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  • Hybrid Edge & On-premise Cloud


    The best of all worlds, combining on-premise dedicated Cloud Infrastructure with off-site Private Cloud. Either unmanaged, partly managed or fully managed, to you Info Security standards, DR and BC policies and Data Protection requirements. Available as multi-tenancy cloud, dedicated, hybrid or onsite cloud

  • Drupal Optimised AWS Hosting

    Zoocha Limited

    Zoocha Drupal optimised AWS hosting leverages the Amazon Web Services toolset to provide a high performance hosting solution for Drupal in the cloud. It reduces the time required to obtain and boot new server instances, allowing you to quickly scale capacity, both up and down, as your computing requirements change.

  • Microsoft 365 Enterprise Desktop & Security Management


    Fordway offer a comprehensive range of services ensuring best use of Microsoft 365 Enterprise Subscriptions, which has a plethora of capabilities. Fordway have the experience to deliver an effective service, making best use of all the components, configured and operated to improve productivity and business security from the licences procured.

  • Cloud Workspace

    Redcentric Solutions Limited

    Cloud Workspace offers the security, performance and resilience allowing all proprietary information for your apps, desktops and data under your control; while the innate redundancy of Public Cloud connectivity ensure access regardless of device.

  • Any SAP System in the Amazon Cloud

    Support Revolution Limited

    We will migrate your SAP systems from an on-premise or cloud environment to our Amazon Web Services hosted cloud. We will then provide support for your SAP systems in our Amazon Cloud.

  • NetApp as a Service

    CSI Limited

    CSI provide management, design and implementation services around NetApp's backup and recovery platform. NetApp simplifies backup and recovery for virtualized and physical environments. Eliminate backup software by integrating data orchestration, catalogue management, and de-duplicated storage into a single, scale-out fabric.

  • Cloud-based Water Monitoring Software


    Our Orion sensors send real-time updates to our Cloud Hosted (ISO27001) Platform. Easily accessible from any device providing overviews and bespoke notifications around your water usage. Instant alerts and notifications covering critical events and triggers, including water leaks, consumption changes or temperature fluctuations (with full API integrations available)

  • Automated Cloud Infrastructure Management Services - Mist Cloud AI


    Juniper Mist Wired, Wireless, WAN and IoT Assurance Cloud management and AI, sets a new standard for network management. Utilising AI algortithms to assure user experience. Marvis, the industry's first virtual network assistant (VNA) allows operators to simplify troublehooting and reduce mean-time-to-innocence. Purpose-built for enterprise WLANs, LANs, and WANs.

  • Microsoft 365 Cloud Support Services

    Cisilion Limited

    Cisilion's Microsoft 365 24x7 Support Service provides access to our Microsoft Certified Professionals that help you to troubleshoot, run and operate your Microsoft Office 365, EM+S and Windows 10 & 11 deployments as well as providing expert advice and recommendations on how get the best from your Microsoft Cloud investment.

  • Managed Detection and Response Service

    UST Global Pvt Ltd

    Our CDC is a cloud hosted Security Orchestration And Response (SOAR) platform that combines intelligent automation and human intelligence to deliver more efficient SOC operations - significantly reducing the time to identify and respond to incidents whilst enabling you to utilise your own staff for higher-impact tasks.

  • Backup and Recovery Services

    CSI Limited

    CSI can build a scalable, resilient, robust and cost-efficient infrastructure solution for backup and recovery. Provisioned in a private, public or hybrid approach we offer; long term archival; fast disaster recovery with pre-defined recovery and restore SLAs; data tiering; fully managed backup solutions for your physical and virtual machines

  • Managed LocalGov Drupal hosting

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    Our certified cloud engineers offer managed public, private, and hybrid cloud hosting solutions for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to use with LocalGov Drupal. We remove technical complexity to provide a responsive and stable cost-effective hosting solution, for all LocalGov Drupal Services, securely in the cloud via UK data centres.

  • Cloud Backup - Metered Utility Pricing Model

    CSI Limited

    Pay-for-what-you-use Cloud Backup through a metered utility pricing model, providing cost optimisation and cost reductions via Cloud storage and competitive licensing models. Provides robust and resilient infrastructure solutions which can be provisioned in a Private, Public or Hybrid Cloud environment.

  • Cloud Hosting

    Redpalm Technology Services

    Allows clients to deploy, manage, run software by providing virtual machines and storage or network resources.

  • Secure Remote Access Service (RAS) to Police National Database (PND)

    Thales UK Ltd

    Remote Access Service (RAS) to Police National Database (PND) provides a mechanism for law enforcement agencies to enable their remote users (such as homeworkers) to safely access PND over the internet using a trusted laptop.

