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  • Stopford, agenda - Pest Control Appointment Booking System

    Stopford Information Systems

    Stopford's online appointment booking and diary management system allows councils to offer online appointment booking for council services, including pest control appointments. As a bespoke solution, the system can be configured to the requirements of the organisation, enabling custom admin features, diaries, calendars, and online fields.

  • Software AG - Smart Equipment IoT

    Software AG (UK) Limited

    Smart Equipment use cases can be fulfilled by Cumulocity IoT Platform ecosystem as Software AG solutions have a Digital Software suite including comprehensive Device Management, Application Enablement Management, Integration and Analytics platform. Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables ALL SMART EQUIPMENT Use Cases.

  • Klaxon Major Incident and Mass Notification Platform


    Klaxon is a major incident, mass notification and planned maintenance communications solution, helping organisations keep people safe, informed and productive during an incident, emergency or crisis. It is ideally suited for SME and Enterprise organisations and supports multiple use-cases such as IT downtime, Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Cyber-security communications.

  • Investigation Management for Dynamics 365


    Investigations management built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and hosted within the Azure cloud. Automation and digitisation of investigative processes, citizen interaction, escalation procedures, mobile working, reporting and BI. A simple UI and dashboard for staff to manage investigations, with a portal for mobile device submission and management.

  • Cloud-based Water Monitoring Software


    Our wireless Orion sensors send real-time updates to our Cloud Hosted (ISO27001-Platform). Accessible from any device. Overviews/bespoke notifications for water usage. Alerts/notifications covering critical events/triggers, water leaks, consumption changes or temperature fluctuations (full API integrations available). Remote, automated stopcocks, remote flushing with temperature checking and compliant reporting for Legionella control.

  • Cloud-based Defibrillator Cabinet Monitoring


    Real-time defibrillator SaaS monitoring to track, monitor, and maintain life-saving AED monitors. A low cost, retro-fit defibrillator monitoring solution to monitor and report on errors, problems, and maintenance requirements in real time (with full API integrations available)

  • DCO and CSOC Malware and Intelligence

    3DoT Solutions

    A unique service combining the best of breed open source and commercial COTS technologies to enable cyber threat intelligence and malware analysis capabilities. 3Dot Solutions have proven pedigree in integrating technologies into a workable pipeline to ensure analysts are operational and organisations can operationalise CTI and malware analysis functions.

  • Cloud based security monitoring service


    Remotely monitor your sites and void areas with our cloud based service, which unifies feeds from a variety of camera types. Including solar CCTV, IP CCTV,PTZ, ANPR, Fever cameras. All data is held in ISO27001 UK based cloud data centres. Real time monitoring and alerting to scheduled officers.

  • Stopford, Course & Event Booking System

    Stopford Information Systems

    The Stopford Course and Event system is designed to manage online booking of courses and events. The system allows organisers to create courses or events within divisions, facilitate payments, assign roles, determine prices, manage attendees, and promote specific events.

  • Initsys Merlin Neon Edition

    Initsys Ltd

    Merlin NEON edition is a system of automation, statistical analysis, and critical pathways that combine to enable any risk or plan to be scripted, tested, and reviewed It builds on the Ai from previous editions to include robotic incident handling. Comprising Incident, Audit, Compliance Modules.

  • ABCSys


    ABC is an Artificial Intelligence platform providing real-time monitoring and management of a vast number of information sources (streams), detection of irregularities, detection of fraud or theft, flagging of risks, and enforcement of the chain of command & approval processes.

  • Time to Spare

    Time to Spare

    Time to Spare is a community impact platform for voluntary and community organisations to manage data and to safely share reports of the work they do with funders and public bodies. These reports are used to estimate social value and to better allocate resources, support and funding.

  • Secure Remote Desktop as a Service (Raspberry Pi)


    Developed in response to COVID-19 Coronavirus, our secure zero trust desktop device enables departments to securely connect to corporate cloud services without VPN infrastructure. Delivered as a Kiosk device, configured to connect to Google Docs, Classroom, Office365. A low cost solution to support remote operations

  • Smart Mobility Platform and App for Multi-modal Public Transport


    UrbanThings is an innovative, UK-based technology company specialising in modular integrated mobility. The company provides a range of smart ticketing, multi-modal travel information & journey planning and MaaS solutions worldwide, with our products powering more than 130 million passenger journeys each year.

  • PIMSS Compliance

    PIMSS Data Systems Ltd

    PIMSS Compliance manages regulatory compliance across the ‘Big Six’ areas. It includes key workflows in each area, a visual dashboard of compliance and auditable remedial work tracking, providing 100% confidence properties are safe for all. Fully integrated with PIMSS Asset Management maintaining the Golden Thread of accurate data.

