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  • Clinical Dashboard

    Storm ID

    The Clinical Dashboard displays and aggregates healthcare data across patients and services. With patient consent, trained healthcare professionals working across specialities can use this data, driven by rules, to identify patterns and insights that will trigger personalised interventions or escalation, in line with defined clinical protocols.

  • RPA Health, Ltd. -- RPA Software and Services


    RPA Health offers robotic process automation software as well as the design, development test and implementation of automation solutions which are offered on either a turnkey basis or a Managed Service basis. RPA Health also offers RPA training, a rich customer support environment and a vibrant user community.

  • Workforce Deployment Solution

    ID Medical Group Ltd

    Our Workforce Deployment Solution is a unified, modular platform designed to improve workforce planning, management and productivity. Unifying Roster, Job planning, Bank, Agency and Direct Engagement into one solution, it provides better visibility, capacity to demand matching, patient care outcomes, flexible working and staff wellbeing.

  • Task Management Software | Task App from Qudini

    Qudini Limited

    The Qudini Task Management Software enables you to increase productivity by enabling your teams to communicate tasks, resources and motivational messages on a daily basis. Use cases include: One-off and repeating tasks, Share resources, motivational tips and messages, Training and development, Compliance and audit trail, Visual merchandising, Health and safety,

  • Clarity Workforce Tech - Roster (Health)

    Clarity Workforce Technology Ltd

    Clarity Roster has been specifically designed with Health and Social Care markets in mind, it can be implemented across any staff group, department or team. It offers a dynamic take on E-rostering and the challenges of managing a flexible workforce and is developed on the principle of an activity-based model.

  • Attend Anywhere

    Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd

    The Attend Anywhere model helps achieve the benefits of mainstream video call access to established health and other public and private sector providers. Our tools and resources make it simple, sustainable, safe and secure for providers of services to say “Yes, you can attend your consultation via video” with us.

  • Sensei


    Sensei Cloud from Carestream Dental is a new comprehensive, fully Cloud based Dental Practice Management Software designed for both general dentists and orthodontists. Using decades of experience and knowledge in the development of practice management software Carestream Dental has created a modern cloud software.

  • ID Roster

    ID Medical Group Ltd

    ID Roster has been specifically designed for Health and Social Care markets; it can be implemented across any staff group, department or team. It offers a mobile, dynamic take on rostering and meets the challenges of managing a flexible workforce. It is developed on the principle of an activity-based model.

  • Musculoskeletal (MSK) Self-Care App

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    The MSK app has been developed to offer support and guidance on how to manage a Musculoskeletal (MSK) condition or injury. This can relate to any injury, disease or problem with muscles, bones or joints. Clinical guidance and exercise videos can be of benefit to anyone with an MSK condition/injury.

  • Virtual Clinical Trials Service


    The Virtual Clinical Trials Service enables healthcare professionals to conduct remote clinical research using connected devices and secure healthcare data exchange. The service is well-suited for pharmacology research or studies that do not require in-patient care or observation. Patients can participate from home while receiving support from their care team.

  • Visiba Care

    Visiba Care

    Visiba Care’s market leading AI-triage solution enables healthcare professionals to efficiently direct patients to the right place, at the right time, saving clinical time and enabling appropriate prioritisation of appointments. Includes configurable levels of automation as well as communication and administrative tools such as appointment booking, messaging, video consultations, forms.

  • Workload Optimization Manager (CWOM)


    Addressing the challenge of minimising the cost of virtual/cloud workloads whilst assuring performance and availability of applications, EngageESM delivers a solution that optimises every element of the virtual infrastructure stack. The solution dynamically baselines utilisation at any time, understanding application needs, and enabling proactive services maintenance without unmanaged cost.

  • Dragon Medical One (DMO) Cloud

    VoicePower Ltd - The Speech Recognition People

    Dragon Medical One DMO is a speech recognition solution which enables healthcare professionals to create their written work more quickly. Enables users to dictate their emails, reports, letters and patient entries into clinical systems 3 x faster than by manual typing. Also available Dragon Professional Anywhere Cloud (for non-medical environments).

  • Care and Support Plan Service

    Storm ID

    The Care and Support Plan Service allows individuals to consent to their care and support plan being shared between healthcare professionals and local authority carers. Access provides a holistic view of the individual; highlighting correlations between health data and the care needs outlined in the care and support plan.

  • AppointMentor Online Booking


    AppointMentor Online Appointments Booking service allows businesses, professionals, or public sector organisations to enable customers to book and manage appointments online, easily, and conveniently, any time of day or night. We specialise in and have extensive experience with the NHS and healthcare industry. AppointMentor provides integrations, (optional) e-Payments and Feedback.

