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  • PCMIS Case Management System


    PCMIS is an easy to use digital case management system for mental health, CYP and NHS IAPT services. PCMIS is a clinically proven and evidence based SAAS application. PCMIS supports a wide range of pathways, risk management, patient tracking and analysis, helping you to effectively monitor and report service activity.

  • Clinical Dashboard

    Storm ID

    The Clinical Dashboard displays and aggregates healthcare data across patients and services. With patient consent, trained healthcare professionals working across specialities can use this data, driven by rules, to identify patterns and insights that will trigger personalised interventions or escalation, in line with defined clinical protocols.

  • Aridhia Digital Research Environment (DRE) Workspaces

    Aridhia Informatics Ltd

    Aridhia’s Digital Research Environment is a cloud-based subscription service giving project teams access to collaborative analytic workspaces tailored to their requirements. Multidisciplinary teams can integrate and interrogate data in a web-accessible workspace pre-configured with analytic technologies,rapid prototyping tools, database storage and compute resources,collaboration features, audit capabilities and information governance functionality.

  • VDT: Clinic Booking Platform


    VDT from Tango3 is a cloud based platform for appointment booking and clinic management. User focused, it enables self booking of appointments, as well as rescheduling, and cancellation. With simple management of: Multi-stage vaccinations, eg. Coronavirus, Booster vaccinations, Staff vaccination, Home visits, Multi-site.

  • Strata Clinical Pathways

    Strata Health LTD

    A flow and eReferral platform that automates the workflow of specific care pathways provide a best practise process, matching patient need to availability including service requests and appointments. NHS centres of excellence and regional specialty hospitals centralising specialist / tertiary medicine on a regional basis can underpin local best practise.

  • Diabetes Prevention Service


    The Diabetes Prevention Service allows patients who are prediabetic to securely share activity, sleep and nutrition data, gathered from apps and wearables. Insight gleaned from the data can be used by healthcare professionals to support patients in preventing prediabetes developing in to Type 2 diabetes.

  • Rapid Triage

    Blackspace Technology Ltd

    . Rapid Triage - A fully automated prehospital care electronic care record (ePR) combined with wireless monitoring systems for the real-time management of emergencies. There is optional low bandwidth-high-definition videoconferencing. The cloud based platform has the advantages of simpler deployment, easier maintenance, and multinational language interoperability.

  • Ortus-iHealth

    Ortus Solutions limited

    Ortus-iHealth’s digital platform enables the digitisation of outpatient care pathways. Through one unified solution, healthcare professionals can deliver personalised and remote care, using digital consent tools, remote patient monitoring, configurable virtual wards, customisable pathway dashboards, PROMs, PREMS, and vitals measuring software. Ortus includes integrated telehealth functionality empowering and enabling patients.

  • Cimar Medical Imaging Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA) and Disaster Recovery (DR) in the Cloud

    Cimar Ltd

    Gain a Single Source of Medical Imaging Data with Cimar's cloud VNA. Images can be archived, transferred, viewed, and connected. Non-DICOM imaging can be stored side-by-side with DICOM providing a holistic view. Cimar provides elastic storage - no need to purchase space in advance or be concerned about high-watermark budgeting.

  • Dermatology Virtual Asynchronous Consultation Service


    The Dermatology Service allows patients to securely share photos of their skin condition as part of an asynchronous consultation / appointment with a remote dermatologist. The photos are triaged to determine possible skin conditions, providing a prioritised view of patients who can be signposted to relevant follow-on care.

  • Overledger SaaS - The world’s first DLT API Gateway for enterprise

    Quant Network

    The world’s first true universal DLT Interoperability platform oriented for enterprise, designed to seamlessly interconnect private and public systems, networks and DLTs. Overledger APIs are easy to implement and eliminate the complexity of multi-DLT challenges at an enterprise level.

  • Data Processing - Data Linking / Unification / Integration of Anonymised Data


    Linkage / unification of anonymised health- or activity-related row-level data (can be applied to any data) across multiple datasets. Fully GDPR-compliant (data output is outside of the scope of the GDPR), does not require consent and data is processed for the purpose of anonymisation only.

  • Apple HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service

    Storm ID

    The Apple HealthKit and Google Fit Integrator Service enables popular consumer health apps like FitBit, MyFitnessPal etc. to be used in new care pathways. Patient generated data can securely flow to Lenus, connecting with EHRs, making it accessible to healthcare professionals for use as part of care provision.

  • CCube eForms

    CCube Solutions

    The Electronic Form gives the ability to capture and workflow e-business forms and is completely compatible with any application. The form is very easy to setup and use - the user simply fills out drop down lists, check-boxes, radio buttons, and text fields that can be validated in real time.