  • Cribl Stream Data Observability Pipeline

    Networkology Ltd

    Cribl Stream is a vendor-agnostic observability pipeline with the ability to collect, reduce, enrich, normalise, and route data from any source to any destination within your infrastructure. Take control of your data, realise the business value of your data, and empower your organisation with make data-driven outcomes and services.

  • Operational Management Tool - Self Service

    Towers Associates

    Our operational management and automation tool is a self-service platform for developers, application owners and IT administrators that relieves the pains and delays of infrastructure management so they can spend more time on adding business value. Enabling you to build any application quickly with code repositories, performance dashboards and environments.

  • Claymore - Training Management

    Spatial Data Engineering

    Claymore manages the Training and Exercise planning lifecycle from the automatic ingestion of applications and validation of information through to calculating landowner and lease payments. The training management process is dependant on cartographic quality mapping displayed on-screen and as high quality reports. Repeating exercises, booking, incident management, analytics and dashboards.

  • Advanced Case Management (ACM) Cloud Software Service

    GoPro Consulting Ltd

    ACM is a '5th generation' low-code, high configuration, advanced case management solution platform. ACM is focused on delivering transformational efficiency improvements. This is achieved through innovative use of data and rules driven case process automation, effective UX, and use of AI ensuring that case worker resources are optimally utilised.

  • SHREWD Platform


    The SHREWD Platform provides a set of tools that allows the ingestion of data in almost any format. This data can then be transformed into useful information that is stored in our secure data-lake. The SHREWD Platform is the foundation on which all of the SHREWD modules operate from.

  • Managed Security Orchestration Automation and Remediation (SOAR)


    A subscription service built on our expertise that correlates and enriches your security alerts, and where possible automatically remediates the incident in line with your needs, without you losing control. Our team of experts manage your dedicated solution that your teams can work in to protect your organisation.

  • Compliance Monitoring, Flushing, Pipe-Temperature Monitoring, Remote Stopcock and Control Dashboard


    Ensure compliance with legislation with our real time monitoring and control cloud service. Automatically flushes and tests the temperatures of water outlets. Data is recorded and kept for five years. Automatically alerts on failures and allows reflushing on demand to comply with the requirement to respond to non compliant results.

  • StarTraq Dome for Traffic Enforcement

    StarTraq Limited

    A browser-based solution used to process any traffic or environmental offence, fine, PCN, permit or licence. Consisting of a back-office system and smartphone app, it provides: full case management, automated workflow, document management, batch scanning, batch printing, template management, reporting, payment collection and appeals management.

  • CGR Foundation

    Corporate Governance Risk Ltd

    CGR Foundation (CGRF) allows users to clearly and visually integrate risk, compliance and other business processes (including incidents and issues). This activity is connected through real-time action management and communicated through concise reporting - including cost/benefit analysis. The resulting live and collaborative picture enhances decision-making whilst also delivering efficiency benefit.

  • Military Base Management


    Secure cloud service providing Realtime GIS based mapping services for data visualisation of key business assets. Delivering graphical walk through of buildings and estates monitoring for army, navy, air force bases to track high and low value assets in real time utilising our Orion Network.

  • OCTANE Data Integration and Reporting for Law Enforcement

    IB Boost

    IB Boost’s OCTANE platform is a customisable, secure, data integration, reporting and analytics platform including case and quality management modules allowing organisations to develop workflows, forms, reports and dashboards in a shared, modern web-based platform. OCTANE for Law Enforcement and Policing includes sector specific accelerators and domain expert services.

  • Lyniate Envoy


    Lyniate Envoy is fully-managed, turnkey, healthcare integration platform, hosted in the cloud. Our team handles everything required to connect you with your customers to securely exchange patient data. With support for multiple healthcare messaging standards (HL7, DICOM, FHIR, etc.) We built, maintain, and monitor customer all connections...

  • GovBook | Central Government Booking Service


    From consular appointments and passport services to land registry and citizenship appointments — JRNI’s off-the-shelf appointment, event and course booking system has helped large government departments increase efficiency, cut costs, and improve the user experience. How? By making it easy to schedule/manage a high volume of bookings for multiple sites/services.

  • SHREWD Elective


    SHREWD Elective is a cloud-based application that captures planned care demand & capacity across localities; displaying real-time data that is simple to understand, showing areas of pressure quickly. It shows pressure in the elective care pathway so users can focus on where support is needed to improve unnecessary patient waits.

  • OKTA SSO and Identity Management Software License and Deployment Service


    Software license and optional deployment services for Okta Identity Management, SSO and MFA / 2FA