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  • Matrix Booking - Public Sector Hub Network


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for booking rooms, desks, and other resources. Our hub management solution already powers the UK Government's largest existing hub initiatives and enables organisations to securely share private resources with other trusted government organisations. Integrates with Matrix Booking visitor and sensor solutions.

  • Matrix Booking - Room and Desk Booking


    Matrix Booking produces the leading resource booking and workplace collaboration suite. Its award-winning design and advanced functionality enable private and public sector organisations to optimise desk, room, and estate usage. Matrix Booking's unique cross organisational functionality powers the largest public sector resource network in the UK.

  • Matrix Booking - Building Occupancy Management


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for booking rooms, desks, and other resources. Occupancy management offering enables clients to limit numbers in the workplace. Users can reserve a daily pass to safely access the office at a specific time enabling building managers to control access and plan ahead.

  • Web Booking

    iPlato Healthcare Ltd

    iPLATO’s Web Booking is a browser-based centralized booking service, that enables PCNs and ICB/ICSs to offer appointment bookings at numerous locations for a variety of different services. It can be a pivotal driver for health campaigns such as Influenza Clinic invitations, COVID vaccination bookings, Cervical screenings, and Health Checks appointments.

  • Matrix Booking - Visitor Management


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for booking rooms, desks, and other resources. Our visitor management offering provides reception-based products to allow visitors, staff, and contractors to check in and check out of the office within single and multi-tenant buildings and hubs. Suitable for unmanned reception management.

  • Matrix Booking - Signage and Kiosk Application Solutions


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for booking rooms, desks, and other resources. Our signage and kiosk application solutions provide clients with a range of products to enhance the user experience for staff and visitors to their workplace. Packages include all setup, applications, devices and support.

  • NECS Appointment Booking System

    NHS North of England Commissioning Support Unit (Hosted by NHS England)

    This is a flexible web based system allows patients to book an appointment for any relevant test that is being commissioned. This could be anything from Covid antigen/antibody test, flu vaccinations to any public health related vaccination programme.

  • Matrix Booking - Workplace Occupancy Sensor Solutions


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for meeting rooms, desk, and other resources. Our innovative workplace sensor system allows real-time measurement and historical reporting of utilisation and occupancy using IoT devices from market-leading providers. Use it to optimise provision of workspaces to minimise expenditure on your office space.

  • AireBook - Scheduling & Appointment Management

    Aire Logic Limited

    AireBook is a flexible booking engine, helping you to manage appointment bookings against available slots or a schedule. The nature of these appointments is generic, and the responsibility of the engine is largely around the coordination of scheduling and availability.

  • Matrix Booking - Application programming interface Service (API)


    Matrix Booking is the leading workplace management system for booking rooms, desks, and other resources. Our API provides customers with access to features and functionality of the Matrix Booking platform. It enables organisations to integrate the booking system with 3rd party platforms for access control, visitor management and business intelligence.

  • AppointMentor Online Booking


    AppointMentor Online Appointments Booking service allows businesses, professionals, or public sector organisations to enable customers to book and manage appointments online, easily, and conveniently, any time of day or night. We specialise in and have extensive experience with the NHS and healthcare industry. AppointMentor provides integrations, (optional) e-Payments and Feedback.

  • AnyCal - Intelligent Booking App


    AnyCAL is an intelligent appointment booking application that allows you to link locations, human resources and clients to a highly functional and flexible calendar system. Capable of managing complex booking and scheduling requirements; AnyCAL will turn your diary into a powerful resource management solution.

  • OPTIME - Booker


    EventMAP gets to the core of room, desk and car parking booking, visitor management and resource management within Public and Private sectors (Universities, Further Education, Local Authority, Health, Police). Our Room and Desk Booking solution, designed in partnership with end-users, provides a powerful, flexible tool optimising the utilisation of resources.

  • VDT: Clinic Booking Platform


    VDT from Tango3 is a cloud based platform for appointment booking and clinic management. User focused, it enables self booking of appointments, as well as rescheduling, and cancellation. With simple management of: Multi-stage vaccinations, eg. Coronavirus, Booster vaccinations, Staff vaccination, Home visits, Multi-site.