  • Extended Detection & Response (XDR) Service

    Wizard Cyber

    Extended Detection and Response (XDR) service that identifies, contains and responds to cyber threats, ensuring the continual protection of an organisation’s assets and reputation. Our XDR service provides deep threat visibility and the ability to shut down attacks before they cause damage and disruption. (Microsoft Azure Sentinel)

  • ANSecurity Palo Alto Networks Prisma SD-WAN Service


    Prisma Access SD-WAN provides flexible and consistent security for all applications, branch offices and mobile users. It helps organisations quickly deploy and scale security around the world for rapid time-to-protection. It avoids the complexity and administrative costs that are normally associated with managing security at a large scale.

  • Managed Detection and Response

    Mnemonic AS

    Argus MDR provides 24x7 managed protection against cyberattacks and security threats. With complete enterprise coverage, including cloud, data centre, network and endpoint, our expert team of security analysts, incident responders and threat researchers will act as an extension of your security team to help you defend against today’s complex cyberattacks.

  • Fortinet - Web Application Firewall (WAF)

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    Leveraging FortiWeb VM, Container and SaaS based technologies to protect hosted web applications from attacks that target known and unknown exploits. Using AI enhanced multilayer and correlated detection methods, FortiWeb defends applications from known vulnerabilities and from zero-day threats, along with providing DDoS and Load-balancing capability for applications.

  • Correspondence Tracking System (SharePoint - Automated WorkFlows Cloud)


    A Sharepoint (Office 365) based Correspondence Tracking Service which provides automated workflow. Deployed within ISO27001 secure cloud services. DevOps and ServiceOps capability with industry leading experts to rapidly deploy a Microsoft Office integrated solution.

  • Tenable for Active Directory Security

    Khipu Networks Limited

    As a fully automated solution, Tenable for Active Directory (AD) provides users with step-by-step, tailored, recommendations for hardening their AD, a real-time attack detection engine, and capabilities for investigating AD breaches. Whether on premise, cloud, or hybrid, Tenable for AD is easy to deploy and operate.

  • VMware NSX Advanced Firewall for VMware Cloud on AWS

    Softcat Limited

    NSX Advanced Firewall for VMware Cloud on AWS customers provides layer 7 distributed security that scales linearly with VMs, with no blind spots during network traffic inspections. Distributed traffic inspection that scales seamlessly, with context based threat prevention, application profiles, identity based firewall and FQDN filtering

  • Fully Managed Google Cloud Platform Cloud Hosting

    Digital Craftsmen Limited

    Fully-managed, highly-secure autoscaling Google Cloud Platform hosting for public and third-sector organisations who want complete peace of mind with their cloud infrastructure. Supported by a 24/7/365 UK-based service desk, full ITIL documentation, a 99.95% availability guarantee, fully qualified GCP architects and a dedicated account manager.

  • DCO CSOC Cloud Protective Monitoring

    3DoT Solutions

    The “DCO CSOC Cloud Protective Monitoring” service provides industry best practice services to monitor and protect cloud services in both public and private cloud hosting environments and tenants. Architecture and consultancy for these environments can also be provided to ensure a holistic security offering.

  • Palo Alto Prisma Cloud

    Charterhouse Voice & Data

    Palo Alto's Prisma Cloud service is designed to safely enable the use of multi-public cloud. Security and compliance challenges hinder organisations ability to confidently adopt public cloud. Through easy to use controls, automatic remediation, reporting on compliance and incorrect public cloud use. Prisma Cloud provides visibility and control with context.

  • Software Application UK Hosting

    CACI UK Ltd

    CACI's service provides secure, highly available and scalable Saas like platform for software database applications. This includes rapid onboarding of local authority hosted databases and configuration of extended functions and services e.g. Data matching Hub, Data warehouse, 3rd party reporting tools, VPN connectivity, systems integration and automated data exchange.

  • Managed Volunteer Portal


    Managed_Volunteer_Portal is a cloud_based_service on that can be made available to support any kind of crisis or immediate requirement where volunteers can play a key role in supporting in the activities. Volunteers can register and manage their application status. The workforce management module links volunteers with job functions and locations.

  • Palo Alto Cortex XSOAR

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    Technological advancements have made it easier to conduct business, also resulted in a host of security challenges heaped upon already overworked SOCs. As threat surface expands and security product stacks grow, security teams get vast volumes of alerts thrown at them/ lack visibility as malicious activity happens on unmonitored environments.

  • Managed Detection and Response with Breach Detection

    UBDS IT Consulting Ltd

    UBDS provides a Managed Detection and Response service with active breach detection, which integrates with our customers Cloud and on premise networks, enabling us to identify, report and respond to threats rapidily. Our service integrates with and enhances your cyber capability, giving you peace of mind. Vendors: Microsoft, Thinkst.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Security and Identity

    Ancoris Limited

    BeyondCorp Enterprise is a solution designed to enable zero-trust application access to enterprise. IAM provides administrators the ability to manage cloud resources centrally. Security Command center defends against threats to you GCP assets . Cloud Data Loss Prevention is a fully-managed service to help discover, classify, and protect sensitive data.