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  • Insights Powered Analytics


    Akeso&Co provides analytics solutions that can: - identify the best predictive model from a range of algorithms; - match strings of data using a novel NLP solution; - enable the identification of most similar partner, utilising client's data combined with population medical and socioeconomic data, for a view across CCGs/STPs/ICS.


    Synectics Solutions Ltd

    PRECISION from Synectics Solutions is a fully hosted predictive analytics solution that provides organisations with all the analytical capabilities and data science expertise they need to deliver the kind of cost effective predictive insight that will enable them to become more competitive.

  • Care Banking : Adult Continuing Healthcare

    Care Banking

    Software supporting individualized care. Care Bankings Continuing Healthcare solution provides an end to end solution meeting all NHS Englands requirements for digitizing Continuing Healthcare services Works as stand alone modules or via integration

  • 365 Response Ltd - Meals 2 People


    Meals2People is a browser-based solution for managing your Meals-on-Wheels service. Working together with Meal Providers, we have used over twenty years of experience developing software services to provide an end-to-end solution for managing meal choices, resources, route optimisation and dynamic data management, to bring to market a fully customisable solution.

  • Virtualstock Marketplace

    Virtualstock Ltd

    The Edge delivers scalable, digital technology, combining best-in-class eProcurement functionality, including an "Consumer-style" online marketplace, with integrated procure-to-pay (P2P), incorporating; product information management (PIM), catalogue management, e-invoicing, track and trace and analytics. Built using agile technology, The Edge delivers real-time interoperability and an exceptional user experience. GS1/GDSN/PEPPOL compliant.

  • Proactis Marketplace

    Embridge Consulting (UK) Ltd

    Proactis Marketplace enables your organisation to implement defined, guided buying practices for employees. Proactis Marketplace includes the tools required to manage both suppliers’ and in-house catalogues, provide access to authorised supplier websites, and utilise external marketplaces, all while ensuring the buying process is still controlled within your existing P2P solution.

  • Experian Commercial Credit Management with Business IQ


    BusinessIQ is a clearly defined approach to managing commercial credit through one interface. Access Experian’s data covering businesses worldwide, displayed in clear dashboard views so you can easily pinpoint areas of risk and opportunity. Risk-averse approach to data management

  • Spend Analytics


    Our Spend Analytics service answers the ‘Spend Cube’ questions; who is buying what, from whom and at what price, and provides the foundation for evidence based strategic procurement. We provide a platform for spend management and strategic procurement. Our data driven approach demonstrates the change impact on your business.

  • Jeopardy/Charge management Analytics bolt-ons, SAP SOX Audit Tools and NFT/Web3.0 templates


    1) Specialist solutions developed on MS and Jira confluence specific to Utility companies such as: Jeopardy Management, Charge management and cloud analytics. 2) SAP SOX Control Audit Tool for public companies. 3) Ready & Reusable NFT and Web3.0 Block chain integration Templates for Sports clubs and sports persons.

  • Construction Project and Business Management using Archdesk


    Archdesk provides organisations with end-to-end construction management software for Business and Projects. The software is an innovative management solution created for construction and management projects. The system can mirror your company's structure and optimize the entire workflow, giving full control over your business, and a complete golden thread of information.

  • Accenture Edenhouse SAP Sales Cloud

    Accenture (UK) Limited

    The SAP Sales Cloud portfolio automates the lead-to-cash cycle. The quote and proposal process allows users to configure complex quotes in minutes. Contract lifecycle management takes a contract through to completion with the least amount of friction. Sales performance management helps ensure territories and quotas are in sync.

  • FMIS Fixed Asset Management

    FMIS Ltd

    Fixed Asset Management Software for public sector bodies to ensure compliance with UK GAAP and all other major accounting standards. FMIS provides Asset Tracking, Accounting and Maintenance with UK based hosting and support. The software is well suited to NHS, Local & Central Government as well as Non-Profit organisations.

  • Inventory management, RFID and ERP solution for NHS and Healthcare

    Ingenica Solutions Limited

    Inventory management, RFID & ERP solutions for NHS and healthcare resource management.GS1 certified inventory management solution, proven in NHS,developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise ERP platform, accessed via VPN, N3/HCSN,UK data centre.Ingenica's highly scalable ERP inventory management solution, benefits from Microsoft and Ingenica investment and published development roadmap.

  • Local Authority Council Website Package

    Axis12 Limited

    An easy way for councils to provide citizens with information and self-service functionality across their services. Designed for Local Authority and Councils, our open-source CMS/digital platform is based on Drupal 8 and backed by our ISO 27001 certification. Device responsive, it includes forms, multiple integration plug ins, and devolved publishing.

  • eAuction

    EU Supply Limited

    eAuction enables the online set-up of auction events, compliant with Procurement legislation to drive better value against the pricing element within a tender process. Used as a standalone process or in conjunction with a pricing stage and previous weighted scores to give an overall ranking method, fully audited.