  • PPEIMaaS - PPE Inventory Management as a Service

    Fujitsu Services Limited

    The COVID-19 pandemic has led to NHS Trusts having an urgent and pressing need to manage PPE inventory. Fujitsu has partnered with North West SME Appligo, to scale the Agileware PPE Management Solution across the NHS to allow NHS trusts to more effectively manage and track their PPE resources.

  • REMCARE endoscopy - an electronic pre endoscopy assessment and management platform copy


    REMCARE preAMS is an award winning digital pre endoscopy assessment and management platform. Our customisable platform can increase productivity by up to 40% (with no increase in staffing levels), reduce late cancellations in endoscopy pre assessment clinics and improve patient outcomes.

  • EPR, Online and Video consulting , Messaging ,Remote monitoring ,Virtual Ward, Appointments


    Ouris health is a healthcare service provider platform to connect patients and health Professionals from diagnosis to follow ups and monitoring of problems. We offer cloud software to connect and monitor patients remotely by Videos , Messages and to check clinical progress by monitoring vitals.

  • Philips SpeechLive dictation

    VoicePower Ltd - The Speech Recognition People

    Philips SpeechLive is a browser-based dictation and transcription solution which converts your speech to text. Whether you have your own assistant, or use speech recognition software, SpeechLive will help you get your work done faster. Be more efficient throughout your day – in the office, remotely, or on the go.

  • Cellma

    RioMed Ltd

    RioMed's Cellma application is a cutting-edge health information system designed to provide dynamic and integrated digital solutions to effectively manage all aspects of healthcare and promote the transition to a truly ‘paperless’ infrastructure. The information captured helps improve the quality, efficiency and safety of patient data.

  • Dentally

    Software of Excellence UK Ltd

    Fully cloud hosted Dental Practice Management platform for multiple clinical locations in a single patient database. We provide a comprehensive suite of software and UK based support services.

  • Essential Parent eCare Delivery Service


    Subscription to an evidence-based, digital library containing over 600 articles and videos for women’s health & children from conception through to 19 years. Clients have bespoke library to support their health offer, e.g., maternity care. Providing secure e-Delivery by practitioners using a web-based portal. Patients receive timely information via text/email.

  • Gateway®


    Gateway® is a referral support platform, supporting GPs, Dentists and Opticians to refer patients into the right service, first time. The platform fully integrates with existing primary care systems at the point of referring (including EMIS Web and SystmOne) and also integrates with e-Referral Service.

  • ID Agency Manager

    ID Medical Group Ltd

    Handles all aspects of the temporary staff procure-to-pay process. Designed specifically for health/care it supports all organisation types and staff groups. A powerful booking system that creates a competitive marketplace achieving high fill at best fit and value. Mobile app provides rich functionality for both workers and hirers on-the-go.

  • Contact Centre as a Service for Healthcare


    Provides flexibility to deploy new or enhance an existing hardware estate moving telephony intelligence into the cloud, reducing your exposure to cost and risk through continuing to operate site-based systems through the cloud. Offers more flexible contact arrangements for patients and employees, offering in-built business continuity and improved customer interaction.

  • Isla Remote Monitoring Visual Record


    Isla provides a fully supported telemedicine platform and media record, allowing patients and clinicians to seamlessly capture and share photos, videos, PROMS, PREMS, voice notes etc. Used across Virtual Wards, Outpatients, Triage and FU reduction. HSCN connected, and NHSD approved with a dedicated implementation team to deliver exceptional results.

  • Hosted Telephony / VOIP


    A phone system with endless flexibility. Cost-effective, scalable, and flexible, cloud telephony is enhancing the way that businesses communicate. ISDN will be switched off by 2025, Hosted Phone Solutions are now becoming the system of choice, providing businesses with an integrated communications functionality needed for today and the future.

  • Virtual Clinical Trials Service

    Storm ID

    The Virtual Clinical Trials Service enables healthcare professionals to conduct remote clinical research using connected devices and secure healthcare data exchange. The service is well-suited for pharmacology research or studies that do not require in-patient care or observation. Patients can participate from home while receiving support from their care team.

  • Questionmark OnDemand

    Questionmark Computing Ltd

    The Questionmark OnDemand service is an online assessment platform providing the ability to author, deliver and report on tests, quizzes, surveys and exams for training, certification, advancement, channel expertise, competency measurement, compliance and workforce learning. Widely used by awarding bodies, Utilities, Manufacturing Public Sectors and Government.

  • AssetTracker Pro Lite


    Asset management and tracking is a multiplatform, multi-device driven system for information control for tomorrow. We listen and drive off the shelf or bespoke requirements to record, track, audit and report of your data. Providing you with a blended approach to giving you the needed information at hand.