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  • Auctioneers Online Auction system with MultiVendor Shopping cart and Classified Advert modules

    Answers and Solutions ltd

    A cloud based application to enable an online shop or online public auction for asset disposals. Easy to upload details of items for sale. Both the auction format and "buy it now" / best offer approaches are supported. Can be used as an Out-of-the-Box website shop - easy to use.

  • Software AG - Smart Equipment IoT

    Software AG (UK) Limited

    Smart Equipment use cases can be fulfilled by Cumulocity IoT Platform ecosystem as Software AG solutions have a Digital Software suite including comprehensive Device Management, Application Enablement Management, Integration and Analytics platform. Cumulocity Internet of Things (IoT) platform enables ALL SMART EQUIPMENT Use Cases.

  • SmartViz Digital Twin for Buildings

    SmartViz Ltd

    Do you want to save space and energy costs in your buildings, while also improving productivity and wellbeing? SmartViz's IoT sensors powered digital twin shows you how your building are used, and where space and energy is wasted. Boost space utilisation. Enhance productivity. Save energy costs. Accelerate to Net Zero.

  • DXC Technology Private 4.9G\ 5G Strategy and Design Service

    EntServ UK Ltd part of the DXC Technologies Group

    DXC’s Private 4.9G\ 5G Strategy and Design Service can support a customers ambition to complement or replace existing wired and Wi-Fi network solutions to provide reliable, secure and ubiquitous connectivity covering both indoor and outdoor campuses.

  • MACS ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT for Transport (MEAM for Transport) powered by IBM MAXIMO EAM


    MACS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Transportation driven by IBM Maximo enables service, work, asset and lifecycle management for vehicles, rail rolling stock and marine vessels in the cloud. IBM Maximo utalises a complete set of applications that cover all aspects of management; including procurement, inventory, contracts, suppliers and contractors.

  • Disclosure and Barring Service Checks (DBS), BPSS and Pre-employment Screening


    Due Diligence Checking (DDC) is a specialist DBS, BPSS and pre-employment screening provider, supporting over 24,000 organisations. Utilising award-winning technology, DDC streamlines the screening process, reducing the resource needed by your team, and saving valuable time. DDC provides an all-in-one solution for your DBS, reference checks, qualification checks, and more.

  • Icarus

    Idox Software Limited

    Icarus is a Real Time Passenger Information (RTPI) system that enables passenger information and fleet management. Users can view the real time location of all vehicles within the fleet and generate reports showing statistics on vehicle operation, timeliness and movements.

  • GIS Map and Data Services


    Data as a Service (DaaS) comprises: Maps+ open GB Basemaps built from Ordnance Survey OpenData™ and premium data services including Ordnance Survey MasterMap data; TitleInfo: Land Registry Polygon Service with flood risk data; National Data Service: open data indicators from leading UK sources including demographics, environment, health and social care.

  • BriteLocate Footfall Counting

    Briteyellow Limited

    BriteLocate Counters are smart footfall monitoring devices providing a unified people flow counting and tracking system for any built environment operator.

  • ZBS Zero Touch Lost & Found Property Management Service

    Zero Burden Services

    You take 30 seconds to register the item, leave it in our box, we take care of the rest to identify the owner, repatriate it, or recycle it ethically, and we share any revenue with you.

  • Fujitsu Cloud Remote POST Services

    Fujitsu Services Limited

    Fujitsu will provide a highly resilient Remote POST Service platform for ITSO Part 11 services, certified to UK Department for Transport ITSO standards (v2.1.4). The service enables public/private transport authorities and device/application suppliers to introduce the purchase, collection and activation of ITSO-based tickets into their smart ticketing schemes easily.


    Motorola Solutions UK Limited

    WAVE PTX push-to-talk is a group communication service that connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices. Easily share voice, text, photos, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button, all from one PTT application.

  • Permit to Work Software


    EcoOnlines Permit to Work (PTW) software allows users to quickly and easily create, request and manage permits for all manner of hazardous works. All stakeholders in the work are given visibility on permit content, facilitating better communication and safety control across your team and contractors.

  • Military Base Management


    Secure cloud service providing Realtime GIS based mapping services for data visualisation of key business assets. Delivering graphical walk through of buildings and estates monitoring for army, navy, air force bases to track high and low value assets in real time utilising our Orion Network.

  • PoliceBox: frontline digital mobility platform

    Coeus Software Ltd

    A flexible frontline digital mobility platform for operational policing. An innovative approach to digital transformation that delivers radical business change. Mobilises business processes using a simple design tool with no coding required. Integrate with back office systems using API/SDK. Works with Android, iOS and Windows devices both online and offline.

