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  • Precisely Trillium


    Precisely Trillium delivers the full power of an enterprise data quality solution. It supports DQ initiatives for • Profiling/Monitoring • Normalization, Standardization • Parsing, allowing grammar definition by country and language • Name verification: • Address verification: • Entity Resolution (Matching / Consolidation) • Transformations • Aggregation • Statistical improvements

  • Precisely Connect


    Integrate data seamlessly from legacy systems into next-gen cloud and data platforms with one solution

  • Precisely Ironstream


    Integrate IBM mainframe and iSeries systems into leading IT analytics and operations platforms for an enterprise-wide view. Deliver insightful log data, events and intelligence from IBM mainframe and iSeries environments and makes them work seamlessly with Splunk, ServiceNow, Micro Focus, Elastic, Kafka, Microsoft SCOM and more.

  • Precisely Spectrum Spatial


    Spectrum Spatial is the solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility to overcome key business challenges. Integrate into workflow and customise experiences to drive more efficient decisions. Open data standards, interoperability and scalable, omnichannel visualisation, Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to operationalise geospatial data for your unique needs.

  • Precisely Spectrum Quality


    Ensures the accuracy, timeliness, completeness an consistency of data. Supports DQ initiatives for: • Profiling/Monitoring • Entity Resolution (Matching / Consolidation) • Address verification • Name verification • Parsing, grammar definition by country and language • Normalization, Standardization • Transformations • Aggregation • Statistical improvements • Transliteration • Remediation/Issue Management

  • Precisely Spectrum OnDemand


    Spectrum OnDemand is a SaaS service based around core Location Intelligence and Customer Information Management web services which can be joined together into customised composite services specific to your needs. Capabilities include AddressBase geocoding, drivetime routing, address validation, deduplication, normalisation, and geographic and demographic data enrichment.

  • Precisely Data360 Govern


    Data Governance and Data Catalog

  • Precisely Spectrum Geocoding


    Spectrum Global Geocoding integrates geocoding support for over 150 countries and includes the following stages: Geocode Service Reverse Geocode Service Interactive Geocode Service Key Lookup Service These stages provide options that allow control of the geocoding dataset resources, searching and matching criteria, and other preferences in a graphical interface.

  • Precisely Data360 DQ+


    Data Quality and Data Reconciliation

  • Precisely Location Intelligence APIs


    Location Intelligence APIs facilitate you in building innovative location-based applications for multiple platforms (including both web and mobile). The APIs facilitate varied geo-spatial location based information and communication services to the developers. The developers can use this locational data to develop innovative apps for commercial and consumer markets.

  • Syncsort Capacity Management (fka "Athene")


    Syncsort Capacity Management provides leading business, service and cross platform automated IT infrastructure capacity reporting, forecasting and planning delivering risk assurance and regulation compliance through integration with leading ITSM, ITOM and Analytics platforms for automated business service IT infrastructure capacity and performance reporting and proactive alerting.

  • Plotly Chart Studio Cloud Visualisation

    FlyingBinary Ltd

    Featuring intuitive graphical interface and streaming real-time analytics capability, Plotly Chart Studio Cloud Visualisation resides in the FlyingBinary big data analytics suite, simplifying data integration, management, analysis and visualisation. The Plotly engine delivers engaging, interactive visualisations over the web. Wide range of chart types ensures precisely identification of actionable insights.

  • Plotly Dash Open Source Visualisation

    FlyingBinary Ltd

    Delivering a full-stack, open source dashboarding solution, Plotly Dash Open Source Visualisation resides in the FlyingBinary big data analytics suite, simplifying data integration, management, analysis and visualisation. The Dash engine delivers engaging, interactive visualisations over web interfaces. A wide range of chart types ensures actionable insights can be precisely identified.

  • Precisely Spectrum Big Data Toolkit for Location Intelligence


    Take advantage of proven data quality, geocoding and location analysis capabilities directly within Hadoop and Spark. Aggregate, analyze and share data in ways that previously weren't possible. Perform geocoding, location intelligence, geoenrichment and drivetime routing in a fraction of the time compared to existing solutions. Certified for Cloudera and Hortonworks.

  • Sonatype Open Source Vulnerability, Governance and Security


    Many Open Source libraries from sources such as Maven and NPM have security vulnerabilities. Sonatype’s Nexus platform prevents these risks through automated governance in your CI/CD pipeline and providing developers with up-to-date information about the libraries they are using early in the development process.