  • Appointment booking system

    Boomerang I-Comms Ltd

    An intelligent platform to automate appointment management using our patented threading technology for 2-way messaging. We make it easy to manage appointments and integrate with your booking system / schedule. SMS, EMAIL AND IVR used to set, remind and cancel appointments. ISO-27001, Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus accredited

  • Computer-aided dispatch system for Non-Emergency Patient Transport Service Booking and Management


    SPS provides a managed NEPTS using Cleric’s state-of-the art booking and dispatch technology which offers the highest levels of functionality and performance. This easy-to-use cloud-based tool allows quick implementation and maximum flexibility. It ensures compliance and directs users to the most appropriate and cost-effective NEPTS suppliers

  • Self-Service Patient Flow Management and Virtual Care

    Savience Limited

    - Digital healthcare transformation - Patient experience optimisation - Online patient booking system - Online clinic room booking - Patient flow improvement - Mobile appointment booking - Healthcare efficiency - Patient volume management - Agile healthcare support - Demand fluctuation management - Paperless patient data collection - Clinic outcome management

  • Patient Appointment Booking Software and Virtual Queuing System for Health Care

    Qudini Limited

    The Qudini Appointment Scheduling Software and Virtual Queuing App enables healthcare organisations to schedule appointments and manage their patients, staff and operations to increase accessibility, improve patient experience, save time and reduce costs. The system also helps you to deliver safe and efficient Coronavirus vaccinations.

  • BookWise Scheduling System


    BookWise Outpatients has been developed as a web-based healthcare scheduling application allowing users to easily visualise room and resources at a click of a button. It enables real-time room and resource availability and transparency across NHS Trusts, guaranteeing improved efficiency and cost savings.

  • Schoolcomms

    ParentPay Limited

    Schoolcomms, leading provider of school business solutions improving parental engagement and administrative efficiencies whilst reducing costs. Communication via email/SMS /App messaging, collect online payments trips,events, booking clubs, meal management, attainment, attendance reporting and paperless forms into central system. Comprehensive range of services for educational establishments to build a consolidated solution.

  • Resource Guru - Project Scheduling and Leave Management

    Resource Guru

    Resource Guru is a team calendar for project scheduling, capacity and leave management—the simple way to schedule people and other resources online. Powerful reports show utilisation rates, billable vs. non-billable time, overtime, holiday and other time off. Custom filters allow you to focus on resources by "Skill", "Location", "Department" etc.

  • Healthcare - Remote Patient Video & Telephony Consultation solution


    Our Online Video Remote Patient Consultation platform is NHS approved. Healthcare Clinicians can consult with their patients through our integrated online Video conferencing and telephony platform. The solution has a Booking/scheduling feature, Virtual Waiting Room, Triage Video and live video consultation, document upload, recording and secure collaboration features.

  • Direcht Appointment Booking System


    Direcht Appoint is an extensive but easy to use appointment management system to book multiple, as well as bulk appointments for organisations such as hospitals, clinical trial units, and other care settings. It also enables the addition and management of patients and volunteers, customised time slots, and appointment reminder alerts.

  • Swiftqueue

    DH OpCo UK Ltd (Dedalus)

    Swiftqueue is an Enterprise Scheduling "System of Engagement" for coordinated care across care settings, specialties and departments. Providing a "Digital Frontdoor" for patients to establish a baseline for digital transformation. Direct Booking, Referral and Waiting List Management to virtual clinics with integration to "Systems of Record" rapidly deployable.

  • Computer-aided dispatch system for Passenger Transport Service Booking and Management



  • BadgerNet Maternity Fully Integrated System

    Clevermed Ltd

    Maternity System is based upon principles of Pregnancy Episodes which describes all information and data recorded as part of standard maternity care. It encompasses the period of a woman’s health record from conception through to four weeks postpartum when care is then transferred to the primary health provider

  • ReferAll

    Refer-all Ltd

    ReferAll is a data management platform for the secure and efficient provisioning of health and wellbeing services.

  • Smart Workspaces

    Kinsetsu Limited

    Kinsetsu designs/deploys digital solutions to seamlessly connect teams, workspaces and partners. We optimise workplace resources using biometric access control with time and attendance functionality (facial/fingerprint recognition), interactive meeting room booking panels, hot-desk booking systems, intelligent CCTV (facial, demographic and ANPR), wireless presentation, digital signage and touchscreen room control systems.

  • RIVIAM Digital Care - Immunisations eConsent service


    RIVIAM’s Immunisations eConsent service enables providers of school-aged children's vaccinations to co-ordinate digital, paper-free immunisation programmes to improve vaccination uptake and increase team productivity. The service includes eConsent, online appointment booking, triage and clinic scheduling tools, mobile application for school nurses, school portal, auto-update clinical systems and CHIS NIVS reporting.

  • Hospital Management System


    Maximise operation efficiency and your patients’ experiences with Qmatic Orchestra. Our software connects patients to services, managing the on-line and face to face journey of pre-arrival, arrival, queuing and waiting, care delivery, gathering feedback and providing rich real time and historic data insights.