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  • Content Migration Services


    Content migration projects are always underestimated, in cost, effort and complexity. As information experts, Metataxis can help you understand what is feasible and desirable for your content migration. We have extensive expertise in SharePoint and Office 365 migrations, both from network drives and legacy SharePoint systems

  • Information Management Services


    Metataxis are information management experts and can help organisations manage the knowledge, information, records and data held in cloud services, such as Office 365, SharePoint and Microsoft Teams, in the most efficient and effective way ensuring that it meets both business, and governance and compliance requirements, while still delivering value.

  • Information Governance and Assurance


    Good information governance supports good public services. It ensures regulatory compliance and alignment with information principles. It is the keystone of an organisation’s digital transformation and is essential in to implementing the implementation of a well-managed managed and sustainable cloud system.

  • Microsoft 365 Design Services


    Microsoft 365 is easy to setup poorly and difficult to setup well. Without proper thought and planning, your Microsoft 365 environment can quickly become an unmanageable source of risk. This can leave you open to data security issues, data breaches, poor data quality. Our design services help you avoid this.

  • Information Architecture Services


    Information architecture is the art and science of organizing information to increase findability and to support the efficient management of information. It is essential in delivering successful websites, intranets, Office 365, SharePoint, Microsoft Teams , EDRMS (electronic document and records management systems), content management, publishing, and other information systems.

  • Data Protection and Privacy Services


    The need to control personal information has risen high up the agenda of all organisations since the introduction of GDPR. Organisations need to understand and manage information across their estate including cloud services, such as Office 365, SharePoint and the many cloud applications that are used to process personal data.

  • Information Discovery Services


    Mapping, analysing and understanding an organisation's information landscape; how staff use, store and share information currently and the future information requirements. This is an important first step in preparing to move to a cloud solution such as Office 365, SharePoint or Teams, designing its information architecture or planning content migration.

  • Information and Knowledge Management Strategy


    We help public sector organisations develop their strategy to treat information as a valued asset and to capture and share organisational knowledge. Our work provides practical foundations for a fundamental transformation of your organisation’s management and use of information and data in cloud services such as SharePoint and Office 365.