  • Inventory management, RFID and ERP solution for NHS and Healthcare

    Ingenica Solutions Limited

    Inventory management, RFID & ERP solutions for NHS and healthcare resource management.GS1 certified inventory management solution, proven in NHS,developed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premise ERP platform, accessed via VPN, N3/HCSN,UK data centre.Ingenica's highly scalable ERP inventory management solution, benefits from Microsoft and Ingenica investment and published development roadmap.

  • Strata Digital Front Door

    Strata Health LTD

    Strata's solution digitises the care pathway, providing transparent enhanced care coordination across health&care stakeholders. The dynamic service directory ensures patient needs are matched to available resources. Patients aren't referred to ED by default, their individual needs determines correct course of action and allows them to access the required care sooner.

  • TeleDerm (Tele Dermatology)


    TeleDerm is an Artificial Intelligence assisted telemedicine platform developed with an aim of providing access to dermatology advice & guidance, a quick mechanism to raise A&G referrals, and decreasing direct dependence on the availability of specialist clinicians in physical proximity.

  • OX.pregnancy & maternity (


    OX. Pregnancy & Maternity provides end-to-end digital infrastructure to efficiently manage antenatal and perinatal care and engage parents online throughout their pregnancy.

  • Data Platform for Clinical and Life Sciences Research

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir's enterprise data management platform enables researchers to accelerate the discovery of scientific insights by integrating and harmonising data at massive scale from any number of disparate sources. Our solution provides analytics tooling for technical and non-technical users, enabling secure, collaborative research within and between scientific institutions and care providers.

  • Capri Eye


    “Capri Eye” is a user-friendly and digitally-enabled, secure eye image/scan review service that can be rapidly deployed. This system allows the ophthalmology department to transfer images securely to Capri Healthcare. The image is reviewed & assessed by our panel of experienced Ophthalmologists. Comprehensive review reports are delivered to the Trust.

  • Strata Managing Cancer Two Week Waits

    Strata Health LTD

    This referral pathway streamlines referrals for patients with suspected cancer, enabling diagnosis at an earlier stage, reducing cancer survival inequality around the country and reducing cancer-related mortality. This fully digital seamless solution includes Primary care&NHS e-Referral Service integration. The integrated workflows provide sender (GP) and receiver (Acute / Specialist) processes.

  • Ascelus Real


    This is real life implementation of digital platform with patient and clinician applications with some integration with hospital IT systems to improve monitoring and management in long-term conditions and patients recovering from coronavirus. Allows outpatient monitoring appointments to be eliminated or the number reduced, replacing these with ‘virtual clinics’.

  • OpenMCR - Interneuron Modular Care Record

    Interneuron CIC

    Interneuron’s Modular Care Record (openMCR) helps Trusts implement an incremental approach to building a digital health strategy. openMCR, integrates fragmented data within existing systems, provides clinical applications and comprehensive data analytics to improve clinical and operational outcomes. OpenMCR forms the basis of a flexible electronic health record for health+care settings

  • HaemoSys® Clinical Decision Support System

    AES Group

    The UK's leading Clinical Decision Support system for Haematological Malignancy, HaemoSys® is a powerful, intuitive, effective and efficient Integrated Haematological Malignancy Tracking and Reporting System providing high level support to consultant haematologists for clinically managing patients with haematological malignancies.

  • Attend Anywhere

    Involve Visual Collaboration Ltd

    The Attend Anywhere model helps achieve the benefits of mainstream video call access to established health and other public and private sector providers. Our tools and resources make it simple, sustainable, safe and secure for providers of services to say “Yes, you can attend your consultation via video” with us.

  • Sleep Apnoea Service


    The Sleep Apnoea Service allows patients to securely share respiratory and other data relating to their sleep disorder, from apps and wearables including CPAP. Data can be used by healthcare professionals to provide remote monitoring of and support for patients at risk of high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

  • Autonomous Telemedicine


    Automated delivery of clinical conversations with patients.

  • OpenCARE - Platform for AI Precision Diagnostics for Cardiovascular Care

    AIMES Management Services Limited

    OpenCARE is a Platform that delivers super-human measurement of heart function based upon receiving Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging data (CMR). We automate the segmentation of MR data coming from Scanners and provide more precise measurement of the heart within minutes, compared to the time taken by a radiologist.

  • Cloud Software - Web and Mobile Development

    Medical Data Solutions and Services LTD

    MDSAS are world renowned for the delivery of national and international cloud-based software solutions. MDSAS have particular experience working with the NHS to deliver national registries to support the management of clinical services. In addition MDSAS develop innovative referral, triage and advice and guidance systems incorporating app-based image submission support.

  • Virtual Clinical Trials Service


    The Virtual Clinical Trials Service enables healthcare professionals to conduct remote clinical research using connected devices and secure healthcare data exchange. The service is well-suited for pharmacology research or studies that do not require in-patient care or observation. Patients can participate from home while receiving support from their care team.