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  • Moodle Workplace Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS / LXP)

    Titus Learning

    Moodle Workplace is an Enterprise Learning Management System (LMS) providing effective onboarding, staff training programs and courses. Moodle Workplace LMS allows your organisation to track compliance with analytics and custom reporting on training. Titus are a Premium Partner providing a SaaS solution for Moodle Workplace empowering eLearning in your organisation.

  • Chambury Health and Social Care Core Skills eContent Library (e-Learning CSTF)

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Chambury Learning Solution's eContent written in line with current UK legislation. Courses are designed by highly experienced content developers specialising in user engagement and interaction. Courses are fully responsive working on any device, anywhere with an internet connection. Our App delivers content on-line and off-line.PC, Mac, Tablet and SmartPhone compatible.

  • Moodle Workplace (Enterprise LMS)

    Accipio Ltd

    Accipio supplies the enterprise version of the worlds most popular learning management system - Moodle Workplace. Moodle Workplace has an incredibility rich set of functionality, and we work with you to make it the “backbone” of building learning and performance culture. Moodle offers significant cost savings compared with other platforms.

  • Bespoke Content Development

    Virtual College Ltd

    Our bespoke team create learning solutions to change behaviours, develop knowledge and influence organisational culture change. The solutions range from rapid design e-learning to digitisation of your L&D strategy. We design solutions that combine a range of elements from gamification and immersive challenges to contextualised scenarios and videos.

  • Curriculum Management

    Akari Software Ltd

    Akari Software's Curriculum Management solution provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use application for managing the design, delivery, publication, cost-effectiveness and quality of information on education programmes and their attendant documentation. The software manages workflow for developing, editing, approval and the publication of the curriculum underpinned by seamless integration and business intelligence capabilities.

  • Brightspace LMS (Learning Management System) 2022

    Desire2Learn UK Ltd.

    We are a provider of learning management software and associated services, supporting higher education, primary/secondary education and enterprise organizations.

  • Totara TXP - Talent Experience Platform and Learning Management System

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper. ​ The three parts of Totara's Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they Learn, Engage and Perform to deliver where it counts. Totara is GDPR compliant with competitive pricing, contact us to arrange a demo.

  • Zoho TrainerCentral


    Zoho TrainerCentral gives you everything you need to transform your expertise into an online training business.It is a single comprehensive platform to manage and run your training business. Build your own brand, deliver meaningful training, and help empower the world. Run online classes, tests for schools, universities using Zoho TrainerCentral.

  • Academy Point - Learning Management System (LMS) online learning platform


    Academy Point - We provide a custom/bespoke learning platform that fits a client brands and business sector. Our brilliantly simple learning management system makes it easy to deliver joyful training to everyone in your team. Wherever they are on any device.

  • 21st Century Skills - Entrepreneurship Programme for 11-14 Year Olds


    Magical Leaders is an online resource to teach 21st century skills through entrepreneurship. It is a peer-led education programme for 10-14 year old pupils. Pupils practice effective communication skills, teamwork, emotional self regulation, creative problem solving and critical thinking skills.

  • Microsoft Power Platform: Power Apps Implementation


    WR Logic's Microsoft Azure Power Platform Services offer expertise in designing, implementing, and adopting transformative Microsoft Power Platform Solutions. This includes Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate, Power Virtual Agents, AI Builder, and Power Apps Portals. They guide clients through every phase, from design to support, ensuring successful implementation.

  • Digital eLearning Courses - Complete Catalogue

    Learning Nexus Ltd

    The Learning Nexus off-the-shelf eLearning "complete catalogue" is designed to meet the core training needs of all organisations. The off the shelf eLearning catalogue includes compliance, leadership, improving work performance and mental wellbeing courses

  • Totara TXP Engage (Learning Experience Platform LXP)

    Think Learning

    Totara TXP Engage: a functionally rich, mobile-responsive Learning Experience Platform (LXP). Collaborative Workspaces (Action Learning, onboarding, etc), Resources, Playlists, polls. Enhances Totara Learn functionality with recommendations engine, adaptive content search, social and gamification features. Optional Totara Perform and Microsoft Teams integration. Healthcare, NHS, ESR, Government, University, Higher/Further Education specialist experience.

  • Verbit Ai-Based Transcription and Captioning Service

    Microlink PC (UK) Ltd

    The Verbit flexible transcription and captioning tailored service is designed to meet the diverse needs of various customers and industries. Combining artificial (AI) and human intelligence, Verbit’s transcription and captioning solutions reach 99% accuracy, delivered at record-breaking speed, and lower costs.

  • Zoom Video Communications/Managed Service

    CW Squared Ltd

    There are plenty of audio-visual suppliers who can rack and stack video conferencing solutions. However, there aren’t many companies that know how to create a video-enabled collaborative business. As an accredited Zoom solution provider, we specialise in getting the best from the technology – saving you time, effort and money.

