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  • AppointMentor Online Booking


    AppointMentor Online Appointments Booking service allows businesses, professionals, or public sector organisations to enable customers to book and manage appointments online, easily, and conveniently, any time of day or night. We specialise in and have extensive experience with the NHS and healthcare industry. AppointMentor provides integrations, (optional) e-Payments and Feedback.

  • Direcht Appointment Booking System


    Direcht Appoint is an extensive but easy to use appointment management system to book multiple, as well as bulk appointments for organisations such as hospitals, clinical trial units, and other care settings. It also enables the addition and management of patients and volunteers, customised time slots, and appointment reminder alerts.

  • RIVIAM Digital Care - Immunisations eConsent service


    RIVIAM’s Immunisations eConsent service enables providers of school-aged children's vaccinations to co-ordinate digital, paper-free immunisation programmes to improve vaccination uptake and increase team productivity. The service includes eConsent, online appointment booking, triage and clinic scheduling tools, mobile application for school nurses, school portal, auto-update clinical systems and CHIS NIVS reporting.

  • B-SAFE Occupational Health Management System


    B-SAFE – a web-based Occupational Health Management software for health surveillance, referrals, pre-placements, vaccinations&immunisations etc. Online forms and reports. Appointment booking/management. Automated letters, emails, texts and reports. Interfaces with audiometry & spirometry equipment. Appointment self-check-in. HR specific dashboards. Manage GDPR responsibilities. Powerful MI&dashboards. Available on desk/laptop, tablet, mobile phone.

  • Bramble Hub Xn Leisure - Leisure Management Systems

    Bramble Hub Limited

    Xn Leisure is an innovative provider of comprehensive IT solutions for the public and private sport, leisure and fitness sectors. Cloud based front of house, on line, mobile, self service and business intelligence solutions reduce cost and positiveley change to way you connect with customers.

  • Aptvision Vaccination Management System with Citizens Engagement Features

    Aptvision Ltd

    With Covid-19 vaccinations a way to fight back the virus to get back to normal, Aptvision has created and introduced a Vaccination Management Solution as a complete and comprehensive solution to schedule and manage vaccination appointments with proactive citizens engagement features.

  • Aptvision Unified Healthcare Information System with Patient Engagement

    Aptvision Ltd

    APTVISION created a unified Healthcare Information System which effectively and efficiently manages the Patient end-to-end through the entire 'ology process, from a GP referral, communication and scheduling, management and preparation, study delivery, reporting and results, all while integrating tightly with other 'ology systems and drastically increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

  • Holiday Activities (HAF Platform)


    The Holiday Activities (HAF) platform has been co-designed in collaboration with local authorities and key stakeholders to provide an intuitive and easy way to manage HAF provision within a local area through a centralised platform. Further information can be found on our website

  • RIVIAM Digital Care - GP Document Delivery service


    GP document delivery API that allows PDF and Word documents to be delivered in real-time directly into TPP SystmOne and EMIS Web GP systems using MESH. Documents received into GP systems are tagged with patient demographics for auto-matching. The service requires no additional software or hardware to be installed.

  • Community Midwifery Patient Record


    Our Midwifery app allows Midwives and Health Visitors to record their clinical findings electronically using a tablet, instead of on paper. We designed the screens to reflect documents like the Green Book/Red Book etc. The app can be used online and offline and can exchange data with existing trust systems

  • Direcht Community Physiotherapy MSK Patient Record


    Our Physiotherapy/MSK app provides user-friendly graphics to assist in diagnosis. Instead of drawing on paper, we use a full 360 degree view of a body chart, allowing clinicians to click an area to record relevant information. The app can be used online/offline and can exchange data with existing trust systems.

  • B-SAFE e-learning, training and education management system


    The integrated e-learning, training and education management solution helps organisations to manage e-learning process, e-courses including evidence storage, assessment and workflow, training records, tests. Seamlessly integrated with our other collaborative systems, it guarantees that you save time when managing learning, whether it be informal, e-learning, classroom or blended learning.

  • Strata CHC Decision Support

    Strata Health LTD

    Strata CHC Decision Support tool can operate on its own, be integrated with existing IT systems to aid completion, or deployed as part of a region-wide system to deliver CHC and other funding decisions within mandated timescales. It is fully audited and offers bi-directional communication across CHC Teams.



    EMS is an Endoscopy Reporting and departmental management software package. It covers all procedures within GI Endoscopy, Bronchoscopy and Cystoscopy as well as containing full scheduling functionality. EMS is compatible with NED & JETS. Also inter-operable with Trust and wider eHealth systems for exchanging patient, referral and results data.

