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  • Open Source Website Design and Development

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We offer specialist comprehensive open-source design and development with our certified developers. Whether you are looking for a new enterprise-level website, intranet or extranet, further development of your existing platform, creative digital design, new features, integration services, hosting, or migration services, our certified and experienced open-source development team can help.

  • eLearning Creation and Support Services

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    The use of eLearning is a powerful and engaging tool for communication, education and training. From concept o creation we can handle all parts of the process. Our content writing specialists are here to support you in creating the perfect bespoke eLearning package for your needs.

  • SharePoint Intranet Development and Enterprise (Data, Content & Document) Management Services

    Acuma Solutions Limited

    We develop Intranet, Data, Content and Document Management platforms, using out-of-the-box and customised features of SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016, SharePoint 2019 and Online/O365 versions. Our Intranet provides centralised communication and collaboration services. All modern and classic SharePoint features are supported in our Intranet solution, along with a responsive Intranet experience.

  • Knowledge Hub Digital Collaboration Groups

    Placecube Ltd

    Free or low-cost collaboration spaces helping you effectively communicate, collaborate, and connect with stakeholders, partners, and colleagues. Exchange knowledge and experience in secure communities of practice, project groups and workspaces. Groups can be open, access controlled or hidden and include collaboration tools, such as discussions, shared libraries and news listings.

  • Event Management Software


    Eventogy’s unified events management platform provides the tools for event organisers to create, manage, market, host and report on all aspects of their in-person, hybrid or virtual meetings, conferences and events. Eventogy has enabled global organisations to deliver events of all scales for more than a decade.

  • Customer Portal (Resident or Tenant)

    MRI Software Limited

    Our online portal is an interface between customers and their social or private landlord driving community engagement, providing self-service and delivering personalised content. You can share information and guides; offer forums; present statements, agreements and contracts; enable online payments; share real-time travel information and weather and much more.

  • Govintranet Wordpress Website & Intranet Deployment & Support

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We offer comprehensive design, build and ongoing support for Intranets and Extranets based on the open-source GovIntranet WordPress theme, and provide Intranet solutions for a number of Central Government and NHS clients. We can quickly deploy the GovIntranet theme and customise the GovIntranet website with your branding and other requirements.

  • edison365 Open Innovation


    edison365 Open Innovation leverages edison365ideas to extend your innovation capabilities to include external stakeholders. It will enable you to share challenges internally and externally, capture ideas from your entire eco-system and rapidly discover new solutions. Users can sign-on through social media authentication and collaborate with others to further develop ideas.

  • Moodle Workplace (Enterprise LMS)

    Accipio Ltd

    Accipio supplies the enterprise version of the worlds most popular learning management system - Moodle Workplace. Moodle Workplace has an incredibility rich set of functionality, and we work with you to make it the “backbone” of building learning and performance culture. Moodle offers significant cost savings compared with other platforms.

  • Content Management System (CMS) Contensis package for Higher Education

    Zengenti Limited

    This is a custom, higher-education package for the Contensis content management system. Contensis supports any design that can be built in HTML. It’s the foundation for accessible and responsive websites, intranets, portals and channel shift systems. It’s used by universities, local government, housing associations, NHS and police services.

  • Cloud Drupal Content Management System (CMS)

    Website Express Ltd.

    ISO9001/27001 certified Drupal 7 or Drupal 8/9 cloud hosted CMS for websites and digital services. Website Express' GDPR compliant Drupal CMS platform securely handles multilingualism, CRM, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. The Drupal content management system is open-source, easy-to-use, yet powerful. Mobile, accessible and designed to your user’s needs.

  • Local Authority Council Website Package

    Axis12 Limited

    An easy way for councils to provide citizens with information and self-service functionality across their services. Designed for Local Authority and Councils, our open-source CMS/digital platform is based on Drupal 8 and backed by our ISO 27001 certification. Device responsive, it includes forms, multiple integration plug ins, and devolved publishing.

  • Atlassian Confluence

    Rapid ERP

    Atlassian's Confluence tool enables teams to work together to create engaging content for sharing across your organisation. From meeting minutes to project plans, knowledge base articles to product requirements; Confluence supports any content. Rapid ERP are experts in implementation, migration and support services, in addition to offering flexible license options.

  • Website Design, Development and Hosting

    Consult SMB Limited

    CSMB's website design services include the planning, design, build, configuration and management of websites and online applications delivered in the cloud on a Content Management System you control. CSMB work to understand your business drivers, target audiences and objectives thus helping our clients deliver the best possible first impression.

  • Cloud Hosted Content Management System (CMS)

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    HIScms is a cloud hosted CMS with additional associated services to provide maximum benefits. You can update your content using a very simple online interface. We also offer content and development support so you can make sure your site is up-to-date, informative and reflects your organisational offerings.

