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  • Amazon Web Services - AWS - Backup as a Service - BaaS

    CSI Limited

    CSI can build a scalable, resilient and cost-efficient infrastructure solution for backup and recovery using Amazon Web Services. Provisioned in a private, public or hybrid approach we offer; long term archival; fast disaster recovery with pre-defined recovery and restore SLAs; data tiering; fully managed backup solutions for your physical/virtual machines.

  • Storage Gateway

    Exponential-e Ltd

    Cloud Storage Gateway, provides a modern hybrid cloud architecture for file services. Combining low cost, cloud object storage, physical or virtual gateway caching appliances. File server data is stored centrally within the cloud, providing a single, consistent, available copy, with scalability. The latest data accessed by users is available locally.

  • VMware Tanzu - Kubernetes Runtime & Manage

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    VMware Tanzu provides a simplified, consistent approach to container deployment, scaling, and management. Tools, automation, and data-driven insights supports infrastructure and application modernization. Tanzu simplifies multi-cloud Kubernetes deployment, centralizing management and governance for clusters and teams across on-premises, public-clouds, and edge. Price packages starts with Tanzu Basic Edition

  • Coreix Public Cloud Solo VM X Large

    Coreix Limited

    The latest iteration of Coreix Cloud utilises Open Stack and is built upon enterprise hardware to offer enterprise service level agreements. We have deployed services in a flexible manner to benefit customer requirements. We offer a vast array of instances with guaranteed performance.

  • Cloud and Infrastructure Hosting Provision, Migration and Support


    Coopers&Lloyds offers robust and best in class cloud hosting to develop, test and run your services on secure and cost effective cloud infrastructure. Designed to be flexible, for easy migration of applications and services. We support on-Cloud / Hybrid cloud hosting, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud all in UK data centres.

  • Hosted Platforms


    Provision database platforms and virtual servers.

  • Fully Managed Backup with Air Gap

    CSI Limited

    CSI can build a scalable, resilient, robust and cost-efficient infrastructure solution for backup and recovery. Provisioned in a private, public or hybrid approach we offer; long term archival; fast disaster recovery with pre-defined recovery and restore SLAs; data tiering; air gap, physically isolating your backup data from potential cyber-security threats.

  • Azure Database Migration Service Set Up

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Azure IaaS


    Details of Microsoft Azure are available from Microsoft at

  • Backup

    iomart Group Plc

    We support your business with dedicated IT backup support and recovery wherever you need it, on-premise, in the datacentre, or the cloud. Our IT backup service protects all types of data and applications. So wherever your data lives we can deliver the fastest speed of recovery possible.

  • Low Costs Cloud Storage


    £5.99 per TB per month, no usage fee’s Cloud Storage for structured (Block Storage) or unstructured (Object Storage). Can be mirrored Onsite / Edge Storage hybrid design. S3 native, Virtual Block Storage; SMB, NFS, CIFS. Can integrate with 3rd party agents, like Veeam no usage fee's 99.999999999% data durability

  • Backup as a Service

    AIMES Management Services Limited

    AIMES BaaS utilises Veeam technologies and comes as an optional extra when procuring AIMES IaaS or bespoke cloud service. At a fundamental level, backups of Virtual Machines (VM) are taken and restored within the same data centre as standard, however offsite options are available upon request.

  • Database Management Services

    DBaaS Ltd

    We at DBaaS Ltd specialize in Database managed service to offer full-time database support. You can get experienced database administrators (DBAs) from here who are well versed in a wide range of technologies, platforms, and potential integrations. DBaaS Ltd provides round-the-clock support and get regular reports on your database environment.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Storage

    Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd

    Google Cloud Platform offers many storage services. Google Cloud Storage provides public and private multi regional object storage with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve application traffic at scale. Local SSDs offer unprecedented disk performance with high performance network SSD and HDD options available for virtual machines.

  • Fully Managed Backup and Recovery Service - Helix Enterprise

    CSI Limited

    Designed for the needs of complex regulated organisations, Helix Enterprise allows you to out-task to a fully managed service where we manage your data backups in a secure, flexible and compliant way. Utilising advanced reporting, monitoring and analytics of a backup infrastructure with access to our community and knowledge database.