  • RIVIAM Digital Care - Virtual Ward service


    RIVIAM’s Virtual Ward service enables an organisation or multiple ICS organisations to co-ordinate and deliver packages of care as part of an integrated virtual ward. Virtual ward technology services include treatment care plans, resources scheduling, tasks and consent management, remote patient monitoring, mobile clinician application. RIVIAM provides clinical systems integration.

  • Strata Connect - Centralised Healthcare Service Bus

    Strata Health LTD

    Strata integrates with your existing clinical systems across health & social care, mental health & private/3rd party organisations seamlessly enriching PathWays workflows with data from external sources, taking you closer to the longer-term vision of an integrated healthcare region, enabling better information sharing and minimising duplicate data entry.

  • Strata Unplanned Care

    Strata Health LTD

    Strata's whole system solution digitises the care pathway, providing transparent enhanced care coordination across all health and care stakeholders. Using a dynamic directory of service, patient needs are matched to available resources. This solution enables redirection from hospital to community or LA services with improved use of same day care.

  • Strata Health & Social Care Patient Transition Hub

    Strata Health LTD

    Strata's whole system solution digitises the care pathway, providing transparent enhanced care coordination across all health and care stakeholders. Using a dynamic directory of service, patient needs are matched to available resources. This solution enables redirection from hospital to community or LA services with improved use of same day care.

  • Connect

    Telecetera Ltd

    Businesses and Housing Associations use Connect to manage their mobile workforce. Back office users schedule jobs for property maintenance professionals to deliver. All information is digital, removing the need for paper forms and reports. ConnectServer runs in the cloud (Microsoft Azure).

  • Digital application development and integration service

    Agile Professional Group

    Agile Professional Group provides specialist technical services to develop highly responsive and scalable cloud-based applications. Specialising in API development, SaaS integration and mobile responsive front end solutions.

  • govService Digital Expansions & Solutions


    govService Digital Expansions & Solutions are add-on modules to enhance the core Digital Services platform. Modules include pre-built solutions for Blue Badge, FOI and Contact Us. Features include Amazon Alexa, Kiosk (self-scanning), Mobile App, Queuing, Offline Forms, Councillor Portal, MyAccounts, Calendar Bookings, Shared Services Portal, Single Sign-On and Embedded Analytics.

  • Channels 360


    Channels 360 combines clinical care coordination and access to community services to address social determinants of health in one platform, enabling health and well-being to close the gap between partner organisations, professionals, colleagues, and citizens. Design and implement care pathways, deploy systems at the point of care, and engage citizens.

  • iTS Cube - Public Sector Case Management


    iTS Cube is the new public sector case management system from iTS. Built with modular blocks. Configure a case management solution to specific requirements or have additional blocks added to meet unique business requirements. iTS Cube is fully compliant with GDS and NICS design and implementation guidelines.

  • My Medical Record

    University Hospital Southampton NHS Foundation Trust

    My Medical Record is a patient online service predicated on an open personal health record platform. It provides NHS patients with access to their data and information to support remote or virtual follow-up, improving patient experience and delivering service efficiencies.

  • Patient Portal (Antenatal / Child Health)


    Our Patient Portal allows new parents and parent-to-be with online, smartphone/tablet access, to information normally be stored in the Green Book, Yellow Book and Red Book. The portal gives a graphical view of immunisations/vaccinations and growth charts, which parents can add details to. Data can be downloaded for safe keeping.

  • Community Mobile Patient Record EPR App


    We provide an app (android-tab) and a web version of our software, which displays an integrated clinical record from multiple sources. We use interoperability standards throughout, allowing us to pull information into the app and push it back. We provide tailored systems for services in community services with online/offline working.

  • LINKS CarePath - A Therapeutically Driven Case Management System

    ILLY Systems Ltd

    Market leading therapeutic system offering comprehensive case management and reporting supporting initiatives on Substance Misuse - Drugs and Alcohol, Criminal Justice, YP and Sexual Health. OHID NDTMS and SRHAD/GUMCAD compliant, full TOPS implementation, Prescribing and Harm Reduction modules. NHS Trusts, Council, Community services, Prisons, Residential Rehabilitation Services and Families Services.

  • Evolve EMR-as-a-Service

    Kainos Software Ltd

    Evolve-an award-winning Medical Record platform supporting Digital Maturity programmes through the removal of paper from the care process. Provided as a fully managed service, delivered securely using Microsoft Azure’s cloud. Secure, audited storage and management of patient documentation, enabling paperless working through the configuration of digital workflows and electronic forms.

  • govService Digital Services Platform


    govService (formerly Firmstep) is a web-based, digital services platform for quick and easy creation of online processes. The low-code solution combines forms and process with a customer self-service portal that integrates with citizen request management (CRM), creating a single view. govService integrates to any 3rd party system.



    LearnerTrack is an MIS for local authority adult education services offering support for online enrolment and applications, course management and ESFA ILR requirements.