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  • Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) and DAM

    VoicePower Ltd - The Speech Recognition People

    Dragon Professional Anywhere (DPA) is an enterprise ready cloud based speech recognition solution enabling users to create documentation, emails and CRM entries 3 x faster than by manual typing. Dragon Anywhere Mobile (DAM) is the mobile app for dictation on the move. Also available Dragon Medical One (for healthcare users).

  • Bank Verification

    AFD Software

    Bank validation and bank card data validation help ensure payments are successful, minimise transaction failure and fraud whilst meeting strict financial compliance and best practices. Fast, accurate account number and sort code data entry makes checkouts, payment processing and Direct Debit setup a smooth process.

  • Document Management and Contract Automation - HighQ

    Thomson Reuters

    Given the number of legal documents your in-house team produces and handles every day, it’s critical to have a legal document management system that can introduce consistency and reduce manual work. HighQ can optimise team productivity and streamline legal services by automating the creation of your legal documentation.

  • Rubrik - Backup as a Service

    HCL Technologies UK LImited

    Rubrik providces a zero trust data protection platform across all data and applications whether it be located on premises or in the public, private or hybrid cloud. Rubrik provides Ransomware detection and remediation, Sensitive Data Discovery , Incident containment and Orchestrated Application Recovery all within a single management plane

  • CyberArk self-hosted Privilege Access Management

    Integrity360 Ltd

    CyberArk Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions are end-to-end protection, management and audit for both user and application credentials. They provide least privilege access and session isolation while recording, monitoring, automating and responding to all real time privileged activity using intelligent threat analytics.

  • PwC eDiscovery - Relativity: Search, Review and Production Services

    PricewaterhouseCoopers (LLP) PwC

    The provision of document review services to support e-discovery/e-disclosure, civil, criminal, regulatory and investigation matters. The software (e.g. Relativity) provides keyword searching, computer-assisted review and predictive coding to bring major cost efficiencies to the review. The service supports workflows to manage the review and production for disclosure.

  • Court Bundling and Document Bundling Software

    Tricostar Software Ltd

    Tricostar Court Bundling (TCB) is a 100% web-based application for the cloud, which provides Court Bundling and Document Bundling, using its electronic bundling functionality. Providing integrated Document Management with Microsoft Office SharePoint it collates, sorts and auto-indexes thousands of documents into one PDF in minutes, reducing workloads and improving efficiency.

  • Civica Saffron

    Civica UK Limited

    Saffron enables foodservice organisations to simplify the management of catering services across all public sectors covering recipe/menu engineering inc. nutrition, allergens and dietary preference, sustainability profiling, endurance and DMR, e-procurement management, stock control, central production kitchen management, bedside patient/resident feeding, operational trading analysis, analytical reporting and paperless kitchen management.

  • Work OS - Project/Task/Process Management Software

    EnableIT Technologies Ltd is a Work Operating System (OS) that allows visual collaboration to transform the way teams work together. A Work OS is a cloud-based software platform for organisations of all sizes. A simple, but intuitive, tool that enables people to manage work, meet deadlines and build a culture of transparency.

  • Complaints Management with Dynamics 365 (Complaints, FoI, SAR, Feedback, Enquiries)


    A fully integrated, powerful complaints and contact management system built on Umbraco and Dynamics 365. Members of the public record complaints and feedback online, by phone or email, with each contact record being fully managed within Dynamics 365. Enquiries, FoI, SAR and complaints can be routed, escalated, and managed efficiently.

  • Altia Verinote


    Altia Verinote eradicates individual and organisational reputational harm created by pocketbooks, diaries, journals, and decision-logs. Elevates e-notebooks and digital policing to a new level. Voice to text, field intelligence, evidence collection, desktop platform, global searching, API ready. Supporting DEMS, Digital Evidence Management System that presents structured digital data for teams.

  • Court & Justice Case Management Solution

    PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

    Casedoc is a comprehensive, end-to-end courts and justice software solution that enables users to automate and optimize daily work processes. It helps courts improve their services by automating processes, monitoring case activity, and supporting decision making, thus improving the efficiency of the justice sector and promoting case transparency.

  • Security Watchdog - Digital Onboard


    Capita onboarding supports an organisation to providing a personalised, engaging, mobile first, onboarding experience. New joiners are guided to complete on-boarding tasks and provided essential content. Managers are supported to participate, engage and uphold standard management practices. The business benefits from oversight, tracking, improved retention and speed to productivity.

  • Property Portfolio Management - HighQ

    Thomson Reuters

    Use HighQ to manage portfolios of commercial or residential property you manage or administer. HighQ allows you to easily create collaboration sites to capture key property information, manage the portfolio of properties through workflow and automation, as well as associated documentation. Even automate the creation of key documents.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services including Dynamics 365


    The Application Development Teams work in squads to develop next generation cloud-based applications. Specialising in integration with PaaS services, the team develop responsive and feature rich applications that utilise the best technologies the cloud has to offer. Including PowerApps, PowerPlatform supporting the common data platform Dynamics 365

  • Civica Pay

    Civica UK Limited

    Enterprise Cash Receipting, ePayments, Income Management, Acquiring and Processing services, supporting the digital transformation agenda for public sector organisations from a small District to a large Unitary or Borough, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, NHS or any public, private organisation. Compatible with Capita, Northgate, Adelante, Cashless Catering and parent portal solutions.

