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  • Scheduling Appointment Software and Web Booking System - Booking Autopilot

    Horizon Software Solutions

    Booking Autopilot is an online automated booking system, scheduling and appointment software designed for the public sector with multi-department/location hierarchy support (G2B2C). Easily create your schedule, set pricing and the platform is ready. Autopilot supports in-centre or online classes/appointments over Zoom with automated bookings and billing.

  • Switch Booking and Event Management System


    Switch online booking and events management system for the public sector. Provides external and internal room and facilities bookings and end to end events management tools. Booking services are accessible, have integrated payments processing, CRM with Microsoft integration and full reporting suite for all your booking and events management needs.

  • Panacea Advertising Manager

    Panacea Applications Limited

    Manage advertising sales, revenue, production and invoicing with minimal effort. Book advertising, generate income from your assets, events, publications (online and in print), on you websites and digital channels. Publish options, manage space and availability, take bookings, produce collateral, process invoicing and charging. Clear overview, management, cost and performance reporting.

  • Access Gamma

    The Access Group

    Developed by UK visitor attraction experts, Access Gamma is designed to solve operational inefficiencies and give you greater insight to help you reduce costs, drive sales and deliver a better customer experience. The all-in-one system means you can manage all your commercial operations in one place with easy-to-use features.

  • Event Management System

    Free Rein Limited

    Free Rein has created a series of flexible and powerful Event Management System (EMS) to allow the full implementation, management and running of websites focussed on event registration and attendee communication. Handles roadshows, multi-session, multi-venue, conferences, networking and breakout sessions. Multi-language option. Secure hosting and payment gateway.

  • TXGB Destination Cloud Platform


    Tourism Exchange Great Britain (TXGB) is a B2B digital platform that connects the tourism sector, enabling stronger collaboration, knowledge transfer, increased trade, wider tourism dispersal and deeper insights from data in the platform. TXGB provides tourism authorities with services that enable smarter and more sustainable marketing and management of destinations.

  • Events Management Service

    Storm ID

    Cloud hosted event management system with admin interface and customer facing front-end

  • CourseSight

    Causeway Technologies Limited

    CourseSight is the all-in-one system for training businesses. Built for flexibility, the system can manage all your training sales, including general sales, sales to a closed group, private courses and the sale of spare capacity on internal training. All in one easy-to-use platform.

  • Digital Signage - Nowsignage

    Snelling Business Systems Ltd

    NowSignage is a scalable cloud-based digital signage content management system that makes it easy to upload, schedule & manage content across screens at the click of a button. The platform is hardware agnostic and works with all major operating systems, with API integrations for Microsoft Power BI and Google Suite.

  • Panacea Marketing and Communications

    Panacea Applications Limited

    Market leader for councils’ marketing and communications. Campaign, project planning, resource management. Studio, design, print purchasing. Automate estimating. Save time and money. Approval process, budget management. Supplier management. Collaboration. Streamline workflow. Interface with finance systems for charging and payments. Improve productivity. Cut administration by 80%, create capacity for strategic priorities.

  • SAP Sales Cloud

    Common MS

    SAP Sales Cloud creates increased productivity, enabling sales individuals and teams to sell more, act swiftly to opportunities and to deliver relevant customer experience to clients. Sales Cloud solution is strategically mobile first, enabling the sales team to sell anytime and anywhere.Powerful analytics built into the solution insights into action.