  • Granicus Government Experience Cloud for Housing


    The Granicus Government Experience Cloud is a comprehensive cloud-based solution for communications, citizen engagement, digital services, and customer service. It’s designed to enable stronger relationships, improved trust, and excellent customer experiences.

  • Microsoft Power Platform: Power Automate Implementation


    WR Logic offers a comprehensive Microsoft Power Automate implementation service, delivering extensive expertise and engagement for the design, implementation, and adoption of Power Automate, an integral component of the MS Power Platform. Our services encompass discovery, strategic planning, configuration, integration, deployment, adept change management, comprehensive training, and steadfast support services.

  • Unily


    Unily is an award winning, feature rich Digital Experience solution, that delivers unparalleled user experiences combined with a robust evergreen platform and valuable customer success program. Resulting in a long-term solution that continues to grow alongside your organisation and appreciates over time.

  • Redbox

    OLM Systems

    Redbox is a reliable platform solution to create web communications, built on proven technologies powering large, complex, commercial and academic websites. Redbox provides a slick way to manage content and members engagement through digital personalised experience.

  • Virtual Events & Webinar Platform


    Ivent is an award winning, secure, cloud hosted platform for delivering virtual events, webinars and hybrid events. The platform can facilitate all online event types and can be branded and tailored to a customer's requirement. Ivent offers SaaS licences and provides training and dedicated support for its platform.

  • AI (Artificial Intelligence)

    4 Roads Ltd

    Combining our expertise in current and experiential technologies, we have been building class-leading AI experiences underpinned by our open-source platform, SocialStack. SocialStack provides all the benefits of the shelf products whilst offering the flexibility of a custom solution, allowing you to tailor a virtual event experience to your needs.

  • PHP and Symfony development

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We offer specialist comprehensive PHP and Symfony development services. With a low performance overhead, Symfony is a lightweight standard foundation on which enterprise PHP applications are built and underpins Drupal 8 and Laravel.

  • WorkInConfidence: Surveys

    WorkInConfidence Limited

    WorkInConfidence: Surveys is a highly effective way to run pulse surveys, mini surveys or long form employee engagement surveys of your people. Helps organisations understand their people and create healthier, more engaged organisations. Collect feedback on employee engagement, respect, resources and safety. See real-time results and track changes over time.

  • Bilingual open source content management system - CMS for Welsh / English digital service or website

    S8080 Limited

    Open source, cloud-hosted CMS for Welsh/English bilingual digital services, websites and LocalGov platforms. S8080’s compliant open source CMS platforms securely handle CRM, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. Open-source Drupal and Umbraco content management systems are easy to use, yet powerful. Mobile and accessible CMS, designed around bilingual user’s needs.

  • Cloud Drupal 8 Content Management System (CMS)

    Website Express Ltd.

    ISO9001/27001 certified Drupal 8 cloud hosted CMS for websites and digital services. Website Express' GDPR compliant Drupal CMS platform securely handles multilingualism, CRM, integrations, single sign-on, forms and workflow. The Drupal content management system is open-source, easy-to-use, yet powerful. Mobile, accessible and designed to your user’s needs.

  • Website Theming

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We take a mobile-first approach to Drupal website theming and design, utilising response-first website templates. This includes breakpoints to facilitate navigation on all devices, as well as mobile-friendly gestures (common on touch screens, such as swipe) and ensures that videos and other forms of multimedia are fully responsive and accessible.

  • Outsource Automation Solutions - Blue Prism Software


    OAS are Blue Prism partners. Blue Prism emulates how humans use existing applications and systems to automate a wide range of operational and business processes. The solution is delivered as a secure hosted cloud based environment and (if required) the platform can optionally be deployed onto a dedicated on-premise architecture.

  • Hosted Drupal Intranet

    Axis12 Limited

    Axis12 is an experienced provider of enterprise-level Drupal Intranets. Our securely hosted and fully featured intranet (based on Drupal 8) can be deployed in under 10 minutes. Compliant with all UK Government requirements for accessibility and security, our intranet solution contains advanced content management features typical of any enterprise CMS.

  • Immersive VR (Virtual Reality) Projects


    We design Virtual Reality (VR) immersive projects and tailored public engagement events which include provision of VR headsets and professional staffing. These projects support the shift to the use of 3D models to support the participation stage of development projects or master-planning. Our events provide excellent public participation and feedback.

  • Drupal 7, 8 & 9 Website Design and Development

    Big Blue Door Ltd

    We offer Drupal design and development using certified Drupal developers and "Grand Masters", upgrading from Drupal 6, 7 or 8 to Drupal 9. Whether you require a new enterprise-level website, intranet or extranet, development of your existing platform, new features, integration services, or hosting our certified Drupal team can help.