  • Cloudamize Assess, Plan and Migrate

    Cloudreach Europe Limited

    The Cloudamize platform is a SaaS experience developed to support organisations move to the public cloud at pace. From building a business case to creating best-fit migration plans, Cloudamize vastly accelerates deciding, designing and executing migrations to AWS, Azure and GCP using rich application level assessments.

  • Precisely Spectrum Spatial

    CDR Group

    Spectrum Spatial: The out-of-the-box, customisable web-mapping capabilities you need. It is the solution that gives you the power, control and flexibility to overcome key business challenges. Spectrum Spatial makes it easy to operationalise geospatial data for your unique needs. Open data standards, interoperability and scalable, omnichannel visualisation.

  • Payment efficiency diagnostics

    Spend Network

    This service monitors spending activity to identify wasteful transactions and reduce accounts payable costs. Using data on spending, we show which services and which suppliers are creating too many invoices, highlighting where they might be converted to electronic payments such as card or e-invoicing.

  • High Bandwidth Connect


    Our fibre-based service provides the highest capacity connectivity in unlit pipes, and enables cloud connectivity for organisations with very high bandwidth requirements. Available in individual or multiple fibre pairs, this solution allows flexible service deployment while giving the customer ultimate control over the network – and almost unlimited bandwidth.

  • Digital Space Data Extraction & Forensics

    Digital Space Cloud Services Limited

    Digital Space can help you securely extract data and information out of cloud environments to enable detailed forensic analysis. Data can be precisely exfiltrated to another cloud account or environment or on-premises in order to provide secure backup and further analysis of sensitive data

  • Barrier Networks DevOps Platform (Sonatype Nexus)

    Barrier Networks

    Our integrated open source governance platform (Nexus) helps more than 1,000 organizations and 10 million software developers simultaneously accelerate innovation and improve application security.

  • Electronic Monitoring Health

    Buddi Ltd

    Buddi is the market leader in mobile personal alarms, and locates people precisely and instantly and helps protects vulnerable people from harm. Combined, a discreet wristband, a portable clip, and a charging dock locate wearers using the latest GPS technology, and creates personalised alerts for carers, friends or family members.

  • Risk Management

    Sarcen Consulting Limited

    Effective and efficient risk management, tailored precisely to organisational need, is vital for the delivery of cloud and supporting services and the protection of data. The Sarcen approach establishes commonly understood baselines and methods which can be fully integrated into technological and operational planning in order to assure service delivery.

  • EngageOne Communicate


    EngageOne Communicate is an customer engagement platform for communication processes like customer onboarding, acquisition, retention, and servicing. The platform leverages customer data to reach consumers across channels like email, SMS, Video, Chat and IM. This unified approach to design, data management, delivery, and analytics, empowers business to drive business objectives.

  • Business Requirements Gathering


    Business requirement gathering identifies your business, customers, processes, digital assets and goals. We’ll conduct interviews and workshops with key stakeholders to get to grips with your organisation, the needs and requirements of your team and your users. We bring together this knowledge to deliver a precise plan and vision.

  • Business Analysis and Requirements Management for Cloud Solutions

    PA Consulting Services Limited (UK)

    PA’s business analysis and requirements management approach for cloud solutions is based on a tried and tested framework to meet the business needs and support the delivery of an effective IT solution. Our consultants are adept at applying this to waterfall and agile project lifecycles, flexing the techniques to match.

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Services

    Acuma Solutions Limited

    Acuma leverages data science and machine learning techniques and tools to provide insights from a range of data sets, helping enterprises push their analytics capabilities forward. Our Data Science and machine learning experts use deep learning, machine learning, AI, to solve business problems, automate data processing, improve accuracy and reliability.

  • Data Science Cloud Services

    New Company Services Ltd

    Our Data Science Cloud services helps analyse business and understand organisational problems, architectures and capabilities to get outcomes leveraging advanced analytical techniques with expertise in Cloud-based data tools, algorithms and statistical packages. We implement business solutions matching organisational needs, using cutting-edge machine learning data science cloud techniques to solve problems

  • Data Science and Machine Learning Services

    New Company Services Ltd

    We utilise Data Science & Machine Learning techniques in extracting meaningful knowledge by mining large amounts of structured and unstructured data to understand phenomena in data sets, identifying patterns, building processes, methodologies, algorithms and platforms to rapidly develop and deliver Machine Learning services that help clients accelerate and innovate

  • Vulnerability Management Service

    NTT DATA UK Limited

    NTT Security cloud based Vulnerability Management services, combined with threat intelligence, helps maintain full visibility and security control of your public cloud workloads . Instances and VMs are spun up and down quickly and frequently and exploit tracking, focus vulnerability management efforts on the highest impact vulnerabilities in an environment.