  • CIRRUSmaps™ Web Mapping Platform


    CIRRUSmaps™ is a flexible web mapping platform, built using industry leading Open Source software. It provides a scalable and configurable solution, for customers wishing to turn location-based data into valuable business information. Using the best open source software, CIRRUSmaps™ lowers the cost of ownership for a web-based GIS.

  • Cadcorp SIS Notice Board


    The provision of Cadcorp SIS Notice Board as a fully hosted service on the Microsoft Azure Cloud platform. Notice Board provides a spatial dashboard of information as ‘notices’ pinned digitally on a single page of a website. Users can request more detailed information by clicking on hotlinks within a notice.

  • MACS ENTERPRISE ASSET MANAGEMENT for Aviation (MEAM for Aviation) powered by IBM MAXIMO


    MACS Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) for Aviation driven by IBM Maximo enables service, work, asset and lifecycle management in the cloud for all types of aircraft. IBM Maximo utilises a complete set of applications that cover all aspects of management including; procurement, inventory, contracts, suppliers and contractors.

  • KPI Portal

    Arcspeed Digital Solutions Ltd

    Our KPI Portal is a flexible Cloud based platform which can be tailored to meet the needs of organisations requiring a “single version of the truth” regarding key performance measures across the organisation, particularly where key business functions are outsourced to third party contractors and service providers.



    WAVE PTX push-to-talk is a group communication service that connects your team at the push of a button across different networks and devices. Easily share voice, text, photos, video and more with a group or individual at the push of a button, all from one PTT application.

  • BriteLocate Virtual Tours

    Briteyellow Limited

    BriteLocate Virtual Tours give your visitors an immersive experience of your venues before they've even left home.

  • Palantir Foundry

    Palantir Technologies UK, Ltd.

    Palantir Foundry is an enterprise data management platform offering comprehensive tooling for working with big data. It enables government organisations to integrate data sets of any size or format from any number of sources, interrogate and visualise the data, and equip technical and non-technical users to make data-driven operational decisions.

  • Crisis Management Software


    Our Crisis Management Software makes your crisis and emergency response plans easily accessible to the employees who need them. Ensure a quick return to normalized business operation after any incident and re-establish compliance. With mobile and desktop software, relevant responders can have access when they need it most.

  • COSHH Management Software


    A leading cloud-based chemical management tool that gives control back to employees who manage chemical safety. Our COSHH Management and Risk Assessment software lets your employees easily create usable, relevant and compliant risk assessments that will help you in managing the risks associated with chemical usage.

  • Business Process Management (BPM) - IBM

    Agile Business Process UK, LIMITED

    Our certified Automation experts deliver fit for purpose Digital workforce solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Low-Code BPM, Process/Task mining, ODM, Chatbots and OCR technology. We are a Diamond UiPath Partner and partnered with Soroco, Celonis, IBM, ABBYY, AutomationHero, FireStart, Red Hat, Camunda and Bizagi.

  • Chronicle Occupational and Operational Tracking Solution

    JML Software Solutions Limited

    Allows organisations to manage capacity and capability against defined skills sets in highly regulated environments. Captures occupational and operational competency against a role, whilst also facilitating capture of a wide variety of management activity associated with operational events. Supports strategic threat & risk assessment and ensuring capability meets demand.

  • Collaborative Working and Remote Working

    Answers and Solutions ltd

    A cloud based application enabling remote working by teams on shared documents and team goals when it is essential that duplicate versions of key documentation is avoided. Ensuring that teams can work as effectively with part-time home working or other remote working practices compared to requiring all work at HeadOffice

  • SafetyCulture

    SafetyCulture (UK) Ltd

    SafetyCulture is an inspection app used to empower your workers in the field. Combined with the web platform, SafetyCulture provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organisation. Your team can collect consistent data, standardise operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved.

  • TT - Rapid Analytics Package

    Twin Technology

    Twin Technology offers Education, HR, Sales & Marketing, BFSI, IIOT, Edge, Healthcare, Retail & Customer Analytics through its Rapid deployment Methodology.

  • Adjutant Software

    Adjutant Software Ltd

    Adjutant allows your organisation to provide control, clarity and communication during any emergencies or business continuity issues. We provide a cloud-based software solution (SaaS) and app that automates cascade call outs and supplies actions to the many roles involved in a plan during an incident.