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  • Task Management Software | Task App from Qudini

    Qudini Limited

    The Qudini Task Management Software enables you to increase productivity by enabling your teams to communicate tasks, resources and motivational messages on a daily basis. Use cases include: One-off and repeating tasks, Share resources, motivational tips and messages, Training and development, Compliance and audit trail, Visual merchandising, Health and safety,

  • Postgraduate Researcher Supervision Meetings


    Our solution provides functionality to automatically prompt, chase, book and digitally record and sign postgraduate researcher supervision meetings in line with the policies of the university in question. We support various types of research supervisory meetings including principal supervisor, supervisor team and general supervisor meetings.

  • Clould SaaS services


    Baseel Partners LLP can offer various products in the areas of risk management, security, IT Management, business process, IT governance, and compliance requirements. We can also develop bespoke products as per the client needs and provide the services as SaaS.

  • XMA - LumApps

    XMA Limited

    LumApps is an employee experience platform that engages every employee with personalised communications, regardless of location or language, and empowers them to do their best work by connecting them with the tools, people and information they need to get the job done.

  • Moodle Workplace (Enterprise LMS)

    Accipio Ltd

    Accipio supplies the enterprise version of the worlds most popular learning management system - Moodle Workplace. Moodle Workplace has an incredibility rich set of functionality, and we work with you to make it the “backbone” of building learning and performance culture. Moodle offers significant cost savings compared with other platforms.

  • Active Manager

    BearingPoint Ltd

    A Manager led business transformation technology that creates a sustainable step change in operational performance. It typically delivers performance improvements between 10-20%.

  • Oracle Cloud Reporting as a Service

    Sera Neon

    Oracle Cloud Reporting fully Managed Service - OTBI, BIP, EPM, PBCS, HCM, ERP, OACS, Smart View, Click View. Development, Support and Training. Oracle Reports as a service involves a risk free and fully managed development and training service using best industry practices and years of experience delivering Oracle Reports.

  • Learning Management System

    Webanywhere Ltd

    Provider of cloud-based learning management systems based on Totara.

  • Salesforce - Add-ons

    Softcat Limited

    Extending Salesforce services is easy with a host of powerful add-ons. Pre-integrated, adding extra functionality and services beyond the Salesforce platform is easy. The add-ons listed give you the extra capability, tools and capacity you need to configure your Salesforce service the way you want. SFDCS2022GC13

  • Stream Gold Learning Experience Platform - LXP (Renewal only)

    Learning Pool Ltd

    Stream LXP is Learning Pool's smart and social Learning Experience Platform. Stream provides self-guided learning, development, and performance support delivered at the moment of need within the flow of work. A simple, personalised, modern user experience coupled with third-party integrations positions Stream as the front-door to otherwise disparate learning ecosystems.

  • Off the Shelf Public Sector/Government Libraries: Safeguarding Collection

    Learning Pool Ltd

    This e-learning goes beyond the legislation and frameworks. It aims to instill learners with confidence to tackle safeguarding situations and equip them with the practical tools. The lessons are mapped to their relevant frameworks with the remaining lessons providing additional and content related to other aspects of safeguarding

  • Proofpoint Security Awareness Training

    Khipu Networks Limited

    Proofpoint Security Awareness Training helps you deliver the right training to the right people at the right time. It turns your end users into a strong last line of defense in identifying cyber attacks and protecting your organisation.

  • PGR Supervisor Register and Training


    PGR Supervisor Register and Training is a solution provided to research universities supporting Graduate Schools/Doctoral Colleges/Academies. The solution supports the capability for researchers to register as supervisors, apply for exemptions against eligibility criteria, automatically track eligibility against specific criteria and enables the supervisor/potential supervisor to find and book appropriate training.

  • Crown Duty Management Suite

    Crown Computing Limited

    Crown’s Duty Management enables police and emergency services to improve operational efficiency by scheduling officers and staff with the right skills, right role, right place, right time, improving service to the public. Mobile technology enables officers and staff to record time on duty and review online, all personal time banks.

  • Enterprise Candidate Management System & Digital Credential Solution


    Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprise platform with secure verified immutable data at its core. Specialists in compliance, membership services, candidate management, safeguarding, CPD, course bookings, digital badging, qualifications, skills, e-learning, certification, auditing and streamlining systems.

