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  • Insight Azure Spatial Anchors


    Build apps that map, share, and persist 3D content

  • Database Management Services

    DBaaS Ltd

    We at DBaaS Ltd specialize in Database managed service to offer full-time database support. You can get experienced database administrators (DBAs) from here who are well versed in a wide range of technologies, platforms, and potential integrations. DBaaS Ltd provides round-the-clock support and get regular reports on your database environment.

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP) - Storage

    Cloud Technology Solutions Ltd

    Google Cloud Platform offers many storage services. Google Cloud Storage provides public and private multi regional object storage with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve application traffic at scale. Local SSDs offer unprecedented disk performance with high performance network SSD and HDD options available for virtual machines.

  • viaEuropa services for British Geological Survey (BGS) map data

    Europa Technologies Limited

    viaEuropa is a hosted map and search service designed for BGS data products, including GeoSure. Providing Data-as-a-Service (DaaS), viaEuropa supports broad deployment to multiple platforms. The service supports OGC standards (including WMTS, WMS, WFS) as well as all popular GIS software and web mapping APIs.

  • Azure Application Gateway

    Softcat Limited

    Build secure, scalable and highly available web front ends in Azure. Highly scalable websites with HTTP load balancing and delivery control.

  • Azure Purview

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    A unified data governance solution that helps you manage and govern your on-premises, multicloud, and software-as-a-service (SaaS) data. Easily create a holistic, up-to-date map of your data landscape with automated data discovery, sensitive data classification, and end-to-end data lineage. Enable data consumers to find valuable, trustworthy data.

  • Iaas - Infrastructure as a service

    Leicestershire Health Informatics Service

    LHIS IaaS provides a fully managed best in class enterprise offering. The service provides fully managed server instances delivered to the customer preconfigured with a range of operating systems, antivirus, critical patches installed and back up routines in place. This is complemented by fast resilient HSCN and internet network links.

  • Azure App Service

    Softcat Limited

    Quickly and easily create enterprise-ready web and mobile apps for any platform or device, and deploy them on a scalable and reliable cloud infrastructure.

  • Insight Azure HPC Cache


    File caching for high-performance computing (HPC)

  • Managed Cloud Services


    We provide hosting services for any kind of applications to various cloud solutions like AWS, Azure, Google Cloud etc.

  • Azure Digital Twins

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • VMware Cloud on AWS

    Softcat Limited

    VMware Cloud on AWS is an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering, leveraging VMware Cloud Foundation (vSphere, NSX and vSAN) to deliver software-defined data centres (SDDCs) as a cloud service on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Managed Cloud - Azure

    Agilisys Ltd

    Agilisys Managed Cloud - Azure, provides access to Microsoft Azure services through the Cloud Service Provider (CSP) programme on a utility basis with a commoditised management service based on ITIL and ISO27001 management processes. Designed for the UK public sector, the managed service ensures compliance and efficient use of resources.

  • Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2

    Pivotal BI Limited

    Store all your organisation’s data securely and cost-effectively with this cloud-native service for use with big data analytics. Implement your company-wide data lake using a managed scalable storage solution that provides fine-grained security controls and tiered access levels for additional cost management. For full details, please visit:

  • Lot 1: Dell Cloud Hosting Service (APEX Cloud Services)

    Dell Corporation Limited

    Dell Technologies provide our APEX services portfolio to allow buyers to seamlessly manage all as-a-Service needs from one unified console and effortlessly scale to meet demands. APEX is a transformational technology experience allowing buyers to focus less on managing infrastructure and more on business outcomes, minimizing risk and maximizing resources.

  • Managed Cloud - PSN IaaS

    Agilisys Ltd

    Agilisys Managed Cloud - IaaS provides a UK hosted PSN Service Provider certificated Compute, Storage, Backup and ancillary services on a utility basis with ITIL and ISO27001 management processes. Designed for the UK public sector, supporting Official Sensitive information, the managed service ensures compliance and efficient use of resources.

  • Secure Platform as a Service (PaaS) - Secure Managed - OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE- SECRET - Platform FLEX


    Secure scalable fully managed service Nine23 UK-owned infrastructure, end-to-end accredited hosted private/hybrid cloud platform. OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE-SECRET in secure UK hosting(PASF) platform accessible to government/corporate networks and internet connected organisations using secure remote access solutions. NCSC guidelines-Cloud Security Principles, Virtual Private Networks (VPN). Secure SOC, Performance-management, DR, back-up and cyber resiliency.

  • L3C AIX (Unix) Cloud (IaaS)

    L3C Limited

    Cloud service for IBM AIX Unix environments. Migrate your legacy AIX workloads to L3C cloud. Our our infrastructure is located in UK Tier 3 data centres and we can provide migration services as well as system admin, HA and DR.

  • Azure Front Door Service

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Azure Database Migration Service

    Softcat Limited

    A simple and safe service for sharing big data

  • Insight Azure Communication Services


    Build rich communication experiences with the same secure platform used by Microsoft Teams

  • Master Data Management Service


    The Adatis EntityHub is a client deployed service for end-user management of organisational master data, including reference data and hierarchy management. A domain agnostic solution for MDM providing bulk import/export, organisational wide hub, supporting both operational and analytical master/reference data and manual and automated data stewardship functionality.

  • Managed Root CA

    Entrust Datacard (Europe) Limited

    Entrust will commission, host and manage your high assurance off-line Root CA using an audited tScheme process. With the Hosted Root CA service you have a solution built to your own policy requirements with full control of your own cryptographic keys, managed from an accredited facility in the UK.

  • Azure Container Instances

    Softcat Limited

    Easily run containers on Azure without managing servers. Develop apps fast without managing virtual machines or having to learn new tools – it’s just your application, in a container, running in the cloud

  • Insight Azure Cost Management & Billing


    Manage your cloud spending with confidence

  • Azure Backup

    Softcat Limited

    Simple and reliable cloud-integrated backup as a service.

  • Azure Active Directory Domain Services


    Manage your domain controllers in the cloud

  • Any SAP System in the Amazon Cloud

    Support Revolution Limited

    We will migrate your SAP systems from an on-premise or cloud environment to our Amazon Web Services hosted cloud. We will then provide support for your SAP systems in our Amazon Cloud.

  • Azure Cognitive Services add

    Softcat Limited

    Add cognitive capabilities to apps with APIs and AI services

  • Amazon AWS DataSync

    Bytes Software Services

    AWS DataSync is a secure online data transfer service that simplifies, automates, and accelerates copying terabytes of data to and from AWS storage services. Easily migrate or replicate large data sets without having to build custom solutions or oversee repetitive tasks.  bss13