  • Planet eStream

    Planet eStream

    Planet eStream is a unified media platform offering a secure video on demand media library with tools to create interactive video based learning resources. It also features TV and radio recording, an archive of over 2,000,000 programmes, live streaming and lesson/lecture capture, photo management and archiving and comprehensive digital signage.

  • Microlink Assistive Technology Self-Assessment Tool

    Microlink PC (UK) Ltd

    AI-driven Virtual Work Place assessor, developed by Microlink to provide remote workplace adjustment assessments and recommendations for training, equipment and technology support for disabled employees. Generates actionable recommendations based on self-service input by the user/Line Manager/supervisor, and provides extensive management information for AT/health providers and AT suppliers/authorities.

  • Gamified Cyber Learning Platform


    Through our SudoRange learners are able to practice and learn new skills in the format that suits them best in pseudo real-world environments. Our platform is the perfect playground for experts and beginners, offering varied levels of difficulty while learning or practicing skills from across the cyber domain.

  • Kaltura Video Platform for Education

    Kaltura Europe Ltd

    The Kaltura Video Platform for Education includes a range of products for virtual classrooms, lecture capture, webinars, live events and student outreach designed to create engaging, personalised, and accessible experiences on campus and beyond. Connect global teams and boost engagement with an advanced platform for any meeting type and size.

  • enabley

    enabley Ltd.

    enabley is an all-in-one learning platform for organisational teams and external partners/customers used for onboarding, reskilling, communication updates, continuous learning, certifications, safety and compliance. Our mission is to enhance bottom-line by accelerating individual and organizational capability, aligning critical knowledge and know-how, and upskilling workforces for the future.

  • Anti-Phishing Simulation, Security Awareness Training, Reporting, Remediation & DMARC

    Lloyds Ventures

    Humans are the weakest link in cyber security. HumanFirewall makes them the strongest by training them using automation and gamification via phishing simulation, and by leveraging employee powered incident reporting & remediation to mitigate real attacks. EmailAuth enables Brand-Protection, Anti-Spoofing, Anti-Phishing and Enhances Email Deliverability using SPF, DKIM and DMARC.

  • Moodle Workplace (Enterprise LMS)


    Accipio supplies the enterprise version of the worlds most popular learning management system - Moodle Workplace. Moodle Workplace has an incredibility rich set of functionality, and we work with you to make it the “backbone” of building learning and performance culture. Moodle offers significant cost savings compared with other platforms.

  • CDW Zoom Video Communications

    CDW Limited

    Zoom helps people stay connected so they can get more done together. We bring innovation to a wide variety of customers with our easy, reliable and secure cloud platform for video and audio conferencing, collaboration, chat, and webinars across mobile devices, desktops, telephones, and room systems.

  • EduTech for Microsoft 365

    Avepoint UK Ltd

    EduTech amplifies the impact of educators. We help learners stay engaged and organizations to achieve more leveraging the Microsoft Teams

  • Totara TXP (Learn, Perform and Engage) - Talent Experience Platform

    New Media Warehouse Ltd T/A Synergy Learning

    The three parts of the Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they learn, engage and perform to deliver where it counts. Learn their way, whenever and wherever they want. Engage your employees with collaborative learning. Perform at their best and motivate your people.

  • BusinessBalls Enterprise (A Ready-Made LMS)

    Accipio Ltd

    BB Enterprise is the corporate distribution of BusinessBalls, re-built for ambitious learning organisations. It has the best parts of BusinessBalls, with advanced features for workplace learning. Trusted by over 120 million over the last decade.

  • Microlink Adjustments Digital Workflow System

    Microlink PC (UK) Ltd

    Empowers employers to attain inclusion excellence and interaction via end-to-end case management for those with disabilities and other barriers to performance in workplace environments. The platform, accessed via a discrete Referral Form in Azure, facilitates monitoring progress, impact on absence, performance and other metrics. Generates tailored outputs of Management Information.

  • Totara TXP Learn LMS (Learning Management System)

    Think Learning

    Totara TXP Learn: a functionally rich, mobile-responsive platform for elearning, VLE, compliance, CPD, blended learning, seminar (including virtual), multitenancy. Integrated performance appraisal, talent management, e-Commerce, e-Forms, education funding, Content Marketplace. LXP features, social learning and Competencies with Totara Engage, Totara Perform. Healthcare, NHS, ESR, Government, University, Higher/Further Education specialist experience.

  • LMS365

    Essential Computing

    A Learning Management System (LMS) for the Modern Digital Workplace integrated and designed for Office 365. A modern, cloud-based, secure learning experience enabling users to learn in the flow of work through Teams, SharePoint and mobile. LMS365 ensures organisations can keep track of all aspects of training competencies and compliance.

  • risr/ eAssessment Platform


    Cloud hosted, modular and integrated risr/ eAssessment Platform. Modules include - risr/apply: (Exam, Event, Membership registrations, bookings and payment transactions) risr/assess: (End-to-end exam management, Question Bank, Written/CBT and OSCE online delivery, results processing and analysis) risr/advance: (Training & Workplace based assessments, ePortfolio & CPD/PCS)