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  • Bank Verification

    AFD Software

    Bank validation and bank card data validation help ensure payments are successful, minimise transaction failure and fraud whilst meeting strict financial compliance and best practices. Fast, accurate account number and sort code data entry makes checkouts, payment processing and Direct Debit setup a smooth process.

  • GIS Map and Data Services


    Data as a Service (DaaS) comprises: Maps+ open GB Basemaps built from Ordnance Survey OpenData™ and premium data services including Ordnance Survey MasterMap data; TitleInfo: Land Registry Polygon Service with flood risk data; National Data Service: open data indicators from leading UK sources including demographics, environment, health and social care.

  • ZBS Zero Touch Lost & Found Property Management Service

    Zero Burden Services

    You take 30 seconds to register the item, leave it in our box, we take care of the rest to identify the owner, repatriate it, or recycle it ethically, and we share any revenue with you.

  • Fujitsu Cloud Remote POST Services

    Fujitsu Services Limited

    Fujitsu will provide a highly resilient Remote POST Service platform for ITSO Part 11 services, certified to UK Department for Transport ITSO standards (v2.1.4). The service enables public/private transport authorities and device/application suppliers to introduce the purchase, collection and activation of ITSO-based tickets into their smart ticketing schemes easily.

  • Sheetloom

    Millersoft Ltd

    Sheetloom seamlessly integrates Excel with underlying source data via almost any connection method. It is now possible to populate pivot tables and spreadsheet cells directly from source without any copy/paste or open database connections. Sheetloom runs on AWS and supports 1000s of users at a fraction of PowerBI´s cost.

  • Military Base Management


    Secure cloud service providing Realtime GIS based mapping services for data visualisation of key business assets. Delivering graphical walk through of buildings and estates monitoring for army, navy, air force bases to track high and low value assets in real time utilising our Orion Network.

  • EVOLVE eMarketplace

    Elcom Systems Ltd

    Secure shopping/trading via an easy to use eMarketplace. Management of catalogues, goods and services with integration to existing systems. A Public eMarketplace system that enables a Governement-to-Business (G2B) shopping, purchasing, spot buying and tail-end spend in an easy to use and controlled environment. Report and analyse spend and aggregation opportunities.

  • CIRRUSmaps™ Web Mapping Platform


    CIRRUSmaps™ is a flexible web mapping platform, built using industry leading Open Source software. It provides a scalable and configurable solution, for customers wishing to turn location-based data into valuable business information. Using the best open source software, CIRRUSmaps™ lowers the cost of ownership for a web-based GIS.

  • ITSO Smart Ticketing

    PDMS Limited (Professional Data Management Services Limited)

    An ITSO smart ticketing solution for ferry, train or bus for retail and/or validation.  ITSO certified mobile android device, app and back office support for ticket sales, validation checking and revenue protection. Includes stored entitlement, e-purse and account based ticketing.

  • MachineCare+® Condition Monitoring Service

    AES Group

    MachineCare+® -an Equipment Condition Monitoring service, using Artificial Intelligence(AI) technology to provide 'Condition Based Maintenance', improve equipment availability and reduce maintenance costs. Also provided are Early Failure Detection Service, Failure Investigations, Data Analysis, Software Solutions and AI Expert Decision Support Programs to help organisations and manufacturers achieve cost effective benefits.

  • OCTANE Data Integration and Reporting for Transport

    IB Boost

    IB Boost’s OCTANE platform is a customisable, secure, data integration, reporting and analytics platform allowing organisations to develop workflows, forms, reports and dashboards in a consolidated modern web-based platform. These are Transport community shared OCTANE managed-services run as “Community Cloud” with domain-specific modules for maritime and aviation.

  • Palantir Foundry

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir Foundry is an enterprise data management platform offering comprehensive tooling for working with big data. It enables government organisations to integrate data sets of any size or format from any number of sources, interrogate and visualise the data, and equip technical and non-technical users to make data-driven operational decisions.

  • Phone Validation

    AFD Software

    If the phone numbers in your database have errors, communications will fail. AFD’s GDPR-compliant phone verification solution validates UK landline, UK mobile and International telephone numbers. In addition to checking the format and number of digits, AFD’s phone validation solution checks the number is “live”.

  • Access Mintsoft

    The Access Group

    Mintsoft is an order management, warehouse management and courier selection solution for multi-channel and 3PL fulfilment. Gain efficiency by automating key day to day tasks such as order and inventory synchronisation from source, order inventory allocation, and client invoicing.