  • Iaas - Infrastructure as a service

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    LHIS IaaS provides a fully managed best in class enterprise offering. The service provides fully managed server instances delivered to the customer preconfigured with a range of operating systems, antivirus, critical patches installed and back up routines in place. This is complemented by fast resilient HSCN and internet network links.

  • Remote Access as a Service

    Exponential-e Ltd

    Organisations require Secure Remote Access (SRA) mechanisms connecting users to infrastructure, applications and networks aligning to Government and Industry standards .We provide Remote Access (RAS) Encryption, Identity Management and Data flow controls using; Encryption, Admission Control, 2 Factor Authentication Certificate Authority URL verification Connectivity to Internet, Cloud, WAN and HSCN

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IoT ORION network delivering secure real time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, safe place, energy & waste) etc. Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway.

  • Veeam Backup & Replication

    Fantastic Cloud Services Ltd

    Veeam Backup & Replication. Veeam Backup & Replication Managed service. Backup your onsite or cloud data to our UK based data centres or cloud repositories.

  • Managed Cloud Services


    We provide hosting services for any kind of applications to various cloud solutions like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

  • Azure Digital Twins

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Managed Umbraco Website Hosting

    Just After Midnight

    Full specialist Umbraco Cloud Hosting, from DevOps to Managed Cloud, IAAS or PAAS, AWS or Azure, Public, Private or a Hybrid. Consultancy, infrastructure, security, migration, scalability, DR. We can manage everything from design and build to procurement and ongoing management, maintenance and patching including 24 hour "eyes on" monitoring service.

  • Varonis Data Security Platform


    Varonis specialize in software for data security, governance, compliance, classification, and analytics. Varonis detects insider threats and external cyberattacks like ransomware by analyzing cloud data stores and monitoring user behavior, mitigating risk in M365, Teams, Salesforce, Slack, Box and on-premise file servers by locking down sensitive data and remediating access.

  • DevOps Consultancy

    The Virtual Forge

    The Virtual Forge provides DevOps consultancy and a managed DevOps service, depending on your requirements. From CI/CD configuration and management to cloud infrastructure configuration and maintenance. We can also analyse and recommend security improvements to existing cloud infrastructure.

  • VMware Cloud on AWS

    Softcat Limited

    VMware Cloud on AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation (vSphere, NSX and vSAN) to deliver software-defined data centres (SDDCs) as a cloud service on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Managed Cloud - Azure

    Agilisys Ltd

    Agilisys Managed Cloud - Azure, provides access to Microsoft Azure services through the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programme on a utility basis with a commoditised management service based on ITIL and ISO27001 management processes. Designed for the UK public sector, the managed service ensures compliance and efficient use of resources.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

    Pivotal BI Limited

    Store all your organisation’s data securely and cost-effectively with this cloud-native service for use with big data analytics. Implement your company-wide data lake using a managed scalable storage solution that provides fine-grained security controls and tiered access levels for additional cost management. For full details, please visit:

  • Acquia Cloud Site Factory

    Acquia Inc

    Acquia Site Factory is a multi-site management platform accessed through a browser-based interface to build and manage sites. Site Factory subscriptions allow customers to perform administrative actions such as create, duplicate and export websites through the platform management dashboard. Users can configure, customize, and publish sites through customer code theme.

  • Lot 1: Dell Cloud Hosting Service (APEX Cloud Services)

    Dell Corporation Limited

    Dell Technologies provide our APEX services portfolio to allow buyers to seamlessly manage all as-a-Service needs from one unified console and effortlessly scale to meet demands. APEX is a transformational technology experience allowing buyers to focus less on managing infrastructure and more on business outcomes, minimizing risk and maximizing resources.

  • UKCloud Dedicated Compute v2 Assured OFFICIAL

    Clarity Tech Ltd

    Our VMware-based dedicated compute is designed for the UK Public Sector, and is compliant with GDPR and suitable for OFFICIAL VMware workloads, based in UK Crown hosting datacentres to ensure VMware data sovereignty. The VMware service is scalable on-demand, flexible, billed by the hour, with full support free of charge.