  • Phone Validation

    AFD Software

    If the phone numbers in your database have errors, communications will fail. AFD’s GDPR-compliant phone verification solution validates UK landline, UK mobile and International telephone numbers. In addition to checking the format and number of digits, AFD’s phone validation solution checks the number is “live”.

  • Legal Intake and Self Service - HighQ

    Thomson Reuters

    Standardise the legal service request process, analyse intake data, and enable your business customers with self-service contract assembly and legal guidance from HighQ. Deliver essential legal services quickly and efficiently, positioning your team as a valuable facilitator – and free up your team for high-value strategic work.

  • risr/ eAssessment Platform


    Cloud hosted, modular and integrated risr/ eAssessment Platform. Modules include - risr/apply: (Exam, Event, Membership registrations, bookings and payment transactions) risr/assess: (End-to-end exam management, Question Bank, Written/CBT and OSCE online delivery, results processing and analysis) risr/advance: (Training & Workplace based assessments, ePortfolio & CPD/PCS)

  • PROFix - Secure - PACE compliant - Digital Interview Recording Solution

    VoiceScript Technologies Ltd.

    PROFix solution is an automated, PACE compliant, Digital Interview Recording solution. PROFix securely records a multi-person, multi-language meeting (Witness / Suspect) and provides a tamperproof, verbatim, and court-ready transcript. Each utterance is time-indexed and speaker tag-identified. Compliant to MG15 and ROTI standards.

  • Altia SmartCase - Incident, Intelligence, Investigations and Case Management software


    SmartCase has been designed for teams conducting investigations and gathering intelligence in disciplines including counter fraud, security, crime, complaints, compliance, audit, anti-counterfeiting, risk and HR. Bringing enhanced organisation, tracking and automation to incident, investigation and case management for both the public and commercial organisations. Easy to use COTS solution.

  • Casedoc Court & Justice – Cloud Software Service

    GoPro Consulting Ltd

    Casedoc is a comprehensive, end-to-end courts and justice software solution that enables users to automate and optimize daily work processes. It helps courts improve their services by automating processes, monitoring case activity, and supporting decision making, thus improving the efficiency of the justice sector and promoting case transparency.

  • PROFix - Secure Human Resources (HR) Interviewing Suite / Solution

    VoiceScript Technologies Ltd.

    PROFix solution is an automated, HR Interviewing solution that captures, transcribes and augment every interview with rich multi-media. Interviews automatically attach relevant policy documents, audio and video. Designed for a "Questions and Answers" interview flow. Custom forms, reports pre-prepared questions easily accommodated. Consistent, Compliant, Interviewing for Hiring / Exiting Employees.

  • App4Legal - Legal Management Software


    App4Legal is a complete practice management software for all legal practitioners

  • Civica Pay Direct Debits

    Civica UK Limited

    Enterprise online self-service paperless and staff supported direct debits. Supporting the digital transformation agenda for public sector organisations from a small District to a large Unitary or Borough Council, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, NHS or any public organisation.

  • Email Validation

    AFD Software

    One error leads to failure when sending emails. AFD's email validation solution makes it easy for your organisation to check email addresses are live wherever they are entered, by staff or customers, using a 3-point email check system. Our email verification service returns suggestions and additional insight.

  • Security Watchdog - Employee Background Screening (VOLT)


    Security Watchdog provide bespoke pre-employment screening packages to suit the requirements of your organisation. Background Checking, such as Right to Work, Digital ID (Identity), DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service), Referencing, Financial Probity, Social Media, Security, Financial, Criminal, Sanctions, Directorship, BPSS, SM&CR, BS7858, CQC, FCA, FORS, and International Checks.

  • Digital Evidence Management System (BLD DEMS)

    Blue Lights Digital

    DEMS for multiple use cases, including data aggregation, crowdsource intelligence, and metadata enrichment. Officers and assigned users including IDOs can easily search and share the stored data. With the option to permanently or temporarily share information, control what is being shared, with whom, on what terms, and for how long.

  • Team Collaboration - HighQ

    Thomson Reuters

    Improve productivity with streamlined collaboration. Keep your staff informed, communicate easily, collaborate on documents, and manage tasks. Instantly and securely share files, create and edit content, post videos and articles, track projects, have discussions, and much more – all in one unified, online space.

  • Access Proclaim

    The Access Group

    Proclaim is a cloud hosted case and practice management solution for law firms and legal services organisations. Proclaim integrates file management, document management, workflow, reporting, accounting, time recording, task and diary functions into one seamless tool.