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  • Liberator Food Hygiene

    Farthest Gate Limited

    The Liberator Food Hygiene solution is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Food Hygiene can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

  • Smart Mobility Platform and App for Multi-modal Public Transport


    UrbanThings is an innovative, UK-based technology company specialising in modular integrated mobility. The company provides a range of smart ticketing, multi-modal travel information & journey planning and MaaS solutions worldwide, with our products powering more than 130 million passenger journeys each year.


    Capgemini UK plc

    IRM's SYNERGi Platform provides a cost-effective and comprehensive GRC software solution for rationalising IT GRC, managing cyber risk, incident & vendor management, and meeting regulatory requirements not limited to IS1, IS2, ISO27001/2, PCIDSS, ISO31000, DPA/GDPR, BIA, PIA, ISO, NIST, SANS 20, CIS, SOX, 22301/BS25999, SPF, Asset Management, CTAS, HIPAA, ISO27005.

  • The Noise App

    RH Environmental Limited

    The Noise App is a triage tool for users (public or professional) to capture noise nuisance and report it safely and securely to their service provider. It is a smart tool for professionals investigating complaints about noise and makes it easier for everyone involved to resolve them.

  • Corrigo Enterprise


    Corrigo is JLL Technologies' Facilities Management and Maintenance software (CMMS- Computerised maintenance management system). Corrigo drives down costs, saves time, and improves the performance of 3rd-party service providers by optimising Work Order processing, Asset Management, Emergency/Planned Maintenance, and Service Provider Management leveraging Corrigo's modern, mobile user experience and web interface.

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (DBS), BPSS and Pre-employment Screening


    Due Diligence Checking (DDC) is a specialist DBS, BPSS and pre-employment screening provider, supporting over 24,000 organisations. Utilising award-winning technology, DDC streamlines the screening process, reducing the resource needed by your team, and saving valuable time. DDC provides an all-in-one solution for your DBS, reference checks, qualification checks, and more.

  • Flexera Software Platform - IT Asset & Software Asset Management


    Flexera Software provides a platform that will deliver Software Compliance, IT Asset Management, Hardware Asset Management and Reporting. Analytics, Cloud Management, Vendor Certified product and application management are components of this service. Flexera's solutions (FlexnetManager/Cloudscape/DataPlatform/Optima/PolicyManager/SaasManager/etc) are often a Gartner / Forrester leader in ITAM/SAM and related Services.

  • House-on-the-Hill Computer Aided Facilities Management Software

    House-on-the-Hill Software Ltd

    House-on-the-Hill CAFM Software enables businesses to keep on top of all aspects of Property Management, from logging reactive FM tickets, Planned Preventative Maintenance, Catering, Resource Booking to managing Stock and Inventory, allowing you to keep track of maintenance tasks, job costs, work orders and infrastructure items, all in one place.

  • Icarus

    Idox Software Limited

    Icarus is a Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system that enables passenger information and fleet management. Users can view the real time location of all vehicles within the fleet and generate reports showing statistics on vehicle operation, timeliness and movements.

  • Insights Powered Analytics


    Akeso&Co provides analytics solutions that can: - identify the best predictive model from a range of algorithms; - match strings of data using a novel NLP solution; - enable the identification of most similar partner, utilising client's data combined with population medical and socioeconomic data, for a view across CCGs/STPs/ICS.

  • CitySwift Discover


    Discover offers a range of dashboards tailored to specific problem areas in your network. Each dashboard is tailored to different stakeholder’s needs and offers only the most relevant data to each person in the business and supports efforts to build a data-first organization.

  • Compass Pavement Management Solution: Roads Management & Survey


    The Pavement Management Solution focuses on the management of information and actions relating to the road pavement, including the recording and monitoring of road condition and maintenance programmes.

  • ICT Relocation - Data Centre

    Network 2 Supplies Ltd

    Relocating Cloud IT can be complicated. We will audit the physical hardware and provide a comprehensive inventory. We will provide assurance that all items are transported following being safely packed, in one of our fleet of tracked vehicles.

  • Liberator Blue Badges

    EST Solutions

    The Blue Badges software is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Blue Badges can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

  • 365 Response Ltd - Meals 2 People


    Meals2People is a browser-based solution for managing your Meals-on-Wheels service. Working together with Meal Providers, we have used over twenty years of experience developing software services to provide an end-to-end solution for managing meal choices, resources, route optimisation and dynamic data management, to bring to market a fully customisable solution.