  • SMART AI Customer Services Assistant

    Phoenix Software Ltd

    The SMART AI Customer Services Assistant uses AI technology and self-service to increase customer retention 24/7 while reducing service delivery costs. Allowing customers to self-service a range of tasks that don't require an agent or member of staff to answer the query.

  • Bramble Hub OpusVL - Odoo Open Source NHS Billing System

    Bramble Hub Limited

    The Odoo Open Source NHS Billing System, currently underpinning the GPIT Futures Programme, is a powerful time and usage-based billing system that automatically accounts for any changes that happen throughout a contract, processing the highest resolution data in real-time therefore reducing the need for later adjustments.

  • Omnichannel Communications Automation with AI


    We use AI to interpret unstructured communications (e.g. email, chat, text, voice), and provide the intent, context, case management, and transaction updates and automated responses required for resolution. We eliminate up to 100% of human effort in a single process – to cut costs, increase staff productivity, improve client service.

  • Autodesk Takeoff


    Autodesk Takeoff is a quantification solution for estimating teams that enables both 2D and 3D takeoffs and manage these elements alongside subsequent documents in a single environment. The subscription includes Autodesk Takeoff, Docs, Insight and Administration.

  • QPaths


    QPaths calculates the shortest walking routes between multiple origins and destinations. The user can also tell QPaths which roads or paths should be avoided in the calculation. QPaths is particularly useful for local authorities performing school admission and/or school transport eligibility checks.

  • Digital Electronic Signatures and eSeal's


    GlobalSign's Digital Signing Service (DSS) provides you with compliant, identity-based digital Signatures and Seals for your employees and organisation. GlobalSign does all of the technical/compliance parts in our eIDAS-accredited infrastructure for your Digital Signatures and Seals. Use our REST API for signing workflow integration to easily implement Signatures and Seals.

  • eProcurement & Supply Chain Software as a Service

    Nb Ventures, Inc.

    GEP SOFTWARE™, provides award-winning digital procurement platform that help global enterprises become agile, resilient, competitive and profitable. From sourcing to payments, software solutions from GEP drive transformative performance, create game-changing impact and help enterprises realize unprecedented results, savings and bottom-line growth.

  • RiskCalc

    Bureau van Dijk Electronic Publishing Ltd

    RiskCalc offers a comprehensive approach to assessing credit risk of private companies and financial institutions. Utilising the largest existing default database with 4m+ defaults on record and quantitative models trained on 135m+ financial statements, our models generate accurate forward-looking probability of default, loss given default, and expected loss credit measures.

  • Contract Management

    In-tend Ltd

    The In-tend e-Procurement Solution offers e-Tendering, DPS (Dynamic Purchasing Systems), e-Evaluation, Contracts Management, e-Auctions, Business Analytics Charts and e-Vendor Management modules plus API Integration. In-tend provides step by step/tailored templates to suit occasional and/or frequent system users covering all processes and procedures. In-tend complies with all latest Public Contracts Regulations.

  • EVOLVE eMarketplace

    Elcom Systems Ltd

    Secure shopping/trading via an easy to use eMarketplace. Management of catalogues, goods and services with integration to existing systems. A Public eMarketplace system that enables a Governement-to-Business (G2B) shopping, purchasing, spot buying and tail-end spend in an easy to use and controlled environment. Report and analyse spend and aggregation opportunities.

  • Unit4 ERP (Agresso Business World ABW) Web Data Fill extension


    It allows you customise forms and screens within Unit4 ERP (Agresso Business World ABW) with calculations, populate data from a template, Make fields/rows Read Only, generate error messages if certain criteria are not met and create links to other screens or browsers drilldowns. Please enquire for our ERPx solutions.

  • Prevalent Third-Party Risk Management

    Barrier Networks

    Prevalent's Vendor Risk Assessment Service is dedicated to freeing organisations of the burdens surrounding third-party risk management. We can handle everything; onboarding vendors and conducting assessments to identifying risks and tracking remediation. This drives TPRM efficiencies and supplies the intelligence and reports to focus on vendor strategy and risk reduction.

  • GS1 System

    Epaccsys Limited

    GS1 systems provider Epaccsys an accredited GS1 partner have been supplying compliant GS1 System and GS1 System solutions for over 15 years with Epicor software. Alongside the Epaccsys GS1 system sits a full suite of ERP modules including Financial, Distribution, Supply Chain Management and Project Management.

  • Cloud ERP

    Epaccsys Limited

    Cloud ERP software provider Epaccsys have been supplying Cloud ERP software and Cloud ERP software solutions for over 15 years with Epicor Cloud ERP software. The full suite of Cloud ERP software modules available include Financial & Distribution Cloud ERP, Supply Chain Management and Project Management Cloud ERP software.

  • Atamis CM Contract Management

    Atamis Limited

    Atamis CM is the corner-stone for controlling your contract management lifecycle – from requirements planning and sourcing activity to contract KPI tracking and renewal reminders. It provides a highly professional front for a procurement function, promoting corporate awareness of your key contracts, and enforcing supply-side contractual procedures and corporate mandates.