  • CGR Foundation

    Corporate Governance Risk Ltd

    CGR Foundation (CGRF) allows users to clearly and visually integrate risk, compliance and other business processes (including incidents and issues). This activity is connected through real-time action management and communicated through concise reporting - including cost/benefit analysis. The resulting live and collaborative picture enhances decision-making whilst also delivering efficiency benefit.

  • GencardaSuite

    Causeway Technologies Limited

    Gencarda Suite delivers up-to-date and trusted authentication of individuals’ credentials (qualifications, licences, certificates and memberships). It is the chosen solution for a wide range of organisations looking for a sustainable, digital system to: Reduce credential fraud Engage with their membership/ community effectively and Manage records in one powerful online system.

  • Argyle Digital Microscopy Services Platform

    Argyle IT Consulting Ltd

    Argyle Digital Microscopy Services (DMS) is an online web-based service aimed at NHS Trusts, Independent Pathology providers and Educational Bodies. The service is based on a modular platform and available on a per seat or storage basis.

  • P3M Digital PMO Framework

    Aspire Europe

    The P3M Digital PMO Framework enables an organisation to enhance their portfolio and/or programme and/or project delivery through a cloud based framework which acts as a self-service virtual Portfolio/Programme/Project Management Office ('PMO')

  • The Staffport All-in-One

    Medico Partners Limited

    All in one platform to manage internal, staff bank and agency staff.

  • Rio

    Ditto Sustainability Ltd

    Rio is an online environmental reporting and sustainability platform that brings together behaviour change, environmental compliance, and environmental data analysis into one platform. Whilst also automating a range of consultancy activities. Rio is supported by a patented explainable AI technology that can advise users on a range of sustainability topics.

  • Bespoke Content Development

    Virtual College Ltd

    Our bespoke team create learning solutions to change behaviours, develop knowledge and influence organisational culture change. The solutions range from rapid design e-learning to digitisation of your L&D strategy. We design solutions that combine a range of elements from gamification and immersive challenges to contextualised scenarios and videos.

  • Learning Pool Authoring - Public Sector Authoring tool

    Learning Pool Ltd

    Creating fantastic e-learning that your users will love has never been easier. We’ve helped more than 4,500 users to create their own content using Learning Pool Authoring. Developed using leading edge open source technology, our Authoring tool gives you complete control to build and edit great courses in minutes.

  • E Rostering / Workforce Management


    Softworks provide automated erostering solutions to ensure an auto rostered function of ensuring a correct skill mix, fair shift distribution, working time directive compliance and various additional elements around absence management, self service and patient acuity metrics (where applicable). Time Management can be tracked through the system

  • Training Management System


    Automated Course Booking and Administration is a software as a service solution for universities and public sector organisations globally. The solution focuses on course/development event publication, booking, management, administration and reporting. The solution massively automates all processes related to this.

  • HandsHQ: Risk Assessment and Method Statement (RAMS)


    HandsHQ is a Risk Assessment and Method Statement platform which helps customers to create better RAMS in less time. Businesses can easily create professional, task-specific RAMS and COSHH documents in minutes, thank to an easy-to-use system with an extensive content library of risk assessments.

  • Totara TXP - Talent Experience Platform and Learning Management System

    Chambury Learning Solutions [Chambury Consulting Ltd]

    Build a better workplace, increase resilience and prosper. ​ The three parts of Totara's Talent Experience Platform combine to unlock the full potential of your people, ensuring they Learn, Engage and Perform to deliver where it counts. Totara is GDPR compliant with competitive pricing, contact us to arrange a demo.

  • Zoho TrainerCentral


    Zoho TrainerCentral gives you everything you need to transform your expertise into an online training business.It is a single comprehensive platform to manage and run your training business. Build your own brand, deliver meaningful training, and help empower the world. Run online classes, tests for schools, universities using Zoho TrainerCentral.

  • Equipment and Logistics Management Platform for Defence

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir's enterprise data management platform enables defence organisations to intelligently manage their mission critical platforms and logistics by integrating disparate data sets into a unified view. Our solution aggregates fleet, competency, fault-reporting and sensor data to create intelligent maintenance schedules, assess readiness and drive informed decision-making on equipment enterprise-wide.

  • Unily


    Unily is an award winning, feature rich Digital Experience solution, that delivers unparalleled user experiences combined with a robust evergreen platform and valuable customer success program. Resulting in a long-term solution that continues to grow alongside your organisation and appreciates over time.