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  • Axial3D Medical Anatomical Models


    Axial3DInsight is a secure, cloud-based digital image processing, segmentation and 3D modeling framework converting 2D image data to either a digital file or a 3D printed physical model. The physical replica is intended to be used as a diagnostic tool in conjunction with the DICOM images and expert clinical judgment.

  • Clinical Decision Support (CDS) Software


    Clinical Decision Support (CDS) cloud hosted Software-as-a-Service solution. Solution leverages Royal College of Radiologists (RCR) iRefer referral guidelines. Solution integrates to existing Electronic Health Record (EHR) / OrderComms systems using healthcare interoperability standards.

  • Cimar Medical Imaging Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud

    Cimar Ltd

    Gain a Single Source of Medical Imaging Data with Cimar's cloud VNA. Images can be archived, transferred, viewed, and connected. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM providing a holistic view. Cimar provides elastic storage - no need to purchase space in advance or be concerned about high-watermark budgeting.

  • Dermatology Virtual Asynchronous Consultation Service


    The Dermatology Service allows patients to securely share photos of their skin condition as part of an asynchronous consultation / appointment with a remote dermatologist. The photos are triaged to determine possible skin conditions, providing a prioritised view of patients who can be signposted to relevant follow-on care.

  • Data Processing - Data Linking / Unification / Integration of Anonymised Data


    Linkage / unification of anonymised health- or activity-related row-level data (can be applied to any data) across multiple datasets. Fully GDPR-compliant (data output is outside of the scope of the GDPR), does not require consent and data is processed for the purpose of anonymisation only.

  • Predictive Modelling Using Clinical Text, Images and Structured Data


    Red Star have a suite of Machine Learning and AI tools which we can apply to your data. We create bespoke, high performance models with custom deployments and dashboards optimised for your requirements. We can predict user behaviour, risk stratify a population, automatically categorise documents and images, etc.

  • TeleDerm (Tele Dermatology)


    TeleDerm is an Artificial Intelligence assisted telemedicine platform developed with an aim of providing access to dermatology advice & guidance, a quick mechanism to raise A&G referrals, and decreasing direct dependence on the availability of specialist clinicians in physical proximity.

  • Capri Eye


    “Capri Eye” is a user-friendly and digitally-enabled, secure eye image/scan review service that can be rapidly deployed. This system allows the ophthalmology department to transfer images securely to Capri Healthcare. The image is reviewed & assessed by our panel of experienced Ophthalmologists. Comprehensive review reports are delivered to the Trust.

  • OpenText Media Management Digital Asset Management for G-Cloud

    OpenText Corporation

    Media Management for G-Cloud digital asset management software serves as the centralised, secure and accessible repository to organise, store and deliver rich media assets such as images and video, enabling government agencies to manage the entire content lifecycle with workflows and features for production, collaboration, publishing and distribution of assets.

  • Archive360 Archive2Azure (per user)

    Through Technology Limited

    We are an Archive360 Global Channel Partner offering Archive360 products through G-Cloud 12. Archive2Azure provides an elastic and efficient cloud-based archive ensuring fast, secure, and compliant access, validation and classification, retention, and disposition. Suitable for many use cases and free from any supplier or vendor lock-in.

  • HaemoSys® Clinical Decision Support System

    AES Group

    The UK's leading Clinical Decision Support system for Haematological Malignancy, HaemoSys® is a powerful, intuitive, effective and efficient Integrated Haematological Malignancy Tracking and Reporting System providing high level support to consultant haematologists for clinically managing patients with haematological malignancies.

  • Lyniate Envoy


    Lyniate Envoy is fully-managed, turnkey, healthcare integration platform, hosted in the cloud. Our team handles everything required to connect you with your customers to securely exchange patient data. With support for multiple healthcare messaging standards (HL7, DICOM, FHIR, etc.) We built, maintain, and monitor customer all connections...

  • ORCHA: Digital Health Management Platform - Digital Formulary

    ORCHA Health Ltd

    ORCHA provides the only Digital Health Formulary allowing the safe recommendation and use of approved digital health technologies. The platform enables and supports the end-to-end digital transformation of NHS organisations, through a formulary, app library, digital health academy, toolkits and risk management frameworks.

  • Archive360 Archive2Azure (per terabyte)

    Through Technology Limited

    We are an Archive360 Global Channel Partner offering Archive360 products through G-Cloud 12. Archive2Azure provides an elastic and efficient cloud-based archive ensuring fast, secure, and compliant access, validation and classification, retention, and disposition. Suitable for many use cases and free from any supplier or vendor lock-in.

  • Cloud Software - Web and Mobile Development

    Medical Data Solutions and Services LTD

    MDSAS are world renowned for the delivery of national and international cloud-based software solutions. MDSAS have particular experience working with the NHS to deliver national registries to support the management of clinical services. In addition MDSAS develop innovative referral, triage and advice and guidance systems incorporating app-based image submission support.

