Managed Infrastructure ( Meraki )

    Cisilion Limited

    Cisilion offer a cloud based infrastructure solution delivered as a service priced on a monthly model. The solution is based on the Cisco Meraki range, providing the performance of enterprise grade infrastructure with the benefits of cloud management, easy provisioning, ongoing in-life software and feature upgrades included.

  • Microsoft Azure Compute Services

    Nexus Open Systems Ltd

    Microsoft Azure is an open and flexible cloud platform that enables organisations to quickly build, deploy, and manage applications across a global network of Microsoft-managed datacenters. Azure Compute from Nexus offers clients on demand computing power for development and production workloads, with basic, standard and optimised virtual machine options.

  • AWS Digital Investigation and Forensics Storage

    Amazon Web Services EMEA Sarl, UK Branch

    Utilising AWS Services, customers are able to quickly establish a secure landing zone and migrate forensic storage and archive data to the cloud to increase durability, meet their governance and compliance requirements, whilst automating retention and deletion lifecycles.

  • Insight Amazon Timestream


    Amazon Timestream is a fast, scalable, and serverless time series database service for IoT and operational applications that makes it easy to store and analyze trillions of events per day up to 1,000 times faster and at as little as 1/10th the cost of relational databases.

  • Digital Space AWS Security Hub

    Digital Space Cloud Services Limited

    AWS Security Hub is a cloud security posture management service that performs automated, continuous security best practice checks against your AWS resources.

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud Consultancy and Managed Support Service

    Netcompany UK Limited

    Netcompany’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) Consultancy and Support service enables customers to take advantage of AWS. Netcompany’s portfolio of services allows customers to implement the benefits of Amazon’s cloud platform whilst minimising risk, coupled with a class leading managed service providing 24*7*365 monitoring & management of cloud infrastructure & applications.

  • Azure Event Hubs


    Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from websites, apps and devices.

  • CDW Fortinet Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) and Zero Trust Platform

    CDW Limited

    SASE extends networking and security capabilities beyond where they have typically been available, allowing users, regardless of location, to take advantage of firewall as a service (FWaaS), secure web gateway (SWG), zero-trust network access (ZTNA), and a medley of other threat detection functions.