  • Microsoft Power BI

    Synergi Software Limited

    Microsoft PowerBI is a cloud-based business analytics service that enables organisations to connect to, visualise and analyse data with greater speed, efficiency and understanding. Power BI connects users to a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualisations that bring data to life.

  • Liberator Case Management

    EST Solutions

    The Liberator Case Management software is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Case Management can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

  • Driving Licence Checking

    DriverCheck Limited

    UK Driver Licence Data clients. Drivers of these vehicles have varied Driving Licence histories, present different levels of risk to their employer. Reporting driver licence data electronically, clients access their Portal 24/7. The speed of a check response is immediate. Self managed service, please enquire re fully managed services.

  • Abavus - Site Licence Small Authority

    Our My Council Services site licence provides site-wide access to core licence and product modules on our platform. This enables a multi-channel online and native mobile customer self-service platform, and incorporating fully functional back-office modules. All of this is supported by sophisticated workflow and automation tools.

  • Structure Life Cycle Planning Tool

    FSW IT Solutions Limited

    A dedicated web portal for the Authority to manage their Structure stock and Asset Investment/Life Cycle Plans (short-term/long-term). It is a condition-based, customisable decision support tool, compliant with Highways Network Asset Code. Develop and compare scenarios with different investment strategies for an individual or group of structures. Supports multi-span bridges.

  • Balance of Investment Decisions Platform for Defence

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir's enterprise data management platform provides defence organisations with integration and analytical capabilities to support balance of investment modelling. The solution improves visibility into financial position, identifies impact of major programme decisions, optimises investment decisions and accurately assesses the impact of those decisions.

  • Novoville e-Ticketing & Smart Mobility Platform

    Novoville Ltd

    The Novoville e-Ticketing & Smart Mobility platform is an out-of-the box solution which allows local authorities to offer a single ticketing and journey planning application for all modes of transport. This improves customer experience, increases revenue, makes enforcement more efficient and positively impacts the quality of life in the locality.

  • Access Weighsoft

    The Access Group

    Weighsoft 5 is a browser based Waste Management package. It is modular and the customer selects modules they require. It has modules for Skips, Materials, Trade Waste, Weighbridge, Ready Mixed Concrete and Hazardous. All the modules link with each other and allow the package to fit customers large and small.

  • GIS Map and Data Services


    Data as a Service (DaaS) comprises: Maps+ open GB Basemaps built from Ordnance Survey OpenData™ and premium data services including Ordnance Survey MasterMap data; TitleInfo: Land Registry Polygon Service with flood risk data; National Data Service: open data indicators from leading UK sources including demographics, environment, health and social care.

  • National Mobile Property Register - Credit Intelligence

    Recipero Ltd

    Provides accurate and comprehensive financial information on the UK adult population. Can be used to confirm identity, previous addresses, financial associates, aliases, residency & household occupancy along with full financial bank & lines of credit data.

  • BOXARR | Digital Twin | Cloud UK-OS (Official Sensitive)


    BOXARR enables collaborative modelling, simulation, analysis and reporting of complex inter-dependent systems at scale. Combine your human-expertise, data and information-sources to build an evolve "DigitalTwin Models" of your organisations and systems: identifying risks; revealing opportunity; and optimising performance. Use BOXARR for Organisational/Operational Transformation; Process/Program/Transition-Planning; Systems-Engineering; Supply-Chain; Joint-Operations; and more.

  • Liberator Blue Badges

    Farthest Gate Limited

    The Liberator Blue Badge solution is a market leading module forming part of the Liberator suite of products. Liberator Blue Badge can be used independently of other Liberator products. It is very easy to set up, configure and use and offers clients and their customers great efficiencies.

  • Overledger SaaS - The world’s first DLT API Gateway for enterprise

    Quant Network

    The world’s first true universal DLT Interoperability platform oriented for enterprise, designed to seamlessly interconnect private and public systems, networks and DLTs. Overledger APIs are easy to implement and eliminate the complexity of multi-DLT challenges at an enterprise level.

  • ALVAO Asset Management

    ALVAO s.r.o.

    ITIL certified IT Asset Management software. An overall picture of every device throughout its lifecycle. Know what assets you have, who owns them, and where each item is. Handover protocols facilitate starters and leavers process. Full overview over hardware, software and other assets. Software asset management. Regular inventory audits.

  • Appyway: Smart Parking & EV Bay Occupancy Monitoring


    SmartParking is a cloud-based kerbside management platform providing smart mobility solutions including real-time parking availability, frictionless payments and a powerful analytics dashboard. Real-time and historical views of parking capacity, utilisation and stay duration enables Councils and private operators to derive trends and actionable insights to inform parking management and policy,