  • Virtual Clinical Trials Service


    The Virtual Clinical Trials Service enables healthcare professionals to conduct remote clinical research using connected devices and secure healthcare data exchange. The service is well-suited for pharmacology research or studies that do not require in-patient care or observation. Patients can participate from home while receiving support from their care team.

  • Public Cloud-based Mobile Medical Dictation & Transcription

    Myorb Limited

    Remove the need for typing & writing in healthcare organisation workflows, and free-up resources and time with myOrb's built-in medical transcription tool. Part of the myOrb solution, this advanced-AI tool allows you to report on cases and communicate with other health professionals using highly-accurate voice-to-text built specifically for clinical dictionaries.

  • Patients Know Best - Patient Engagement Platform via a Personal Health Record/Patient Portal

    Patients Know Best

    The patient engagement platform is used by healthcare providers across the system to securely share data and interact with patients/carers to better support/manage patient's health and wellbeing. This includes patient outpatient and PIFU prgrammes supporting elective recovery as well as perioperative and acute care episodes.

  • ORCHA: Digital Health Data Insights and Research System

    ORCHA Health Ltd

    ORCHA has created the world's largest database on digital health technologies, that provides unique insights into all aspects of technologies that can be used in healthcare settings. ORCHA can deliver an on-demand data dashboard for live interrogation of data or deliver bespoke research programmes.

  • Spirit HIE

    Tiani Spirit Limited

    Tiani-Spirit delivers Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) based services that enable Healthcare organisations to provide lower cost access to higher quality care. The SpiritEHR data exchange solution enables the sharing of citizen information between existing systems across the whole of public sector services, both within and across regional boundaries​

  • Medxnote Clinical Communication Platform


    Medxnote gives Firstline Healthcare Workers their own Robotic Clinical Assistant or 'bot' that connects to any clinical data at the point of care. Designed for Microsoft Teams the platform is open, extensible and features HL7 FHIR integration and the ability to build a bot for any clinical improvement idea!

  • COSD (PAYG) - COSD Pay-As-You-Go Application

    AES Group

    This service offers a contract free, pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Cancer Outcome and Services Data set (COSD) reporting web application. This standalone system is fully Public Health England (PHE) compliant, and offers a simple and cost-effective service for rapid COSD submission to PHE from a standard web browser.

  • Folding Space Automated File Reduction (AFR)

    Microports.Net t/as Folding Space

    AFR: Automated File Reduction. Dealing with Redundant, Obsolete & Trivial files delivers big cost savings. Find, analyse, report and monitor each and every file, document and email across the organisations network to root out the ROT automatically. Directly solve the cost, misinformation, productivity, security and liability losses caused by ROT.

  • CliniTouch

    Spirit Digital Ltd

    Evidence-based digital health app providing remote clinical monitoring and education to patients with chronic, long-term health conditions. Class 1 CE marked health platform accessed via smart devices (patients' own, or provided at-cost). Dynamic monitoring via biometric data inputs (from patient-provided peripherals) and daily question sets. Two-way clinician-patient on demand communication.

  • Vendor Neutral Archive In-the-Cloud

    SynApps Solutions Limited

    The Vendor Neutral Cloud (VNA) SaaS offering provides a highly-secure and cost effective solution for the capture and management of both DICOM & Non-DICOM images and documents. The offering provides an N3/HSCN enabled platform for delivering Cross Document Sharing (XDS Repository/Registry) facilitating the sharing of documents between any healthcare enterprise.

  • Aptvision Unified Healthcare Information System with Patient Engagement

    Aptvision Ltd

    APTVISION created a unified Healthcare Information System which effectively and efficiently manages the Patient end-to-end through the entire 'ology process, from a GP referral, communication and scheduling, management and preparation, study delivery, reporting and results, all while integrating tightly with other 'ology systems and drastically increasing efficiencies and reducing costs.

  • Data Acquisition


    Data acquisition from any source, any data type, any schema, to either store or further process the data (anonymise, link/integrate/unite, quality assure, etc.)

  • Automated Data Anonymisation


    Automated data anonymisation that minimises re-identification risk while maximising data utility.

  • Epro Systemik


    Supporting the digital transformation of NHS Trusts through powerful industry standard SSRS based reporting, a user facing forms generator, and a backup document store (Epro EDB) to avoid single point of failure patterns. Epro Systemik puts you in control of reporting, template creation and document back ups.

  • Bleepa - CareLocker


    Bleepa is the only CE/UKCA accredited medical app that enables medical professionals to remotely discuss clinical decisions and help deliver safer, more efficient patient care. CareLocker is a patient-centric cloud architecture that supports Bleepa’s functionality whilst simultaneously creating patient-specific records of care episodes to support care delivery across provider settings.