  • Odoo Webdesign and eCommerce suite

    Synergistic Resources Ltd

    Odoo is an open-source modular ERP solution with over 10,000 different Apps. As an ERP it has Apps for websites, accounting, sales and invoicing, purchases, eCommerce and POS, inventory , CRM, quality and event management and social media marketing

  • Ideal Postcodes Address Validation

    Ideal Postcodes

    We help businesses improve UX and data quality with address validation and postcode lookup. An effortless API trusted by businesses over a billion times a month. Accurate rooftop geolocations, UPRNs, address cleansing and address database. Straightforward integrations, clear documentation, live dev chat and screen reader compatibility.

  • Google Maps Platform

    Ancoris Limited

    The Google Maps Platform gives you access to 3 mapping products, Maps, Routes and Places, allowing you to integrate Google Maps into your applications. The Google Maps Platform is available for multiple platforms and web services. Google Maps empowers you to create beautiful maps for your sites and apps.

  • Bruhati offering of Software AG Cumulocity IoT Platform


    Software AG Cumulocity IoT Platform gives fast visibility and control over your IoT assets. Cumulocity On-Premise or Cloud based service with library of APIs supports devices and software libraries to connect remote assets into the cloud. Device management, data visualization and remote control functionality allows rapid customisation with business rules.

  • Smart Building Monitoring, Control and Compliance


    Cloud based low-power IoT ORION network delivering secure real-time smart building monitoring for assets and sensors, including compliance reporting (legionella, fire, fever, safe-place, energy & waste). Works up to 10 miles from a single ORION gateway.

  • Civica Tranman

    Civica UK Limited

    Civica delivers fleet management (Tranman) software and services that enable improved fleet management and operational efficiency; through whole life cost management, workshops/stores management and third-party maintenance providers. We possess a highly experienced and capable team of solution architects and implementation consultants that undertake our projects and deliver within tight timescales.

  • Email Validation

    AFD Software

    One error leads to failure when sending emails. AFD's email validation solution makes it easy for your organisation to check email addresses are live wherever they are entered, by staff or customers, using a 3-point email check system. Our email verification service returns suggestions and additional insight.

  • Aqxolt ERP


    ERP modules are designed to provide critical up-to-the-minute information to business users, allowing them to make informed decisions. ERP enables organizations to streamline every facet of the business, giving real-time insight and ensures rapid growth and success. The suite allows you to manage your business effectively and effortlessly.

  • Maritime Domain Situational Awareness

    Sirius Constellation Ltd

    Observation, Analysis and Alerting of vessel activity at sea

  • Exonaut Business Continuity Management Solution

    4C Europe UK Ltd

    Exonaut Business Continuity Manager is a web-based, end-to-end solution to maintain organisational resilience and ensure efficient recovery from disruptions. It integrates and automates your business continuity program, including continuity plans, risk assessments, incident management and IT disaster recovery. Customised dashboards provide a real-time overview of critical resources and response efforts.

  • IBM Business Automation Content Analyzer

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    Content Analyzer is a cloud-based API web service for automatic and rapid classification and data extraction from a range of document types using OCR and PDF extraction. It integrates with AI technologies to increase extraction of useful data from unstructured documents. Document types are defined in a no-code graphical ontology.

  • ArcGIS in the Cloud


    ArcGIS is a geographic information system (GIS) that connects maps, apps, data and people enabling smarter, faster decisions. Everyone in your organisation may discover, use, make and share maps from any device, anywhere, anytime. Web and mobile GIS, high-performance desktop, server and spatial databases on your preferred cloud.

  • Indoor Personnel and Asset Geolocation and Analytics

    Digi2al Limited

    Digi2al runs a service that provides indoor positioning data of personnel, assets involved in emergency response training and deployment. The system provides valuable insights to personnel, teams and instructors during debrief and real-time. We have a roadmap of exciting features including asset tracking and behavioural analysis to improve training outcomes.

  • Microsoft Power Platform Implementation Services including Dynamics 365


    The Application Development Teams work in squads to develop next generation cloud-based applications. Specialising in integration with PaaS services, the team develop responsive and feature rich applications that utilise the best technologies the cloud has to offer. Including PowerApps, PowerPlatform supporting the common data platform Dynamics 365

  • IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management - Maximo and Maximo Application Suite

    IBM United Kingdom Ltd

    A comprehensive solution for managing physical assets on a common platform in asset-intensive industries. It offers “built in” mobile access, out-of-the box mapping, crew management and analytical insight. Organizations can share and enforce best practices, inventory, resources and personnel. It helps manage many assets (plant, production, infrastructure, facilities, transportation communications).

  • Cloud Based Asset Tracking inc. RFID, Orion, LPWAN, 2G/3G/4G/5G, etc. Full Smart Buildings Solutions


    Low-power IoT ORION network delivering secure real-time asset tracking and cloud-based management dashboard. Integrates with a variety of IoT sensors, smart building APIs. Allowing asset tracking and control of RFID, LPWAN, ORION, WiFI, LAN, Fibre, SatCom, Ethernet, 2G/3G/4G/5G, etc.